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Zombies and humans fight each other! A zombie is pregnant what will happen?

Mark Zilian was holding the hand of his beautiful bride Theresa Loua (Zilian). Her beautiful white dress sparkled as they waltzed together. The music was slow and quiet as everyone watched. Her laugh broke the silence and made everything warm. He couldn't stop staring at her. The music was over as they went to the big cake in the middle of the huge ballroom. They took the long silver knife and cut the ten tier white decorated bold lace cake that was red and white with flowers made of icing on the top.The cake was delicious as they bite into one piece. Then as they left something was falling from the sky. Mark saw it out of the corner of his eye. Theresa didn't tell Mark,but she was pregnant she was meaning to tell him after the wedding. As the light fell she gasped as the loud boom hit the world and made it tremble.They fell as the atomic bomb killed everyone.

Chapter 1 Zombie Army

Being dead was hard but not as hard as leading a group of dead people to death for a war that no zombie wanted. The humans have been alive for months and maybe years underground. The humans were plotting to kill us, the zombies but we didn't know when or how.We didn't know the humans were alive.They now make full scale war on us. The zombies hit hard, taking the weak and young in cells to make the king and queen happy,Mark and Theresa,they still went by their human names. They told the zombies to stay with their old names but some rebelled and changed their names. They were killed the next day.I Am corp Jones of the Marines,now I'm just a low life zombie trying to hurt and kill my own kind.I always wear a hat that has Corps on it. The king and queens baby will be due soon but we don't know what we are going to do if it didn't survive zombie faction and died the queen will be furious and take one of the humans for a kid,but will watch as we kill its kind or make it our own,and it would be weird seeing a zombie baby because there are none,and if its a human i don't know what we are going to do.I watch the black sun come up,it has not been light since the atomic bomb.It was still dark with dirt from the blast. I was deployed here about four years ago and then a big atomic bomb happened and now I'm a monster. My fellow men are all zombies. My private was a young man,now he's an ugly beast like the rest,we sit in a dark room waiting for word from the king to kill and take humans from the underground civilization with bombs on the ground above their heads. Now you are probably wondering how the king and queen became king and queen, they were the first zombies because they were hit with the blast first. Our base was two miles away from the blast from where they were having their "un-dead wedding" and we became zombies.The people that were at the wedding died from the blast,they didn't survive the zombie faction. We didn't just decide to be apart of the king and queens undead army, we had to or else they would kill us or worse have another atomic bomb kill everyone, because they found one of the head leaders of the humans a scientist who was captured and forced to make a atomic bomb, that might stop this dumb war. The humans have this scary thing that makes them younger,it has a dial and you pick an age let's just say "10" and your body turns back to the time where you were "10" and makes the humans not able to turn into a zombie and it protects them ,but the king and queen want to change that and force them to be tested on and destroy the age-changers.

Chapter 2 Scientist Zeke

"Scientist Zeke," said Corp Jones as he stumbled over to him. Man, I don't want to talk to these dumb zombies. Their just lucky they caught me after one of their bombings,I flew and hit the above ground and they took me to the cell and then I made their killer atomic bomb. "What?" I said. "We are going out to fight If we find one of you,then will bring them to you if you know them, then they can stay but if not they will go to work." "Okay i understand...ugh." I said. "You don't have to make fun."said Corp Jones and his gang of beasts left.I came here on a trip. It was supposed to be a happy time as my plane landed;I saw an atomic bomb.Our plane crashed. I was the only one to survive so the only other person they will find is that the leader is a corporate boss of a bank,but they might never find him. He was way under ground.The plane crash was horrible, the screaming and the people all gone in a flash of light and the smell of smoke. I can still smell the smoke from the crash. I lay on the ground a couple of days after the crash just laying there crying my eyes out like a baby. After what happened to me they went dug deeper underground.How do I know, they give me letters from a bat that lives with them underground.The bat's name is Fireball.He is a black normal size bat.He comes at night to get my letters and to give my letter, while the zombies sleep,yes they do sleep!The leader that is down there now,the guy who is a corporate boss of a bank's name is John Kemmel. I gave John a letter and he hasn't answered; I wonder why he hasn't answered me.They have a bank down their underground built with mud.The name of the bank is John's bank.They decided for him to be the leader down there because he started their own underground currency.I was in a lab that the zombies poorly made for me.It was a part of the "castle" if that's what you want to call it,it's just one big mansion.They built it close to the cells where they keep the slaves and lab rats,they call the humans they get that are not very strong or smart;I guess better than dead. I looked out my window or I like to call it the "death view", of the people in the cell and dark blackness and dust that seemed to go on forever.I haven't seen the sun in so long,since my "vacation." This island was so nice and warm until the atomic bomb,no one really knows who bombed us,but if I ever find out I will hurt that person or persons. They ruined mankind right when it was just starting to be okay. Even though it's dark you can still tell if it's day or night. The sun is bigger than the moon and brighter. I waited for a lab rat that I was forced to test on. I hated doing it. You have no idea how it feels to torture little kids and old frail people.

