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If you have the time, here is how it smells, looks, sounds, feels like and tastes.
276 word entry into March's 'No Dialogue Contest'

Anticipation is the moment spring arrives. That first green sprout blossoming into a blue crocus flower. Birds singing out a warm chorus of welcome, again, flirting with sunshine's bright warmth. Winter’s chill lurks in shadows of crusted left over snow. Summer beckons in heated reflection where a nose presses against a hot window pane.

The garden awaits this strong hour of remembrance. Years past lie dormant. Falls broken leaves ferment the soil. It would not be the same without exploring the scents of sweet new breath a spring rain brings with renewed green to winter’s brown.

Katie dog finds last year’s blue mouth sized ball. Life becomes a game of toss and catch exercising sleeping muscles awake into a dance of celebration. The yawning door of the chicken shed reveals a parade of outdoor furniture, planter boxes, bird feeders, concrete bunnies and dust covered memories galore.

It is a season of thanksgiving where the feast is for the eyes. A caress of cool natural air conditioner gets breathed in and held like a long forgotten intimate hug. There is the sudden appearance of neighbors arriving in the form of winged insects and creepy crawly bugs. The world is alive again.

The festival has begun. Fulfillment is a moment away. It beckons in a yearning glance at earth, wind and sky. Budding branches of trees wave a welcome along a nature trail.

There is a spring in one’s step carrying anticipation around the next bend where a chuckling stream reveals mother nature in all her glory. She is ready to embrace you in the sights, sounds and smells of a world wild and fresh with new birth.
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