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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2246919
Stuck in a castle, a lone samurai has to deal with the undead.
A dark room, with the only light coming from a few candles. Those candles barely illuminate the edo style, Japanese castle shrine room. The sole person there, sits on his knees, hands clasped, as he bows to a statue. His black hair lays down to his shoulders, but no other notable features.

A light stream of smoke comes from the incense candles that burn by the statue's base. The doors behind the man begin to rattle, and shake. He sits there, ignoring the noise, as groans begin to echo from the other side. The man opens his eyes, and raises his head.

As he slowly stands up, his eyes stay fixed on the statue. He looks up at its face, and bows one more time. “Please forgive me, Hachiman.” he says, keeping his head bowed. The giant wooden door behind him begins to creak, as the rattling intensifies, as well as the groaning. Along with the shaking, and rattling, loud banging starts to sound from the door.

The man stands up right, and looks up at the statue. He takes a deep breath in, and then slowly exhales. He turns his head to a closet like double doors. He takes one more look at the statue, then slowly turns to the closet doors. As he walks over, he looks over at the main door, as the banging and creaking continue. He turns his head back at the closet, and grips both doors firmly.

He opens them up, to reveal a full set of shogun style armor, and a katana at the base. First he takes out the boots. He sets them on the ground, before sitting down. A loud crash from the main doors can be heard as he slips on the first boot. He doesn’t stop, as he finishes lacing up the first boot. He then slips the second boot in, as the crashing at the doors becomes more frequent. He finishes tying the boots, then stands back up.

The second piece he takes out is the belt, and thigh guards. He wraps it around him like a belt, as he tightens them into place. He adjusts the piece, to perfectly fit his legs. The door begins to rattle more, as cracking noise begins to come from it. He continues to ignore the noise, as the next piece he takes out is the gauntlets.

He straps the first to his right hand, and laces them firmly into place. He reaches for the left hand, as the cracking of the door intensifies. As he straps the left gauntlet into place, he groans from outside, gets loader, and more frequently.

Next he takes out the chest piece, and puts it over his torso. As he laces the pieces together, the banging continues, but starts to die down. As he ties the right side up, the banging almost completely disappears. As he ties begins to tie the left side, the banging at the door does completely stop. After he finishes the knot, he looks over at the door. A few pieces of wood have splintered off, but the door is mostly intact.

He reaches for the shoulder pieces when three bangs on the door. “Hey! Let me in!” he stops. As he looks over at the door, the man outside continues. “Please! There's got to be someone in there! Oh shit, they’re coming!” he walks over to the door, quickly, and reaches for the bar on the door. “Shit, it hurts'' he stops in his tracks. “I… i got bit, please, you have to let me in.” he retracts his hand, then moves back over to the closet.

“Someone! I know you’re in there! No… stay away!” the man outside begins to scream, as the samurai grabs his right shoulder piece. As the man outside’s screams begin to die down, the samurai laces up his right shoulder guard. By the time he puts on the left piece, the screams have completely died down.

The banging at the door picks up again, but is much slower. He picks up the helmet, and as he puts it on, the door begins to rattle. He then picks up his mask, and stares at it for a second. “I have failed…” he puts the mask on before finally picking up his katana.

He turns around and begins to walk away from the doors that held his armor. As he walks towards a long halfway, he looks around to see several soldiers, dead on the ground. He stops, and looks down at another samurai, this one with less armor then him, and with his hair in a knot. He kneels down, and closes his eyes, then bows his head, and closes his eyes.

After a brief second, he stands back up, and walks over to another soldier. He reaches down, and closes his eyes as well. The soldier's arm flies forwards, and grabs the samurai's arm. He quickly throws the soldiers arm aside, standing up, and gripping his sword. He draws his sword, slashing at the soldiers head, cutting it in half. “Damned corpse walkers.” he growls, sheathing his sword.

He takes a second to look around, as a few of the other dead soldiers begin to start moving. “Should have known.” he states, gripping his sword. He relaxes his stance, watching as none of the corpse walkers get up. He steps over the corpse walker he cut, and walks around the rest. He looks back at the halfway, then once again back at the doors.

He begins to think back, at what happened before…

He stands there blade drawn, but without armor. A woman, and an older man stand next to him, as a bunch of people stand behind them. A few in front are wearing a little bit of armor, while the ones behind them wear elegant and fancy komono’s of various colors.

