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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Appendix · Action/Adventure · #2246593
Brian has been champion of the race for ten years.
KHBEY/ Motorcycles race
All the motorcycles are aligned on the red line.George with his blue motorcycle is at the left of the line. He is fifty and has always preserved the third place for 10 years. His principle is the maintaining of the minimum speed and the long duration.
Peter with his yellow motorcycle is new in the race. He is the youngest one of the group.He is twenty eight. He has been participating in this race for the second time.He is impulsive and like to play with high speed. He just want to live the adventure and wining does not mean a lot for him for the moment.
Half a second and the white and black flag will mark the race launch. A full silence is settled over the area. Time is up and the race is engaged.

Brian has been champion for ten successive times. He won the big golden lion trophy last year.
Brian Williams is a brilliant architect too and has conceived a modern town in his locality. Brian is a brown, elegant, eloquent, slender and smart gentleman. He is married to a beautiful big personality of the locality, the judge Susan Carter. Brian is a policy personality and has a big influence over the policy staff. He wants to be elected at the municipality and be the president of the Hills locality for which he has big projects. Indeed he want to build other new modern towns and local small financial centers. Also he intends to build more bridges and perform the highways by conceiving a superposing highways in eight. He will create new national roads and resolve the road traffic issue.

His big enemy is lord Charles Bridge. He has already registered himself to be elected as the president of the Hills province. Charles Bridge has other projects.He want that Hills province be independent because it contains a big energy source which is his ranch pit according to his expectation.However the exploitation has not started yet. Many antipollution personalities find in his project a war against their green community. Also, many experts think that the scan has found only some oil spots. Lord Charles Bridge is involved in many fake projects. Albeit, he remains ambitious.

Brian is in the middle of the race while two sprinters are forward. He intends to maintain this position so that to preserve his energy. Conrad with his red maillot, and George are at the first line. In their last year participation they won the second and third place respectively. Another group of six participants with their blue maillot are all sprinters but they have adopted a bad strategy and find themselves prisoners in the middle of the platoon.

At the first arrival the participants intend to change their position for the second part of the race.
"Hi! Brian! You intend to win this year too"; George says.
"Hi! George! The competition is harsh this year and we have new champions with us like Conrad he says looking straight forward in Conrad's eyes.
Conrad is someone shy. Quickly, his face becomes reddish and he says, "The race is unpredictable and we will wait for the end to see who is the winner. Now it is too early to predict this indeed".

"Time is up let's go for the second part of the race", George says.
Brian with his rainbow maillot maintains now the first position at the second part of the race. It is somehow weird because this isn't his strategy. He used to maintain the first position in front of the race within the platoon at the last path of the race. Brian is now much more far from all the participants. This is also something not familiar with Brian at the second part of the race.

The race video supervision center is focused on this event . All the participants are present but something weird appears.
"Who is there on the first motorcycle with the rainbow maillot that is going ahead at light speed. Is he Brian" ? Kim the race general supervisor asks.

Brian is proud because he is the winner of the first and second parts of the race itinerary.
"Hi! Brian; you did a great job", George says.
"Hi! George,You are the second and this is a big score", Brian replies.
"I am the third but I am proud", Conrad replies.
"What's the matter with this noise?" Brian asks
"Some drones and helicopters are recording the race with cameras"? George replies

Time for the last part of the itinerary is up. Still Brian has much energy and he maintains his position and the same strategy. The climbing is somehow difficult at the last part. There is a corner too at the mount .
"Last year the climbing was more important", Brian thinks.

The supervisors are still astonished and decide to send two other drones. They are following the first motorcycle.
Brian climbs the cone and all his muscles seem at the tip of his skin. His face is bloody and all his body is covered with sweat.
His motorcycle has lost a lot of petrol but he gets it finally and decreases the speed and now he is descending slowly for falling into the flat plan. This is the last street of 50 kilometres where the final red and white streamer is settled waiting for the champion. Suddenly, Brian skips escaping that way a big obstacle. It seems to be a big rock put in the middle of the street when just 20 kilometres remain to be crossed.

"Wow"! Brian exclaims.
He reaches the race end and he is the finalist.
Unbelievable the big crowd is not so enthusiastic and looks at him weirdly. He is marked the second.
Someone from the crowd screams, "Hey there, are you Brian twin?"
Then all the crowd is laughing.

The camera assesses the last part of the race itinerary and then the video is suddenly interrupted.
On the scene of the final festivity the winner of the race is Robert Smith sponsored by Charles Bridge. He is wearing the rainbow maillot indeed.
The comity declares: "Robert Smith is the champion of the motorcycle September 01st 2000".
All the audience screams several times with astonishment, "Robert Smith?"

