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A short vignette from my book.

*I had a rather unique experience when I was about three though, fortunately, I do not remember it. Dad told me the story when I was ten.
My grandad, three uncles, and a cousin had returned from a hog hunt using a mule to drag a very-large sow home. They strung it up using three stout, wood poles, then gutted and cleaned the carcass.
I came out onto the back porch to watch then went down the stairs to get a better look. Dad's youngest brother, Buddy, laughed, then came over to me. He picked me up and sat me down 'inside' the hog's body that was missing all its 'innerds.'
The guys all thought this was great fun. I did not seem to mind. After all, it was still warm. Mom came out onto the porch to see what all the laughter was about and screamed! Dad did not share with me all the profanity she hurled at the 'men' acting like idiots, but dad removed his baby-boy quickly and put him down none the worse for wear. I can only imagine the 'discussion' they had later. I so wish someone had taken a picture of me 'in there,' as it would make a heck of a conversation piece today!

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