Chapter 3 Pregnant Queen

Being pregnant is hard. Being a zombie makes it even harder on me and the baby. I'm not even sure how I Am pregnant or how the baby is still growing in my womb. I have thrown up so much blood. Eating as many humans as I crave even if the person isn’t supposed to die and has worked hard like the black widow in me. I too eat them. I lose count of how many people have died and how many times my kingly husband has yelled at me and told me not too. I just crave blood just like power or what I like to call virtue. Sometimes some words to me are too harsh like hate to me is just a raging hard spite for someone or something. I used to love people or what's the word piety to someone to the point of no return and not getting out of their bed. I don’t downgrade or upgrade these words. I make them better or at least in my mind I do. The baby has really grown in the last couple of months and my stomach as a child would call it is bigger than a woman’s should be. I envy no lust for a smaller stomach and I always have even before I was pregnant. I sometimes look at other women and want to just take their body off their heads and have it for my own. I sometimes get so deep no broad on this subject that I have wanted to try it on my victims but my hunger is too great. I hope someday this war will end. I'm tired of these beings roaming free on this island. I wonder why we just don’t just go underground, why are we too afraid of the dark? It is not pain and suffering we are afraid but yet like a young child we too are afraid of the dark and what lies there for us, the blood and the feasting all of us want it too much. I look at my husband and I know deep down even though he is the king this is true. He won’t say it but it's true that's why this war has gone on for so long. It's been six months already and we still don’t know what to do. The best idea we have is the scientist and bombing the ground above their heads. I always thought that bombing was a dumb idea but he the king wouldn’t listen to me just like when we couldn’t decide where to eat out at or the theme for our wedding. I sometimes regret no loath making love to him but it was great at the time and i was dumb and in love no wait had pity for him and couldn’t really stand to get out of his bed with him looking at me like that. His deep green and blue eyes forced themselves on me to do what I wanted them to do to make him feel great and to make him feel love or what he thought was love. I have lost some touch with reality. I haven’t always been changing my thoughts on things and words. When I turned into a zombie everything else went away and now I'm here in gluttony and shame for myself and others. I just hope I can have this child and finally have my peace.
Chapter 4 Escape

