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lore and things to know about Silva's world
name: Silva solaris
gender: M
sexuality: 95% straight i promise
birthday: doesnt matter
race/species: Kitsune
social status: alone (for now), minor relations with few people
relationship status: none obv
living in: Skapta for now
from: TBD
appearance: kitsune ears being exposed unless he wants them hidden, same with tails, other then that a normal human
weight: 170lbs most of it being hidden muscle mass
height: 5'11"
1 gold will be 500$, 1 silver will be 50$ and 1 bronze will be 10$,copper which is 1$
Sky realm = Silver and white dragon
Earthrealm = Gold and Bronze dragon
Shado = Black and Copper dragon
one very powerful dragon per realm that watches over the realm, with each nation having its own dragon to protect the nation
one huge major city in each realm, plus like other acctual cities, but majority of settlements will be towns/villages
none of them are more/less powerful, but those people/races from shadow realm are more looked down upon and those from sky realm are looked up upon, but none of them are different, however those from the shadow realm are more powerful/tough because of where they lived, those in the sky realm are also more versed in positive magics like healing
masses of energy/emotion exist in heavenly/hell realms
5 realms:
life lives on 3 of them
links to pics:
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