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by Elphee
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young woman goes camping, and starts a new adventure, and life...
The sun sat, casting the land into darkness. The moon crept up to see the land from the twilight sky.
A wolf called with a long soulful howl, as the night cooled. In the distance, another wolf responded. Then, the night's symphony of crickets and owls resounded.
A fire crackled, casting warm showers of embers. Sara breathed deep, and settled down in her sleeping bag. She laid in her bag, watching the dancing flames as her eyelids became heavier and heavier.
A prickling on the back of her head sent goosebumps down her arms, along her chest, puckering her nipples, and downward. Ever so slowly, she opened her eyes.
At first, she saw nothing. She slowly rolled onto her back and turned to see what woke her up. There, sitting along the edge of the clearing, sat a huge wolf. Watching her. Once it realized she saw it, it got up and turned back into the forest.
Sara's heart pounded. She didn't realize there were wolves in this area. She knew about the coyotes, and bobcats, but that had to be a wolf. It was way bigger then any dog she had seen.
Slowly unzipping the sleeping bag, she kept a lookout where the wolf had disappeared. She added more wood to her fire. She had read somewhere that wolves didn't like fire, like most wild animals.
The uneasy feeling faded as she moved around, moving her sleeping bag a little closer to the fire, she then crawled back inside it once more.
Drifting in and out of sleep, she thought she caught glimpses of the wolf, but she was too tired.
The sun shone high in the sky, and upon her face. Groaning, she rolled over, looking at the ashes of her fire. Stretching, she unzipped her sleeping bag, and slowly crawled out. Looking around, she didn't see anything amiss until she saw foot tracks, all over her campsite. Large dog tracks... Wolf tracks. Heart pounding again, she realized that the wolf could have killed her in her sleep. But, it hadn't.
Stirring the ashes and placing some small twigs and bark, she got her small fire going so she could cook breakfast.

As the day progressed, Sara explored the forest more, finding more large tracks, that go to the stream, but never come back out. How odd, she thought.
Finishing collecting her wood for the evening, she set up the tent for the night. Sara didn't want to be eaten by the wolf tonight. Or any of his or her pack.
That evening, she swore she hear something close by. Looking over where the wolf had been last night, she saw nothing. The hairs on her neck prickled and her heart started to pound. Taking a deep breath, she bends slowly and picks up a long stick. Going towards where the wolf was last, she parted the bushes.
" Oh wolf.. I know it is you! Stop it! Just stop it!" she yells towards the trees and bushes.
"What are you doing?" a mans voice asks. Sara whips around to the voice, screamed, and swung her stick in defense.
The man threw up his hands in defense. "Hey! Easy there, tiger! I am not gonna hurt you." he assured her.
Sara stopped and glared at the strange man. "Who are you?" she asked.
"I'm going to put my hands down now ok?" he sighed "The name is Derek, Derek Thompson. I'm actually a guide here."
Placing one end of her stick to the ground, she took a breath and sighed, "Ok Derek, you have an ID?" Her eyes widened
Derek pats himself over, "I should have it here somewhere" Looking back sheepishly, "I must have lost it" He looks around on the ground.
Sara says, "Well, what are you doing out here?"
"I'm tracking some wolves that were seen in this area. You haven't seen any around, have you?" Derek asked with a raised eyebrow.
Sara felt the heat of embarrassment creep up her face. "Yeah I think I saw one last night. When I woke up this morning, there were tracks all over my campsite" she gestured with her stick.
Derek looks to where she points with her stick. He walks towards Sara, forcing her to step away from him. He then bends down to see the tracks. Yep these are the tracks I've been tracking for the last two days" He looks to Sara, I never caught you name" he said rising from the tracks.
Clearing her throat, she replied "My name is Sara"
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