A few years ago in a farm near the beach on the island. Before I was sent to the cell my dad tried to help me live a normal life. Here are his thoughts and the situation before I was taken from him. My farm is doing good. All forty acres of it. The slaughter house a couple of blocks from my house. It looks like a gas chamber from days of old. The blood flows and meat is made for the zombies. I can't believe I gave in to normal society. The zombies and the cannibals have come together as one. My beautiful daughter's laugh makes me feel there is some hope as she is laughing at an old 'theDick Van Dyke Show'. The TV is old, broken but she still loves it just the same. I can't live with myself but I'm doing it here. Her mom sadly turned into a zombie. I don't talk about it, I fear she might be half zombie but she is so young. She doesn't show it but sometimes it comes out whenever 'they' even if you can call them that come out to eat. No one eats meat anymore because we have to keep them happy. The poor animals inside of things that have no soul. Even if she does turn I'll let her so we can be zombies together. It's a good trade for a while to leave as much meat out as possible and they won't kill you. At least not yet anyways. It's a good way to have them stay away for a little while.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
I ran outside after the show on the TV was over. I was frockling in the flowers. I missed my mom looking at the flowers reminded me of her innocence and the warmth. The sun was warm. Then I saw a hat come up on the hill I was on. I was going to run but a green and bloody hand had me by the arm. The scream was in my throat but the hand made me silent on my lips. He grabbed me and put me on his shoulder. I was kicking trying to hurt him to get free. "Good...good...job," said the zombie with the hat when the other walked up to him.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
I now am walking to Scientist Zeke's room. That was only a month or so ago. I can't remember these painkillers that make you forget a lot! I had to stand by 13 as the zombies knocked on it. I was then thrown on a wooden chair to sit on. I look out the barred window to see my dad a mile so away with a pickaxe in his hand. I wanted to cry. I wanted to run to the window and scream "I'm here come save me!" I couldn't as he kept looking at me in a sad way. He had a couple of pills in his hand. I knew what those small white things were. To make me forget and to not feel pain. I was scared as I always am. Fear, pain, and regret is all I have now. I wish I could go out there and hug my dad. To tell him I'm okay would mean the world to me and him as well. He looks at the window and then back at me with that same sad expression. "I want to let you go underground and stop this horror!" He almost yelled. I was shocked. The zombies were right outside the hollow door and could probably hear everything he was saying! I got up to him shaking. "How?" I almost whispered. "Well run away tonight you and me." He said and for a moment the sad face went away. I felt relieved that I wouldn't be going alone that he would go with me. The zombies were knocking on the door. "Come now...child." Said one of the zombies. I had no idea if the zombie was alone or if a whole group was with him. "Hide." Scientist Zeke whispered. I walked over to his small bed and hid under the rusty bed bridge platform. The space was small but I fit. "Come in!" He yelled. Then he threw the pills in his open mouth and put the syringe that he hid in his sleeve and shoved it in his jugular. He then proceeded to punch him in the stomach. Spit came out of his mouth and he fell to the floor. To our hope and amazement he was alone. He then grabbed me and we ran. He took me on his shoulders almost as a piggy back ride. I was screaming and laughing. I looked back to see my father's shocked face. I waved goodbye but disappointedly he didn't see it. Then we were at an old well. He grabbed the rope and pulled up the old big bucket. Then with me in hand he took me and we both jumped into the bucket. We fell into darkness. I don't know how it fit us both but it did. He grabbed me before we got to the bottom and jumped two feet. He grabbed the rope to make it stop. "Man my knees hurt after that jump." He said. "Come on!" He yelled as he took my hand. We ran through tunnels and dust and dirt were in the air. I heard bombs overhead but I wasn't worried. He seemed to know where to go. Then the earth seems to quake. We fell down a hole and crawled our way through. We had a torch with us. He found some matches on our walk up here. A piece of wood with the word 'Bank' on it the rest I couldn't make out. I tried to get the dust off of my ruined white dress. "We here?" I asked. Tired of running and hiding. 'Yes, hun." He said. At that moment I felt embarrassed no one has ever said that to me. I couldn't help but blush. He saw and smiled and then I did too. We walked until we got to his bunker. It wasn't a long walk. We laid on the ground for a bit to get some rest. I couldn't wait for tomorrow.
Chapter 5 The Bomb

