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         Rather unquestionable, I would say, is to be questioned in the first place. Responding to things takes me a while, however, I think that my brain has some smartness to it. Remember the cartoon "Quick Draw McGraw"? Well, I know that I'm not a Quick Draw McGraw since giving quick answers isn't something that comes easily for me. There are times that I amaze myself for being able to give a quick response to something. Quick responses, out of the blue come out of my head; it amazes me when this happens. When it comes to making decisions, I like to think things through.

         I've been noticing for a while that people are talking way too fast and too loud for me these days. It seems to me that everyone's in a big rush to get where they're going. If they could manage to slow down a notch or two, they would find that they'd be living in a more peaceful existence.

         It's rather unquestionable that anyone would use the internet for harming those around them. Their own business will delve into someone's privacy. This kind of action would violate a person's right to have a safe place for hanging out. A person should feel safe and secure in their own homes as long as they aren't seeking out to ruin a person's reputation by spreading lies and making threats. This shouldn't be happening; a man or woman should not be attacked for any reason, especially when they do good things for other people.

         Rather unquestionable is when the subject of politics comes up. Because of their political affiliations, it's sad when a family member is being threatened. Family members should be able to express their differences of opinions without losing friendships or other family members.

It's important to have friendships. When the majority of the people depict you as being different, it's difficult to be yourself, especially when society, friends, and family are rejecting you as a person.

         Your thinking becomes demented when society singles you out as being a misfit to society. By doing this, they drive a person to commit an act of violence. This kind of action happens when everything is taken away from them. You can't really blame them when you're not able to do the normal things in life. No one really ever knows when this could happen to them. An uppity sense of morals or values is the way that most of these kinds of people are demanding from us in their thinking of what's right or wrong. Thinking only of themselves, to me, is just plain pitiful. My thinking is that they know it all; they're not thinking that they'll stumble or even fall. For them to bestow on us that they're right and everyone else is wrong, is demeaning to me.

         Written by Anna Marie Carlson
         Wednesday, March 24, 2021
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