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When the war comes
27.5.2064 World War 3 started.

All the countries started a nuclear war.Its impossible to come out of there.

,,Where do we attack first?"soldier asked."We will first attack Ukraine,,general replied.
The first nuclear bomb has been landed in Ukraine of Russia.

And later on the rest of the world started attacking.
Russia becomes USSR.
Balkan becomes Yugoslavia.
And Germany becomes nacistc.

"We will attack Italy,,says the president of Yugoslavia
3 days later...
Yugoslavia attacked Italy.

Italy with the strong army attacked Yugoslavia.
Later in the world, USA attacked Mexico with the nuclear bomb landed in New Mexico.

The entire world is on fire and scared.
Who will survive will be seen of their luck.

Only country with strong millitary will be lucky.
30.5.2064 many countriest are defeated but some are still going in the battle.
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