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This was the day that I should have taken notice....
I had woken up to a bright sunny day. Although here in Phoenix - that's not something that is necessarily unusual, as most days start that way.
In fact, it's only a rare occurrence when it's not that way. So... today shouldn't have been any different than any other day. But, at the same time - I just had this miserable feeling, and felt like something was just not right.

I tried to shake it off, and took a cool shower and got dressed for the day. As I was choosing between wearing a t-shirt and jeans, or my favorite comfortable stripped jumper that I could wear A pair of earrings with that I had just received from George the night before, I notice that the house was quiet. Almost too quiet. Trying to remember if anyone else had told me that they had to leave early this Saturday morning for anything, or if one of my brothers had a football game today, I continued to tied my shoes. After all - they may not have said that they had any plans for the day, but I knew that I did!

I went into the kitchen to start to pack a picnic lunch for George and myself. We were going to go to the river for a picnic to celebrate our 1 year anniversary of dating, and that we only had 2 more weeks left of our senior year. We were going to start making plans for our future. And, for me to be able to escape my mother's prison, I mean house.

As I started to pull the egg salad out of the fridge that I had made the night before, I noticed a dirty coffee cup on the counter, and stopped what I was doing.

I started to sweat, wondering where she was. Because I knew that I would be getting in trouble for the coffee ring that is now on the kitchen counter. I sighed, while pulling out all of the cleaning supplies and bleach from under the kitchen sink to start cleaning it before she got home. But, as soon as I started to take the scrubbing spounge and cleaning paste from under the sink, and reach above me to put it on the counter. I hear the garage door start to open.

"Oh no! She's home!!" I say to myself. Crash

"Oh no! Oh no!!" I think to myself as I pull my head out of the cabinet. I now see the crystal salt shaker shattered into a million pieces onto the tiled kitchen floor. "She is going to kill me!"

Just then, I hear the garage door creak open, and I look up hurriedly trying to clean up the salt all over the floor.

"What happened here?" I hear my Father ask in a hushed tone.

I stop, and hot tears start to fall down my cheeks as I cry out, "It wasn't my fault! Someone left a dirty coffee cup on the counter that left a coffee stain, and I was trying to clean that up. Because George and I are going on a picnic, and I'm trying to pack up lunch for that, and then, it fell, and now there are pieces..." I say hurriedly. But, I can hear that I'm not making sense to myself - much less to my Father.

"Hush! Hush!" my Father says while trying to take my head into his hands. "It's going to be ok. I will help you."

"But Dad! This was one of her favorite crystal pieces! She's going to kill me!!" I cry out.

"Honey, let's just work together to get it cleaned up. I will take care of everything when she gets home." He says calmly.

So, we got to work. I swept up all of the salt shaker pieces, and all of the salt from the floor. My Dad, pulled out the vacuum cleaner, and vacuumed it all up, and took out the trash with all of the evidence. I went to work on the coffee stain, as he returned from taking out the trash, and he gave me a sad smile. "Are you going to be able to get out that stain?" He asked.

"I will do my best." I promised.

"Yeah, that was me. I'm sorry, I was in such a rush to get out the door this morning. I got called into work. I had assumed that your brother would make sure that it got put in the dishwasher. That was my one mistake, Katheryn. I'm sorry." He said humbly.

"Well, I will do my best to get it out before she gets home. That way neither of us get into trouble for it." I say with determination, as I put in a little more elbow grease into it. Especially since I know now that it wasn't from my Mother or one of my two lazy brothers.

I worked feverishly on the countertop to get the stain out. My Father sat at the barstool at the counter with a towel, and was ready with it for when I was done.

"Ok - I think that I got it all!" I say satisfactorily to my Father, just as the front door starts to sounds like keys are being put into the lock to unlock it.

We both freeze immediately, and turn to look at the front door.

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