He brings his arm back “stay back!” he shouts, taking a step back. In front of him the main doors are wide open, with corpse walkers beginning to enter the building. He turns to the two beside him “are you ok!?” the man nods, as he turns his head to the woman. She nods as well, as he turns back to the corpse walkers entering the building.

He looks over at the door, with several corpse walkers blocking the path. He grits his teeth, as the woman grabs onto his empty hand. “Please, tell me that we're going to get out of here.” he gently pushes her back, as he takes a step back as well. The corpse walkers keep getting closer as he keeps looking around the room.

“I promise honey…” he states, taking yet another step back. “I’m still trying to figure out how.” he lets go of her hand, then takes his sword in both his hands. He holds it in front of him as he takes a step forward.

“Hey!” the old man yells out. “Don't get killed! That's an order!” as he yells, he waves his arms around frantically. His face beaming with sweat, and body slightly trembling.

“I won't, my liege” he states, through gritted teeth. He takes a step forward, then slashes horizontally. His blow hits one of the corpse walkers in the head, causing it to fall down. He takes a step back, then raises his arms. “Hya!” he yells, swinging downwards, cutting a corpse walker in half.

He regains his stance, then takes a step back again. He looks out the door as he sees nothing but corpse walkers, as far as the eye can see. The buildings outside are barely visible with all of them in the way.

“There’s too many of them, I won't be able to take them all out!” he yells behind him. Another samurai, in full gear steps beside him. The new samurai slashes at a corpse walker, causing it to fall to the ground as well. “Thanks,” the first guy says.

“Hey, you’re not alone in this.” he samurai takes a step back, as both regain their stance. “No need to act like the sole hero in this.” the first guy chuckles. “Now, got a plan on how to stop them?”

“Nope, but i thought if we could somehow shut the doors, that would at least slow them down enough to buy us some time.” they both slash horizontally, away from each other. Two more corpse walkers fall, as the group begins to cluster together.

“Damn” the second guy says. “If they keep grouping like this, we won’t be able to do anything.” they both take a step back, as the group stumbles closer. One of the corpse walkers falls, and begins crawling towards them.

“You two!” the old man in the back yells out. “Close the door” The samurai looks back and sees him pointing his left hand at two slightly armored soldiers, and his right hand at the corpse walkers.

“S...sir!” Both of the soldiers hesitate, then run forwards. Both of them run through the group, pushing their way through.

“Hey, wait!” the guy yells as the two run forwards. Both slash at corpse walkers, knocking them to the ground as they then push past more. One of the corpse walkers grabs the soldier to the right, and opens his mouth. The samurai in armor slashes at it, causing it to drop. The soldier nods, then pushes through the rest of them, pushing towards the door.

Both samurai watch as the two get to the doors, as all the corpse walkers turn to them and begin to surround them. The two shut push the doors all the way shut, despite the corpse walkers grabbing them, and biting into them.

The woman looks away, as the two samurai regain their stance. “Shit!” the one without armor yells. He turns his head to the old man “why?!” he yells, before turning his head back. He watches as the corpse walkers in front turn back around to them, while the ones in back continue to swarm the two soldiers. The two soldiers scream out in pain, as the corpse walkers begin to rip flesh off them with their teeth.

“I am king! You will listen to me!” he yells, as the two soldiers fall to the ground, their scream beginning to die down. The samurai grits his teeth, as he takes a step back. The fully armored samurai next to him turns his head to him, then to the king. He turns his head back to the corpse walkers, as a heavy sigh comes from his helmet.

“What's the plan?” the fully armored samurai asks, as he takes a step back. He slashes down, as the corpse walkers begin to advance. The samurai without armor slashes horizontally, causing another corpse walker to fall.

“Tactical retreat” he states, taking a step back. The corpse walkers advance, as they both take a couple steps back. “They’re slow, but the numbers are what's getting us.” he raises his sword, then slashes at another. As it splits in half, and falls into two pieces, one of the corpse walkers grabs his arm.

He watches as the corpse walker opens its mouth. He pushes it back, and takes another step back, but it’s grip remains. It falls down, but opens its mouth again and brings its mouth to his arm. The armored samurai's sword goes right through it’s skull, causing it to go limp. The unarmored samurai nods, as they both turn to the group.