“How could you...let them escape?” asked the zombie with the hat. He thinks he's in charge of this search and rescue of the scientist and he’s old so I don't think so . Man what a weird hat does it say captain? Oh well, I thought who cares. We were walking above the underground fortress. “We have to get down there somehow these bombs aren’t working.” After the 30th times of blowing this earth up I'm tired of waiting for the earth to just open up. “You crazy?” He asked as he looked down. “We’ll the kings said if you don’t get him dead or alive you're dead.” I am tired of this conversation already. “Look we will just dig a hole and go in.” I said thinking it was a good idea. “Not if they kill us first,” Said the old zombie. I laughed at that the first time I ever laughed as a zombie and I stopped because it sounded like a dying horse and it scared me. He looked at me just as shocked as I was. “What?” I asked, scared of ever laughing again. “Look, I said “we eat them before they get to us.” “Have you forgotten that we have guns and bombs old zombies?” I was upset. “Fine, he said, “but if we die then it's your fault.” “Okay.” I said satisfied with the conversation being over. So we jumped in the hole that we made from the shovels we brought with us just in case we changed our minds. Dust and darkness was everywhere and for the first time I felt scared like a little kid would of the dark. I wanted to jump out and forget this whole thing who cares if I die I'm already dead. He grabbed my hand, not seeming to be as scared as me. He led me down the long tunnel. I couldn’t see anything, but he seemed to know where to go.Then he lit a torch. With the matches we brought we found them on our walk here. The word ‘Bank’ wasn’t far ahead of us. This whole time we haven’t bumped into one human. I guess just like us they can’t see very far. All the sudden I wished I was a human. Money, food, and shelter sounded so good right now even if it meant death by zombie. All of a sudden I felt pain in the back of my head. His hand fell from mine and then black.

My wife and son have been gone a long time. I turn the tv there talking about a shooting in town. I started to sweat. I hope they weren't at the downtown mall plaza. The shooter looked familiar, but I have not seen that person in a while. I thought he passed away years ago. I cried when I went to check on my tomato garden. They were all ripe and ready to be picked. I liked the color red. The sky was pitch black a color I’ve never seen in the sky before! It made me scared of the future.Do our grandkids have to live like this? I prayed. Praying one I haven’t said in a while to keep mankind going please God! Debra, my dog, was still outside barking. She was a big tall dalmatian with a little retriever in her. I went outside. I saw a bomb shoot out of the sky and land on an island miles away. I grabbed my dog and went inside. I turned on the radio and only static filled the air. My brother Matthew was on vacation. Where did he go again? Oh no I realized what had happened. He's dead. I started to cry and Debra whined out a howl. Oh there was a wedding. I knew she was too young to get married! She was pregnant and forced by her mom to get married. Man my sister's crazy! I wish I could go,but my wife is ill and I needed to take care of the dog.
Billy had a load of food in his logger truck. The big semi could hold over 100lbs. My dog Polly was by my side.Polly was a bright white labrador with German shepard in her.I had a pipe in my backpack just in case I lost touch with Earth I could come back down with one hit of blue crystal. Don’t call it Meth, call it a wonder drug that no one likes or understands.The nurse told me to quit years ago. Your skin will go bad, she said. She had nice blue eyes. I'm not into women sadly, but if I could I would take her on a date. She’s too young for me though. My dog does help the urges though in the late nights when I have non. I saw a bright light and then a loud boom! I can’t believe I saw an atomic bomb!Rick went to the wedding. By himself I didn’t have the time or the money to go. I wish I did though once I saw that flash of light . My dog’s and I’s life seem to be that of an ant. Sean was home cooking what he could find in the fridge. We got married in 2010. Yes, I'm gay. How many times have I told pretty women that? At least 10. I would have a million dollars because I say I'm gay everyday. To the boss and the secretaries who hate me . I can see it in their eyes. There is a cute account that works for us too bad she's a girl. Always showing her boobs to the co-workers but not the janitors or cleaning crew that comes into the office every week. Sean sells cigarettes and trucks them in his semi. I do all the food to the natives of the island so they don’t start or have to go on the mainland for food. My son I wonder how he is doing.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
I saw the bomb. I didn’t scream. I'm Rick or Ricky. I don’t scream. I saw my life flash before my eyes. Everything was gone in a black haze of wet dew. I'm just happy she got married. I woke up. My skin is torn and bloody. The only thing I can think of is being a commander of something. Of zombies? Am I? I looked in a puddle because it rained earlier that day. I was ugly and old. I was indeed a zombie. My flesh goes on places on my face, arms, and legs.I start giving orders and they listen like sheep. Lost white and black sheep. This will be my fold,my army, and navy! I never did like death so now I’am un-dead. For once I belong somewhere and people well, zombies listen! I was more alive than any human could be! I was happy with my new role as king almost of the zombies! I have to listen to the queen. Which really sucks. She doesn't know about military strategies. I hoped she dies in labor!
Chapter 6 Dad?

