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Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Women's · #2246841
Third part of the K-ON weight gain story
Special Thanks to Dr-Black-Jack and Chet Rippo

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Throughout the page: It’s been about six weeks since the Light Music Club started altering their practices and their influence has spread to the rest of Sakuragaoka. Various girls are seen around the school, much fatter than before as their appetites grow along with their bodies. Their uniforms can no longer keep up with their growth and continue to get tighter, so regulations are forced to be relaxed. Blazers can’t close anymore, buttons frequently pop off shirts and skirts, skirts are also unzipped, even belly buttons and panties always peek out. Any panel: Ritsu: “C’mon, Mio! I promise you’ll love these brownies!” Mio: “Maybe just one, I do want to save room...” Sawako walks close by, bulging out of her clothes, speaking quietly to herself: “I wouldn’t mind a brownie right now, either.” Another panel: Kimiko gets nervous as her blazer pops open, while Hideko comforts her: “It’s okay, Kimiko, every girl’s bursting a few buttons these days.”

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*Panel 1: Numerous girls chatting and eating in class, generally enjoying their weight. Akiyo: “I think I’ve gotten as big as Mio.” Yōko disagrees: “No way, I’m hitting Mio’s weight first!” Ritsu snickers as Mio hears this with some confusion. Nobuyo pats her bigger belly after eating: “Phew, that had to be my biggest lunch yet!” Panel 2: Himeko and Yui talk: Himeko: “You HTT girls really get into your music, don’t you?” Yui: “Yeah, and all of Mugi-chan’s sweets!” Himeko: “Looks like it.” Panel 3: Ichigo: “Wouldn’t it be kind of fun to get so big you could roll around everywhere?” Yui looks excited: “Yeah, that’d be super fun!” Himeko: “I don’t get what you mean, Ichigo.” *Panel 4: Mugi looks around the classroom as the others look content. Her thoughts: “Is it really this easy to enjoy being fat?” Panel 5: Mugi wonders this as she observes Eri and Akane guzzling cola: their swelling bellies jiggle and pop buttons. Panel 6: Mugi pats her own belly out of curiosity, watching a button burst off her skirt and its zipper start to move down. “Are the girls really happy this way?”

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*Panel 1: Azusa talks to Nodoka: “I think things are getting out of hand, Nodoka-senpai. The other girls seem like they care more about sweets again.” Nodoka replies: “True, but you still keep them on schedule. You girls keep improving every day.” Panel 2: Azusa: “And Mugi-senpai keeps ‘rewarding’ us.” Nodoka: “I can’t resist, either, and she’s so generous with them, even for non-members like me.” *Panel 3: Mugi decides to bring in more sweets since they’ve gotten to be such a hit: “Since practices have been going so well, I figured we earned a few extra treats.” Yui is ecstatic and now drooling, Ritsu is excited and even Mio looks intrigued. *Panel 4: Azusa: “Girls, remember, we still have a practice to get to. These cakes are just a part of what we do, you know.” Despite Azusa’s reminder, her belly still rumbles in protest. Panel 5: The girls continue to get hungrier as they play, each of them hoping for something sweet and looking towards the table. Panel 6: The girls with relief, start their tea time: they continue to grow as they eat with their skirts unzipping and popping.
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