“Move!” he yells at them, moving to the group. “We’ll bring them back to the smaller corridors.” he states, as everyone begins to move back. He walks up to the king, stares right at him. He turns back to the group. “When we get to the smaller corridors we’ll take them out there, but we need to keep moving back.” he ushers them forwards into the bigger hallway, following them.

The samurai snaps back to the present, middle of the night. He takes a quick look around the room, at the various bodies. Some move, trying to get up, but most lay still. He turns around, and looks at the hallway. The same hallway they were heading to.

He walks forwards, away from the bodies, and the room. As he begins to walk through the hallway, various paintings of older men, in elegant robes line the hallway. Most of these paintings have blood stains, while some are torn. He keeps his gaze forwards, as he walks past each of these paintings.

After the paintings, he begins to pass by statues of other samurai. Each statute is the exact same, with the only exception being different blood stains on it. He looks at the ground and see’s various corpse walkers struggling to move, with some cut in half.

He keeps walking, being careful to step over the bodies. He steps over a soldier's corpse, as it moves its head. He looks down at it, to see it has no arms. It struggles to move at all, but still tries to reach him.

He turns his gaze away, as he keeps walking. In front of him, more dead soldiers lie on the ground, with nearly all of them trying to move. He stops, and watches, as all of them struggle to move. He turns to the statue next to him.

The blood splattered on the statue is splattered over it’s chest piece. A bloody hand-print, and streak runs down the statue's side, starting at the shoulder. He stares at the statue for a few seconds. He closes his eyes as his mind once again returns to what happened.

“Move!” he yells, as the corpse walkers close in. He ushers the group of people through a small door. Each one tries to push the other out of the way, as he slashes at the corpse walkers. “One at a time!” he yells, as he slashes again.

The other samurai is back pulling some of the people with robes back. “You heard him! One at a time! If you guys don’t get in line, we’ll all be dead!” he pushes one through the door. He turns back to the unarmored samurai. “How are you holding up!”

“Not good!” he yells back, pushing a corpse walker back. He slashes at it horizontally, causing its head to fly off. He regains his stance, then quickly slashes at another. As it falls to the ground, one falls over its body. “Shit!” he yells, stabbing it in the head.

He takes a step back, and turns to the crowd behind him. He watches for a second as the woman from before is at the back. She looks at him, worried. He turns back to the corpse walkers, as they get closer. He takes another step back, now mere feet from the crowd.

He slashes again, then again, causing two more corpse walkers to fall. He takes yet another step back, as his arms begin to tremble. He closes his eyes, gritting his teeth. A gauntlet hits his shoulder, as he opens his eyes. The armored samurai pulls him back a little, then readies his blade.

“Just leave this to me” the armored samurai states calmly. He turns his head, keeping his sword ready. “You need to look after your wife. Make sure you both get out of here.” the armored samurai turns his head back to the corpse walkers.

“Wait!” the unarmored samurai yells. He reaches out, but the armored samurai charges forward. He screams, pushing the corpse walkers back. He begins to swing wildly from one direction to the next. Corpse walkers begin to surround him.

The unarmored samurai closes his eyes again, gritting his teeth even harder. He turns back to the crowd, to see all of them have stopped moving.. “move! What are you guys waiting on!” the crowd begins to move through the door. They move quickly this time, all getting through the door swiftly.

He walks up to the woman, and grabs her hand gently. “Are you ok?” he asks, staring into her eyes. She looks at him and smiles lightly, but it quickly fades as she turns her head to the corpse walkers. He also turns his head to them, and sees a few of them dropping.

“I’ll be fine” she states, her voice cracking a little. “Just… please. Don’t let his sacrifice go in vein.” he closes his eyes again, this time to take a deep breath. He exhales slowly, as he opens his eyes.

He turns back to her, as the other samurai begins to scream. “If i’m going to hell i'm going to take as many of you as i can with me!” the voice from the corpse walkers. “Bring it on! AAAHH” he screams out in pain, as the unarmored samurai turns to the door. Everyone has passed through, and now only the two remain.