When I awoke. I was tied up to a pole that let the up ground not touch the above ground and was very sturdy. A human grabbed me. He put a bag over my head. I couldn’t see anything. I was scared and desperate. He looked like a scientist. Hey, maybe we will die. He found us and not the other way around. He said to the one with the hat, “Hello,” said the scientist. “Hello, you know the kings looking for you.” “Oh, cool,” said the scientist. He then hit them till the zombies died. The little girl watched from afar. He walked over to her. “Good.” she said. “Yea no more of them.” He said. They smiled at each other. He was surprised at how easy it was to kill them both. We looked around and saw that the people who lived here were hiding. “It’s okay they're dead!” The scientist screamed. They all came out. They were happy. In the distance the girl seemed to be looking at someone. And they were looking at her. “Dad?” She asked. Then he came in and hugged her. I was happy for her because she had finally found a piece of home. Maybe I should just walk away, but she took a hold of my hand. She led me down to where he lived. It was a small room. He had a bed and pots and pans hanging on the wall of dirt. “What’s your name?” he asked me. “I'm Zeke.” I said. Her dad looked like her. Had blonde hair and blue eyes. He had a long nose. I was happy for her. “Is it okay that I leave you here?” I asked her. “Yes, but be careful.” “I will..” I said. Good now nothing bad will happen to her hopefully. I gotta go talk to the king. I didn’t want her coming with me. She might have gotten hurt or worse. “Thanks for taking care of her.” Her dad said. “She will be safe here.” “Goodbye sir.” I said. She grabbed my hand one more time to say goodbye. I walked out of the hole in the side of the dirt. I climbed to the top soil. I breathed the fresh air. I looked to my east and I saw the castle. I took in a deep sigh. I walked there. I had an age changer in my back pocket. I have forgotten all about it. I was happy she was safe. The castle was a good mile away. I was already tired. I walked at a good pace. I know what the king wants me. But not alive. I’ll give them a show like Julius Caesar. After many zombies eat me and not friends, stab me. I saw the castle a little less than a mile away. I was happy, not really sad, to die. I don’t have any will or kids that might miss me . The only one who might miss me is my dad. If he ever finds out i'm dead to begin with. I always wanted to have kids. I might be able to overthrow the king if I don’t die first. Then I can have kids. I will tell them stories about how the evil zombies lay in their own blood. The sun was starting to hang low in the sky. The clouds were all black. The mist of dirt in the air. I would get there before it got too late and no one was let in after the sun sank and the moon came out. It was hard to breathe sometimes still. Even though the bomb happened months ago. I wonder if the government or some government somewhere had something to do with it. Maybe the zombies were not zombies,but rather people just sick and hungry.I was too, but not to the point I was a cannibal. Radiation affected all the people on the small little island differently, but the zombies have not taken over all of humanity.
Chapter 7 The Baby

I had her in my arms but she looked more human than most people did. The baby was small and quiet. I really wanted all this kingdom stuff to be over with but, the child seemed so innocent. I was trying to feed her today the queen seemed too lazy to and all the sudden it started to crawl. That’s when I got scared. It was a week old baby learning how to crawl already. She was a yellow-orange color. I lay in my crib and looked at the paper kite that my mother made for me when she was pregnant with me. I moved and swayed with the breeze. Her eyes opened and I almost screamed there were four eyes looking at me! She hissed and some spit came out. I gave her the bottle and she tried to eat the plastic off of the nipple from the bottle top. Her arms were short in length and she seemed to weigh a hundred pounds even though she didn’t look like it. She started to crawl towards me and I realized her eyes were black. I dropped her and I heard a small scream in the background from the ant colony in the backyard of the castle. I felt a panic inside of me and ran. As she started to slowly start to cry. She started to bite at her one piece jammies and she did what looked like a backflip to get on her stomach. I changed her diaper and there was a web staring at me! I cringed. I had multiple cuts on me from my pocket knife and for my obsessive need for other people's blood. My skin was a weird yellow-black color from the black hole sun and the acid clouds. I heard thunder as I grabbed a diaper from her blue backpack. I put the diaper on her with some powder so she wouldn’t get a rash. It was getting late so I took her to her crib so I could get some rest. I fell asleep to the sound of rain. I woke up to webs everywhere! She was under the bed. I tried my hardest not to scream. The king of the zombies walked in on it. “Wow!” was all he could say. “Where is she?” He asked right away. I didn’t want to tell him where her hiding place was. “Under the bed.” I said. He grabbed and screamed “HER EYES!” “ I know.” I said. We both thought it was really weird that she looked like an insect or some sort of spider. He spat like he was on acid or something and couldn’t stand the thought of holding her. “You're mine!” the baby whisperer. No one knows or remembers what happens next but they did both die, sadly. I went into the room to find them both dead as I took my hat off in silence.
Chapter 8 Pluto

