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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Experience · #2247062
When you only have one option left...
The baby was asleep and a pile of clean laundry waited to be put away. A tower of towels engulfed her hands, blocking her view of the linen closet. She nudged open the closet door with a finger and was about to relieve herself of her load when she saw It.

A myriad of eyes locked on her. She gasped and froze, fear gripping her heart as she took in the size of the invader. And sense of injustice flooded through her and she released her breath.

“How dare you! You don’t belong here!” A frown caused her forehead to wrinkle as she took another step forward. She stopped again as two long, hairy legs rose. Its fangs flashed.

“Are you threatening me?” she gasped in disbelief. Her jaw tightened and she dropped the towels on the dirty floor. Keeping her eyes on the aggressive trespasser she pulled off her pink bunny slipper. Her arm lifted and with one fell swoop she crushed the spider. A tissue pulled from her bosom helped clean the smudged area before she bent to scoop up the towels. Brushing off a few flecks of dirt from the stack, she turned her gaze to the linen cupboard.

A row of spiders, lined up like soldiers, faced her. Each had its front legs lifted. Every eye was on her. She gulped and backed away as another row appeared on the bottom shelf. Another line of arachnids marched from the bathroom.

There was only one thing to do, and her husband wouldn’t be pleased at all. She squared her shoulders, grabbed the baby, and tossed a match behind her as she fled the house.

“Nobody threatens me!” she hissed, as the house went up in flames.

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