He turns to her “go” he says, as he turns back to the corpse walkers. “I’ll be just behind you.” she nods, then heads through the door. He takes a step towards the group, but see’s the armored samurai get pinned to the ground by three corpse walkers. One of them bites his under arm from underneath. The unarmored samurai takes a step back, towards the door, as the armored samurai screams.

Blood sprays all over the corpse walkers, and the armored samurai, as he reaches up at one of the statues. He grabs a hold of the statue by the shoulder, as the corpse walkers pull him to the ground. The unarmored samurai retreats through the door, leaving it open as he sees the other’s body go limp. The hand drags down the statue, leaving a streak from the shoulder to the base. The unarmored samurai closes the door, leaving the hallway.

After closing the door, he turns around. He sees everyone standing around, talking among themselves. He looks at the ground, and moves towards the crowd. Someone grabs him by the arm, and lightly pulls him towards them.

“Hey, where’s your second in command?” the samurai looks up to see it’s the king. He looks at the king, his eyes full of defeat. He closes his eyes, then turns away from the king. He opens them up to look back at the door.

“He…” the samurai starts “he sacrificed himself for us.'' The samurai looks at the ground. The king grunts, causing the samurai to turn back to him. “Sir?” he asks.

“It's a shame he died. But as long as we nobles survive, this country will rebuild” as the king turns around, and walks away, the samurai's hand tightens around his sword. The samurai grits his teeth, as his wife walks up, gently grabbing his arm. He turns his head to her, then slowly back to the king. His eyes slightly narrow as he watches the king walk away.

“Come on…” he says, taking a step forward. His wife grabs his arm, and pulls him back a little. She looks down, as tears begin to flow. He puts his free arm around her, then pulls her in. “i know… he was your brother…” she grabs his shirt, as he holds her in his free arm.

“Why…” she cries. “Why is this happening?” she continues to cry into his chest. She pulls herself into his shirt, as he lightly holds her head into his chest. He looks into the air, as tears begin to flow down his face as well.

“I don’t know…” he cries, all the nobles around him begin to move away. He closes his eyes, as more tears begin to flow. “Your brother, and my best friend…” he breathes in deep, then slowly lets it out. “Come, we do need to move, otherwise his sacrifice will be in vain.

The samurai snaps back, looking at the statue with the bloody hand-print. He looks down to see nothing but dead corpse walkers, and soldiers. He turns his head to the bodies leading to the door. The door is now busted down, with blood splattered all over the walls and on the busted down door.

He looks around, then cautiously steps over the corpse walkers trying to move. He walks through the bodies, not stepping too close to any of the ones moving. As he reaches the door, he puts his hand on the frame, stepping through. He keeps walking for a bit, through another halfway. This halfway has more blood, splattered everywhere.

Bloody handprints, streaks, and splatters cover the hallway walls. The floor covered in pools of blood, even a few severed limbs. He walks through the hallway, while his boots pick up blood as he steps in it. As he walks through the hallway, his boots leave bloody footprints wherever he walks.

As he reaches the end of the hallway, an open door appears to lead outside. He steps outside, and looks up at the night sky. Several stars light the night sky, as he stares up at the full moon. He looks down a little to see that even though he’s outside, he’s still walled in.

He looks down to see bodies piled everywhere. Blood covering the flower beds, and the dirt paths. several bodies missing arms, some missing legs, and some missing their heads. He looks around to see each of the bodies wearing fancier robes, with most torn and ripped apart. His mind returns to what happened once again.

He walks in front of the nobles, as they walk through the garden. The flowers sway in the breeze, with no dead bodies, and no corpse walkers to be seen. He turns to the nobles, and a few of the soldiers that follow him. “Hey, we should stop by the armory, there should be some bows we can use.” the soldiers nod, as they follow him. He walks across the garden, as banging can be heard from the distance.

He points to the group, then holds his hand by his lips. Then, he points to the nobles, and points at the ground. “Stay here” he whispers. The nobles nod, as he waves to the soldiers. He walks towards a door, and away from the banging sound, as the soldiers follow. He reaches one of the doors, but waits as the other soldiers get close.

He puts his hand on the door, as the others nod. He opens the door slowly, making sure not to make a sound. “Shit!” he yells, jumping back as several corpse walkers begin to stumble out of the doorway. The soldiers all move back a few steps, as he draws his sword, cutting the arm off of one of them.

