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Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Women's · #2246955
Part 4 of the K-ON weight gain story
Special Thanks to Dr-Black-Jack and Chet Rippo

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Panel 1: After about two months, Sakuragaoka’s apparent fat acceptance is shown to have spread outside the school, with girls and young women getting fatter in the city and beyond. Panel 2: Mugi is at her restaurant. She ended up buying it but works as a server. She muses about her senior Hitomi’s growth and her female coworkers: “We’ve all gotten so big here, but no one seems to mind. They must all love the free meal plan I set up.” Panel 3: Hitomi then approaches Mugi: “Tsumugi-chan, I’ve been able to work out that extension to your meal plan. Your club members are welcome to it now.” Mugi: “That’s wonderful, Hitomi-san, thank you!” *Panel 4: The other club members join Mugi after her shift for some burgers. Azusa talks to Mugi separately as the others eat: “Are you sure about this, Mugi-senpai? Don’t we get enough treats at the club?” Mugi: “I wondered about that too, Azusa-chan, but I realized something not too long ago.” Panel 5: Mugi continues: “Everyone just seemed so happy with the rewards, I couldn’t take that away from them. Or resist giving them more to enjoy.” Azusa is puzzled: “I know I shouldn’t say anything, but you’re not concerned about weight, either?” Mugi blushes: “I was at first, but...”

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Panel 1: Flash back to two weeks ago: Mugi is at home in her towel, tight bathrobe and underwear having just finished taking a bath, worried about the weight she’s gained: “Is everyone really this happy? It just feels so strange.” Panel 2: She then walks to a box of cake she planned on bringing into the club with her belly rumbling. “That’s the chocolate cream cake we all loved so much. Maybe I could have one piece by myself...” Panel 3: Mugi is taken in by the flavor and recalls the girls enjoying the first day of extra cake. Panel 4: Another bite and she thinks back on how full the girls were after the first practice. Panel 5: Another slice has her seeing the rest of the girls in the school start to fatten up. Each bite brings in another memory and makes Mugi’s belly grow. *Panel 6: Mugi’s bathrobe pops open as she finishes the cake, stuffed and satisfied on the floor. Her thoughts: “Mmm, so blissful...can’t stop...” Panel 7: Back to present: Mugi: “I couldn’t resist and I can’t help but give you girls that feeling as much as possible!” Azusa: “Not the worst argument, I guess...”

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Panel 1: Mio pipes up as Ui, Jun and Nodoka waddle in: “I guess I’m just as guilty of those indulgences, too. Ritsu’s cooking didn’t make it easy.” Azusa’s thoughts: “Same with Ui’s cooking.” Ritsu: “Can’t say I don’t like to pig out. As long as I can fill up when I want, I’m satisfied.” Panel 2: Azusa: “That’s fine, I suppose? At least you guys are remembering to practice.” Yui: “Are you still going to join us, Azu-nyan? Plenty to go around!” *Panel 3: Azusa and the other girls sit and starts eating as Ui takes special notice of Azusa’s contentment. Panel 4: Nodoka: “Are you sure it’s okay for us to eat here, too, Tsumugi-san? We’re not technically in the club.” Mugi: “No worries, Nodoka-san, I’ll make sure you’re covered.” Jun: “Awesome, thanks, senpai!” Panel 5: Azusa: “Hey, Ui, do you think as long as people enjoy themselves, other things don’t matter as much?” Ui: “Of course, just so long as they try to make each other happy!” Azusa ponders this as she eats.
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