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Black holes are hollow, not singularities.
Black holes are hollow.

         Stellar mass black holes are hollow as far as I can tell.
I say this because I believe it to be so, given the way they form.
I say this because I know no one can prove me wrong, given the event horizon.
I say this because in the future students will be taught it is so. Because it will turn the current monster, all singularities, and infinities, into a calculable navigable tool.

         A star at its core, feel all of the pressure, but no net gravity.
When it explodes, blowing off its outer shell, sending a shock wave towards its core. This shock wave compresses the star before it until, until there comes a point, that the density of this is so great that it sucks everything onto it. From the inside and out.

         this black hole devours everything, everything it can. Everything it devours falls into it. Getting slower and slower until at the event horizon,
         its stops.

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