He takes a few steps back to, as the corpse walkers continue to stumble out. “Move back!” he yells, as he does, some soldiers turn and run, while others take stance. He slashes, as some of the other slash as well. Three corps walkers fall, as one grabs one of the soldiers.

“Help!” he yells, as the corpse walker bites into his neck. “Heee…” his voice fades, as he continues to struggle. The corpse walkers surround him, as some bite into his arms and legs ripping flesh. The samurai takes a step back as the other corpse walkers continue to spill out.

“I’m getting out of here!” one yells. He runs off towards another door. As he gets close, the banging intensifies, as he stops at it. “Shit, no no no!” he yells, as the door busts down. Corpse walkers fill the hall, as one lunges forwards, tackling him to the ground. The samurai, and the remaining soldiers move back to the nobles as the other soldier cries out, as the corpse walkers begin to rip flesh.

The nobles all begin to panic, and shuffle among themselves. They all move back towards the door they came in. one pushes past the others, running for the door they came from. “No wait!” the samurai yells. The noble flings open the door to see several corpse walkers. He slams the door back shut, but one of the corpse walkers arms gets caught, stopping the door from closing.

The noble turns and runs away, as the corpse walkers push the door open, then break it down. The samurai turns to the soldiers, all turning their heads to the three groups of corpse walkers closing in. He rushes up to the nobles, and cuts one of the corpse walkers in half. “Stick together! Soldiers, surround the nobles!'' Some of the soldiers move quickly, but some drop their swords, and run off.

Two of the soldiers try to run through the corpse walkers, only to be pulled to the ground. They both scream out, as the corpse walkers bite, and rip flesh. They quickly fade from view as more corpse walkers begin to surround, and close in on the nobles. The samurai turns to see only five soldiers left.

He looks at his wife, the king, and then the nobles. A scream rings out, so he turns his head to see one a corpse walker biting into one of the noble woman's arms. It pulls its head back, ripping flesh and muscle off, while blood sprays all over her. He runs up, and cuts the corpse walker down, then another scream rings out. He turns to see several corpse walkers tackle three of the nobles. He watches as the corpse walkers bite, and rip flesh. One of the corpse walkers grabs a nobleman's arm, and pulls. His arm rips from it’s socket, as he begins to scream out.

“Soldiers!” he yells, turning his head to see only one soldier left standing. He watches as he stabs one of the corpse walkers in the chest. The samurai watches as his face fills with pure terror, as the corpse walker grabs his arm. The soldier lets go of his sword, and pushes the corpse walker back. He then stumbles onto the corpse walker, as two of them drop down, and grab onto him.

The samurai turns his head once more to see the king hiding behind his wife. The samurai turns his head, several times. First he sees the nobles all getting eaten. Then he sees the other soldiers all on the ground, dead. Next he sees an open door, with no corpse walkers in the hallway. He turns his head back to his wife and the king.

He runs up to the two, and grabs his wife's arm. “This way” he yells, his voice barely audible through the growls of the corpse walkers, and screams of those barely still alive. He glares at the king, before turning and running off, pulling his wife's arm. The king swiftly follows, holding onto the woman's other arm.

The samurai slashes with his other hand, cutting a corpse walker down. He keeps running for the open door, as the corpse walkers begin to follow him. He stops at the door, and ushers his wife through, as the king follows in behind her. As they pass, he slashes at another corpse walker. He takes a step back into the door, then slams it shut.

The door catches on a corpse walker's arm, as it reaches in. He throws open the door, and kicks it back. He quickly stabs it in the head, before re slamming the door shut. This time the door shuts fully. He takes a quick step back, then watches the door. After a second, he takes a second step back, then turns and runs down the hall. His wife and the king can be seen in the distance, near the end of the hall.

He snaps back to the moment as he looks around the garden once more. He looks at all the dead bodies, as most struggle to get up. He looks down beside him to see a corpse walker, barely out of reach trying to grab him. He watches it struggle, biting at the air. He then looks back up, and looks over at the open door. The same one he went through before.

He begins to walk across the garden, being careful not to step too close to any of the corpse walkers. As he walks through, their moans and growls echo throughout the garden. In the distance a few corpse walkers can be seen stumbling around. One notices him walking, and begins to stumble after him.

