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A plot synopsis that is meant to make you think
I have been told that my writing reads like a plot synopsis.

So my dear reader I will leave you to fill in the details your selves.

          Maggie is a stripper. She is a bit long in the tooth, but she is still just a stripper.

         Joy is Maggie's baby sister. She also works at the club, along with her girlfriend Kia.

         Kia, real name Kelly, is a performance artist. All of her life is one long dramatic performance.

          Of the customers in the club. 2 loos is the only one that matters. 2 loos is a fourth-year medical student, who imagines himself to be an artist. He is too poor to hire himself a model, so he sits at the back of the club scribbling.

         Kia decides that she and Joy are going to get pregnant and that 2 loos is to be the tool that they use to do this.

         2 loos is sat on a chair in the changing room, Joy sat on top of him. To try to prove his intelligence he is telling them that by using inter cytoplasmic nuclear transfer ICNT, it is possible for Kia to be the biological father of Joy's baby.

         Kia cuts off 2 loos, who dies of shock and blood loss. Everyone there goes on the run from the club's mobster boss, and the police.

         Maggie Joy and Kia are being driven, through dairy farms, by Maggie's mother. She tells them whatever they do they must not let Ruth know that they have killed someone.

         Ruth is a slightly older liberal quaker woman who owns a dairy farm, where she sometimes provides shelter for deserting soldiers, battered wives, and the like.

         Kia and Joy have a fight Kia leaves.

         Janet is Ruth's vet and close personal friend, Maggie strikes up a friendship with her and asks her about inter cytoplasmic nuclear transfer It turns out that Janet is thinking of a different version. Instead of transferring just the nucleus as in inter cytoplasmic nuclear transfer, or ICSI as it is sometimes known. She thinks that it would be better to start with two eggs, bring them into sync, join their cytoplasm together by removing a small slice of the cell membrane from each of them, and then using the standard electric shock method to initiate nuclear fusion.

         Ruth offers to let them try with two of her cows, on animal welfare grounds. It will prevent the birth of male dairy calves that nobody wants.

         The experiment is a success with two cow calfs being born, which grow up to be good milkers, and to have better more gentle less bull-like natures. It turns out that male-like behavior traits are transmitted epigenetically.

          Maggie gets herself a part-time job in town to help pay their way. Joy goes back to stripping at a local bar. She gets arrested on her first night, for getting too drunk, to overcome her nerves, and going way too far for a small-town bar.

         Sheriff Jon Smith is Ruth's nephew and was planning to come up and see the girls. He knows the type of women Ruth will shelter and he had a request to be on the lookout for a group of strippers who have seen a small-time mobster kill a doctor. And who was now being bumped off.

         They can not be the girls in question if Joy has to get drunk to take her clothes off. And Maggie is just too nice.

         Ruth plans to have an all-female dairy farm.

          Jon Smith is just the type of quiet man that Maggie is attracted to.

The end

If you think these bare-bones could do with some sexy flesh.
Please, l would like to see it improved. The important point to keep in mind. And to bring to the attention of as many people as possible is. That with the technology that has been around for years, it is possible for two women to have a child that is biologically the daughter of both of them.

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