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The various questions a teenager has to face.
Are you a teen?
Must be very mean?
Stupid and impulsive
Always being destructive.

Are you a teen?
Always going unseen?
Not too much talkative
Always being conservative.

Are you a teen?
Consuming morphine?
Spending life on drugs
Drinking alcoholic mugs.

Are you a teen?
Afraid of canteen?
The seniors will bully you
Make you stand in their queue.

Are you a teen?
Studying about gene?
Making books your relative
To do something productive.

Are you a teen?
Shy but keen?
Desire of travelling around the world
Or want of having your hair curled.

Are you a teen?
With thoughts so clean?
Always being mama's boy
Still playing with plastic toys.

If, yes, you are a teen
You'll often face these questions between.
Then please don't hesitate to reply
"You were too, once a teenage guy."

Life is a long going race
Teenage is it's cheerful phase.
'Thirteen' lads enter it so pure and young
To learn and grow and climb a rung.
They learn so fast in their routine
The beauty of it and leave at 'nineteen'.

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May your inner beauty always shine forth as you navigate through your teenage years. Fantastic poem!

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