I wake up in a cell on a spaceship. I Am going to a lost planet known to earthlings as “Pluto”. It’s cold there. They are taking me there to die. The nazi’s have taken over the planet. I lost interest in the party as soon as the human-monkey’s took over Numba, my home planet. They wanted me dead, because not only did I steal a lot of monkey gold from the capitol Peacely Zabaleta, but I was gay. I was in love with the commander of my home town Rock Messert. He killed himself two months ago and his name was Garrett Young. I lost all hope when he died. When they took me I let them. Little did they know, but he stole some monkey gold too. I got some after the funeral. I gave some to his mom and sister. His brother and dad died in a rocket car accident years ago, when he was young. I went to his funeral. They put him in a deep hole in Rocket Messert. He was wearing his favorite suit. I put a red rose on his coffin. He told me if the monkey’s came after him he would kill himself. He saw one at his front door. The monkey heard a loud bang. He was dead on the ground. He was my only friend. We went to Space College together. We became pilots and had our own ships. We land on “Pluto.” We call it number “2” now, because it’s not a planet. Never liked girls, but I won’t find anyone since I'm practically dead to not just me, but everyone around me. It was a lot of gold. I just hope that one day the monkey’s and the nazi won’t have any more power. They have taken over the banks and the internet no one can look anything up unless you want to read a newspaper or watch the news. I heard of a time when the internet was free. My grandfather talked about it a lot. He said there were apps,and memes,and funny cat videos. He told me that this generation is missing out on creativity. He is still alive, most likely sipping coffee and looking out his back door window waiting for me to come home. I didn’t tell him I was gonna die. I told him I was on vacation. I would be back in a couple of weeks. I didn’t want him to worry or have another heart attack. He had one about a year ago in the living room. I was happy I was there. His wife died when I was just a baby. My parents lived on a planet away from my grandpa. I was visiting him and I was on vacation. I was the only one there to call 9-1-1. He was okay after a couple of aspirin pills. Yes, even though it's the future we still use the damn things for heart attacks. No one has figured out how to cure them yet. I was walking into the courthouse after we landed on “Pluto.” I was to have court but before then I had to wait in a cell for a little while. Then a firing squad was to shoot me down dead. I then looked to my left and I saw a scary site! She had four eyes and looked lost. She acted like she was older than me when she said, “It’s your first time in jail, huh?” “Yes.” I said. I didn’t want to die and this thing whatever she was looked like the type that didn’t want to die lying in the dirt. “ I can help us get out of here.” She says. I don’t say anything, I just nod my head. She starts digging at the cement floor and eats it with one hand as she just stares at me like a scary monster. I had to get used to the four black eyes that had a tint of blue in them. She didn’t scare me, but made me happy that she was my cell mate. I grabbed the bars in front of my face and broke them in one snap. I had a space suit on so I couldn’t hear very well but I could tell that the guards were made. “Quick!” She squealed. I followed her down a deep hole that she had made. I followed her and my eyes adjusted, then I saw some horrible zombies walking towards me. I trembled at the sight and had to hold my breath for a moment. I felt my head weave back and forth. She held me as I tried not to faint. “There okay….there just you but undead.” She explained. “Oh.” I said. I felt a sudden urge to be sad. “Hey, what is your name?” she asked. “ My name is William.” He said. “Oh my is Victoria.” She said. “Oh well is this the human race now? Will asked. “Yes, what's left of it.” She said. She took me to the above ground and took me to the farmers market to get food. She wore a hood a lot of the time to not scare people with her extra two eyes. It was a red hood that had a white decoration on it. It has flowers and spirals all over it.
Chapter 9 The Trees

