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The battle we all fight is the most fierce in ourselves. Stay positive as long as possible
A message to all my family and friends
I don't have the soul to apologize or make amends
I won't believe in the quality of life you demand
I can't help myself, I follow my own commands
If I die alone, it would not be undeserving
I understand why it's so fucking easy to desert me

But there may be a day where these bridges stop burning
And we'll be there to care for all those hurting
The day we're honest, no more masquerading
The day we criticize without disfellowshipping
The day we get over ourselves, the world is inviting
All the factions that exist to begin unifying

But what if it all goes wrong, it keeps on declining
The love and bonds we share keep on fading
The inevitable end that keeps us all waiting
The mental torment that we all keep on aiding
The day of judgment I keep on evading
Prolongs the repair of relationships I keep defacing

But those remaining in my corner still help me
With them, my life feels like more than a maybe
They help me to keep up this fight so valiantly
For the life I deserve, as well as my family
We can get there and live the good life candidly
When we forget what it's like to live self-righteously

But here I go again, engaged in self-loathing
Mislead, undead, the lies flow through my head
Resurrects anxieties with the weight of lead
Racing thoughts, wholesale lots, bring me back to the cots
Lock and keys buried deep, unearthed in these notes I jot
This head space pulls me away, I'm a lost astronaut

But the day is approaching where I become one
With the wars I've lost and the battles I've won
The day where I subdue pain and begin having fun
The day I stop fighting and dismantle the gun
The day I curse the moon and embrace the sun
It will happen to you someday my son.

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