As he steps through the door, the corpse walker trips on the body of a nobleman. It falls to the ground, as he begins to walk through the hall. The hall he walks through is mostly clean, with only small streaks of blood from time to time. As he walks through the halls, his boots, now covered in blood, leave bloody prints as he walks.

As he comes to the end of the hallway, a throne can be seen at the end. He reaches the open door way, but freezes when he gets there. He looks at the ground, then slowly up at the throne. He takes a step forwards, through the doorway.

As he enters the room, he looks to his right. He sees the king lying on the ground, crawling towards him. As he walks over to him, he draws his sword. When he gets to the king, he raises his sword, pointing the blade down. The king looks up at him, with yellow bloodshot eyes. It reaches with it’s right arm, while missing it’s left.

He looks at the king, grey in the face, and blood dripping from his clothes. He takes a deep breath in, then drives the sword down into the king's skull. The king’s body collapses, as the samurai releases a heavy sigh.

The samurai stands up, and looks up at the ceiling. He takes another deep breath, then slowly exhales. Footsteps can be heard from behind him, as he looks forwards. As the footsteps get closer, groans can be heard matching the footsteps. As the corpse walker closes in, he thinks back one last time.

“Are you ok?” he asks, running up to his wife. He gently takes hold of her arms, on either side. “They didn’t get you, did they?” he asks gently. He looks her up and down, looking at her arms. “I don’t see any blood.”

“I’m fine…” she states shakily. “What are we going to do?” her voice shaking. She looks up at him. Tears begin flowing from her eyes as she looks at him. “There's.... No way we’re getting out of this alive… is there?” her voice trembling.

The king walks up. “I don’t care about you two, as long as i survive.'' The samurai lets go of his wife and turns to the king. “It’s your job to protect me” he continues, his voice full of arrogance. “So i don’t care if you two die trying, i'm getting out of here.”

“Like hell you are,” the samurai says, drawing his sword. “I don’t care if you die or not. All your nobles, my best friend, everyone except the three of us are dead.” he points his sword at the king. “You’re going to die here, and i’m not going to stop it.” the anger in his voice grows, as he glares at the king.

The king's face stiffens in shock. “You dare defy me!” he yells. “You’re my second in command, you’re a shogun! You will do as i say!” his voice gets louder as he takes a step forward. The samurai pushes the blade forwards, slightly cutting the king. The king and the samurai stare at each other for a second.

“GET OFF ME!” Both the king and samurai turn to see a corpse walker holding onto his wife's arm. She struggles, pushing it back as it constantly tries to bite her arm. The samurai takes a step forward, but is pulled back by the king.

“Oh no, you’re getting me out of here” the king growls, glaring at the samurai. He punches the king in the face, then rushes over to his wife. The king falls to the ground, nose bloody as the samurai stabs the corpse walker in the face.

As it falls to the ground, the king stands up. “I am the king! How DARE you hit me” he roars, wiping the blood from his nose. The samurai holds his wife close, as he points the sword at the king.

“I don’t care who you are. I will not leave my wife to die.” as he finishes his sentence, a door from across the room creaks open. “And just what are you the king of anymore? Look around you!” he spreads his arm out. “Everyone's dead! The only ones left are me, and her.”

The king stops his foot. “I’m in charge! You WILL listen to me!” corpse walkers begin to walk up behind him, as he continues to yell. ”You two aren’t the only ones here! I am here, and you will do as i say!” two corpse walkers close in on him as he finishes.

“No… i don’t have to listen to a dead man.” the samurai states coldly. The two corpse walkers tackle the king to the ground, as one digs its teeth into his neck. The wife hides her face into the samurai's chest, as the king begins to scream out in pain. The samurai, keeping his arm around her, moves away from the king, as he continues to scream.

“Wait,” she said, gently pushing away. “Shouldn’t… you take care of them to?” her eyes running, as tears continue to run down her face. “We… don’t want them catching up to us” her voice soft, and full of fear. He nods, as he turns to the king.

He walks up the king, and the two corpse walkers. He stands above them, as both keep gnawing at the king. The samurai stabs the first one in the head, causing it to collapse. He pulls his sword back, ready to hit the other. “Brother?” he hears from behind. His eyes widen, as he turns round.