Zeke did a good job at making the rocket. What little time he had left he didn’t know. He missed people just believing in the Earth and plants’ the most. Thor was the main character here along with the God Pluto himself. The galaxy was cold and mean. He felt lonely being so away from everyone. He felt it in his stomach the most, the pressure more or less who knew. Asteroids flew by like clouds. A big open sky for a couple of eyes to see. He missed his wife and kids the most. He felt almost kidnapped in a sense to the horror of it all. Even Zeus couldn’t stop the acid rain nowadays. She was sad because only two out of the four eyes were crying while the others were trying their best not to stare at him for too long in fear of being ugly to him. He couldn’t hear her sobs, but he felt it in his heart. At least he still had that. He was just as scared as she was. New year, new planet, new Adam and Eve. She could taste the bitter apple in her hand. All the hate inside her tubes just filled the void. He didn’t even like her. He couldn’t stand to be next to her. He could feel a distant wave coming in from a shore not so far away. He sighed. “This is where we camp.” “Okay.” Is all she could say to stop her crying eyes. They hurt and burned from the cold sand. The Trees grew weird here; they grew upside down root first. He thought it was funny how things grew different here. The Celtic in the girl whatever amount in her was left felt bad for the trees.There was too much CO2 here for them. That is what made her so sad. ‘Poor trees’,she thought. Monkeys don’t love fish. They could never mate here or anywhere for that matter. She wanted to pull the extra two eyes out. God put a curse on her for these eyes! Ice scattered the planet with crystals and snow up to your head! Time was slower here also instead of 12 hour days it was 24 hour days. She felt like she needed eye glasses to see the Earth, because it was so far away. The weather on Pluto was like an Ice Age cold. I had two big coats on and so did he maybe three.

Chapter 10 Not Guilty
My lawyer was sweating more than a normal human should. I tried to lie and cry and I made a couple of jokes so the judge would like me. I knew I was going to jail for a long time, but I didn’t want to be hung though. I had a life still to live. I hated this planet so much. Hades go to Hell! I want to be able to see my wife and kid. I had more to do than sit here nice in front of a judge and jury. “Not guilty!” Said one person in the jury and the others agreed. “Not guilty!” The judge said. Wow, I thought my life was over! I jumped up and down with excitement! No more mousey jails for me! I spent a couple of months in jail already. I stole a car and a lot of money, but I gave it back to the owner. I was borrowing, I swear! I had to go to work somehow. I left in a missile car the next day! I tried my best to sleep at the hotel that they picked for me to stay at. I was so happy! I was wondering if Victoria was doing okay. I hoped they let her go free too. I heard a knock at the door. I opened it. “Hey.” She said. I held my breath. It was Victoria in the doorway. I hugged her out of shock. “Come in.” I said. She walked into the two bedroom suite. I smiled at the big one. “How are you?” She asked. “Good now!” I yelled. She laughed at that. I couldn’t believe I was off the hook. I was for sure thinking I was going to die! I lay on one of the beds. She stands on the other and starts jumping. I laugh and watch her bounce.
As I leave my cell to breathe the fresh air, I recognize a familiar face. I mean how could you forget about a four eyed girl? She was young still, but she killed her parents so something was not right with her brain. I guess yes was no in her mind. It was okay I dealt with kids like her before. She had to pay her debt to society until she turned the magic age of eighteen. The cell had bars, a window to look out and a hard cotton mat to sleep on. She wore a baseball cap every once in a while. She called the guy her Uncle. It was one of the only people to ever come visit her. The zombie was nice to her. It showed that even being undead he still had a heart. Her court case was in the morning. I gave her some melatonin to help her sleep. She layed down and slept until the cops woke her up to go to court. The days were getting slower and slower.