Brian, George, Conrad and the other participants look at each other weirdly.
George looks at Brian and says, "My friend I think that something is wrong.You are the winner".

He goes to the podium quickly but before climbing it security team with the supervisors come quickly. They stop the final celebration and in their possession an important video.
Kim whispers in the comity president Mister Gilbert Mark's ear, "Something is wrong on the recorded videos of the oversight camera. I think Robert Smith is not the champion. We will do investigation with the police".
Then the comity declares the results of the race cancelled until a new order.

Brian is preparing himself for the elections. He has many meetings over the Hills locality. Brian has a big popularity indeed.He has a very good reputation of being honest and smart. Despite being a brilliant architect he is a motorcycle champion. He will probably win the elections. Nevertheless; Charles Bridge thinks the opposite. Charles Bridge has invested his money in many projects in this locality and his name is linked to many trade marks. He has also a big name among the industrial world.
Charles Bridge has offered a big money package for this election. He wants to be the winner indeed.

Brian declares to the population during the meeting, "we are all involved in the development of our locality. Each individual is important and an actor of the edification of our community".
"Brian! Brian!" All the crowd is screaming and applauding.
"We can make a big highway project. We can perform our bank finance and elaborate new local projects. We can build a new big hospital and some other little local ones. Health should be at the door of each citizen. We can diversify our exportation and exploit new safe energies", Brian continues.
All the people continue to applaud.

Charles Bridge says when listening to Brian's live speech on TV, "We should find a way to dismiss him from the election. He seems to follow a socialist doctrine".
Mark says," It seems hard to dethroning him. He has a big popularity. Don't you see".
"I should meet him and find a consensus", Charles replies.
"Don't lure! The man cannot be bought;" Mark his adviser says.
"He projects on some community realizations. I can let him do this before the elections", Brian replies thoughtfully.
"How?" Mark replies in a sarcastic way.

All the election offices are closed at five PM. The stripping of the ballot boxes starts then. At the end, the results show an equal number of both elected Brian Williams and Charles Bridge . Nevertheless, all the on line vote has been notified as not eligible for both elected. But, at the last minutes and from a closed office, Charles Bridges brings new three voices via three voting ballots.
The elections become wonky in favor of Charles Bridge. The elections results are suspended until the definitive results.

The police have declared that the race investigation found that the one who was on the first motorcycle was a robot. He was quickly replaced by Robert Smith. They think it was a conspiracy organized by Charles Bridge according to the declarations of Robert Smith to the police.

The elections results are also contested by a big part of the community even though the aristocrats sustain strongly Charles Bridge.
The court declares that two voices are fake among the three ones. But they take into account one voice in favor of Charles Bridge election. That is even though they declare that he is responsible of the election cheating.

Brian Williams contests the results again. Now, the law affair issue is the election cheating. He thinks that Charles Bridge is completely involved in it. Unfortunately Charles Bridge starts to govern the Hills locality until the court verdict will be pronounced.The court has three months for responding.

Charles Bridge opens again all the industrial factories ignoring the pollution laws. He starts the exploitation of the oil pit. Also, he inaugurates a big modern hospital in order to increase his popularity.
His attorney sir David Samuel asks him,"You should undertake a good friendship relation with Brian Williams.Brian Williams should withdraw the election law affair indeed. Otherwise he will win it and be the new president of the Hills locality".
Charles Bridges; "It seems to be very difficult."
David replies, "You have no choice".

Charles Bridge decides to collaborate with Brian Williams.
Charles says to Malone Peter who is a big businessman, "I would like you to convince him to be your partner".
"OK! Are you serious about financing all his projects?"Malone asks watching at Charles Bridge's eyes deeply.
"Yes, of course. His projects remain community's ones. We will win the prestige", he replies.
"But what about your debts"; Malone asks again.
"He will be my partner without knowing anything. He will endorse the debts with us", Charles replies with a malignant smile.

"Brian, Mister Malone Peter want to meet you", Andy the secretary says.
"Hi! I am Malone Peter and I propose a business. I would like to be your partner and so want to invest a big money package in your featured projects."
"Are you working for someone?" Brian asks.
"No! I have my own business. *The train way company* of the Hills locality"; he responds quickly with a bloody face.

Andy says, "I saw Malone with Charles Bridge in a restaurant *The big fish* a month ago. They used to meet there a lot according to my friend Jimmy who works there as a waiter".
"That is why he wants to be my partner", Brian replies.

Charles Bridge is condemned by the court for four crimes, the premeditated attempting murder during the race, fake motorcycles race and champion, corruption, and the fake election.

KHBEY/ Khadidja Hassein_Bey/Motorcycles race/ March the 28th/2021/2000 words

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