The fully armored samurai stumbles towards her. He takes a step forward, then falls into the ground. He rolls over and sees the second corpse walker grabbing his right leg. He brings his left foot up, and kicks it in the face. It’s grip remains, as he brings his sword back and then stabs it in the face. He kicks it once more to get it off of him.

He rolls back over, to move as he gets dragged back. He looks up as his wife struggles with her brother's corpse walker. He rolls back over to see the king grabbing his left leg. He screams as the king bites his leg, causing him to drop his sword. He quickly picks it back up, then slashes at the king, cutting his arm off. It lets go of him, as he gets up.

His wife screams, as her brother’s corpse walker rips flesh from her neck. He stabs it in the chest, ,then brings his sword up, cutting its head in half. Her body falls to the ground, as he kneels over it. Tears begin to run down his face as he throws down his sword. He reaches for her, but doesn't touch her.

He gently places his arms under her body, as he looks at her motionless body. He pulls her close, as he screams into the air. Tears run down his face, as he holds her tightly. He puts his hand on the back of her head, as he continues to cry. He looks over at the king's corpse walker, as it struggles to move with the two bodies on top of it. He gently puts her back on the ground and stares at her. He then looks at the wound on his leg, and mutters“I have failed.”

The samurai snaps back to the present. He lets out a long sigh, as the footsteps behind him get closer. He turns around to see his wife, grey in the face, and yellow in her eyes. He brings his sword back, pointing it at her. “I…i’m sorry” he sighs, then brings his sword forwards, stabbing her in the head.

Her body falls to the ground as he stands there. He slowly drops his arms, then puts his sword back in it’s sheath. He looks over at the king's corpse. He walks over to it, while reaching into his pocket. He pulls out a black stone, as he kneels before the king's corpse.

He holds his left hand over the king's body, as he takes the black rock with his right hand. He strikes the rock on his armor, causing a spark. The spark lights the king's corpse on fire, as it starts to burn. He stands up, then looks over at the throne.

He walks over to the throne, as he holds his arm left arm forwards again. He strikes the stone on his arm once again, as the sparks cause the throne to light. He turns his head towards his wife's corpse. He walks over to it, and strikes the stone one more time. His wife's body begins to burn as well, as he stands up.

He walks through the hallway, the same one he walked through once before. He walks through it once again, heading back. He reaches the garden. He holds his arm to the hallway door, as he strikes the stone. He keeps walking as the garden begins to burn.

He strikes the stone once again as he leaves the garden. He keeps walking, through the hallway with the statues, with the fire behind him lighting the hallway as he keeps walking. He walks up to the statue with the bloody print. He raises his arm, and strikes the stone behind it, lighting the wall. He watches the flames for a brief minute, then continues down the hall.

As he walks into the main room, he turns to the doors. The doors have enough broken away that he can see the corpse walkers on the other side. He walks up to the doors, but stands there as the corpse walkers reach inside. He takes a deep breath in, then slowly exhales. He takes the board keeping the door shut, and picks it up. He throws it to the side, as the corpse walkers bust open the door.

He takes a step back, drawing his sword. “You took everything from me!” he screams, keeping back from them. “You want me to!? Come get me!” he yells, holding his arms open. He continues to walk backwards as they continue to stumble, and some crawl towards him.

“You still aren’t satisfied huh!?” he takes another few steps back before stopping. “You’ve taken my dignity! my honor! My pride!” he grips his sword tighter. “You even took my wife from me.” his voice begins to crack. They begin to get closer, as he grabs the blade with his other hand, pointing it at the ground.

He points the sword at his chest. “But you won’t take my life.” he grips the sword with both hands tightly. He takes a deep breath in, then plunges the sword into his chest. The corpse walkers begin to surround him as he spits up blood. He then falls to his knees, as they begin to swarm him. As he falls to the ground, the life in his eyes drains.

The corpse walkers surround him, and begin to bite at his body. They begin to rip flesh off. The fires from the hallway begin to overtake the main room. The whole building begins to get engulfed in flames as the corpse walkers pile into the palace.

The building continues to burn brightly, as the flames begin to hit the surrounding buildings. The entire town becomes engulfed in flames, as there’s nothing, no one to stop them. The entire town, dead and forgotten, without a name to remember anything by.
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