Chapter 11 Everything is Gone
It felt good to feel the sun. It was nice to be free again. I knew slaving for the cops would pay off one day. The gold was given back to the bank I took it from. Karma is a bitch. I am now back to how I was. Broke in heart and wallet. At least I could maybe get a job and maybe an interview if I am lucky. It was hard being a hunter when the wolves were watching your every move. It was hard for me sometimes. I liked playing jokes, but the ones you get in trouble for. I knew it was going to be a long day. I started my cat that had some gas in it and left the courthouse happy for the time being. The radio was nice to listen to. I really liked the music and people talking about whatever they wanted too. I drove to my apartment to find it empty. The cops took all my stuff again. I hated this now I had to buy another TV. I lay on the carpet and felt like crying. I remember that the one thing I still had was a phone. Shaking and whining I called her hoping she would answer.
Chapter 12 The Laptop
“Hey, someone is on the phone for you!” said a really fat cop. “Okay let it though.” she said. “Hello,” she said. “Hey,” I said back. My heart was beating really fast out of happiness. “How are you?” she asked. “No good.” I said. “They took everything from me again!” I yelled. “Wow that sucks.” Is all she could say back. It was hard not to cry on the phone. It came down like a wave. I hung up out of embarrassment. I layed there and looked at the popcorn ceiling.
Pluto was getting colder by the minute. Zeke's coat was too big for him to wear in this storm. Who was that she was talking to on the phone. It was none of his business but he wondered who it was. She stepped out of the tent and looked sad. “Are you okay?” I asked. “No.” She said. I closed the tent behind me. “He lost everything again.” She said. “Who?” I asked. “Garrett Young.” she replied. “Oh that sucks.” He acknowledged. She had the sudden urge to leave the mission and go straight home. Her bed was there at his place too. She started to cry. The dirty cops took his stuff and hers again. “ I got to go home.” She told him. “ Okay give it a couple of hours we will be there.” He reassured her. She felt a small happiness then. She wanted to just punch that cop in the face. Jail time was more like prison time now. You can’t order whatever you want in prison and there was less recess time. Lunch was eaten in your cell.

Garrett laid on the floor when he could see his laptop under the floorboards. He smiled. His Mac Pro Air survived. He pulled the nail out and grabbed his charger and laptop and turned it on. He was happy. He dialed her again. “Hello.” She said. “I still have my laptop!” He yelled. “Yea!” She yelled back. He hung up in excitement.
Chapter 13 The Diner

Zombelina was doing her happy dance. “He found his laptop.” She told him. “Great!,” Said Zeke. All the sudden she heard an avalanche that was going to happen in another hour or so. “We got to move.” She said. “Okay.” He said. Down the big mountain on Mars they went. It was a great desert mountain that was cold and hot all at once. They were down the mountain in one hour before the avalanche of sand and snow. They went into a nearby town to get food. A diner was open. She smiled that this is the place. They will eat here! She ordered pancakes and he ordered a ham and cheese sandwich. It was a chocolate chip pancake. She poured the maple syrup on it. It was nice and warm in here. They ate in silence just eating what was in front of them. They both had a soda. Her was cola and his was spirit. He felt like he couldn’t be more happy sitting next to her. They sat there for a long time without talking. Then he said something, “How are you?” He asked. “I am good.” It was nice to be out and about with him.
Zeke was tired as he tried to go to bed. The rock was hard, but at least the tent was warm. She was sleeping next to him; he could hear her moans and breathed as she slept. He had a hard time sleeping on this quiet planet. The stars seemed closer than on Earth. He laid down and started to count sheep.
Chapter 14 Uncle

The army was hard to get over, but this way was too. They both died. The little one slaughtered them. It was sad but true. He decided at the last moment to be her Uncle. It was fun taking care of her. She was a nice child. She was full of energy. It was like taking care of a kid he never had. He was nice to her and she was nice back . She was going to school, but for the moment it was summer time. That was when it was a time to be free and to do what you want for the next three months. She liked the summer the most. Her birthday was coming up in the spring. April was her month. She was young and wild. As long as she had her shades on she was okay to look at. The eyes scared people so she wore shades. They didn’t talk about her parents often. He told her how she killed them, but no charges were put on her. She was just a baby when she did that. She was just a poor zombie. It reminded him of spiders or a black widow maybe. He was not eaten by her yet and he hoped to never be eaten. He had been through too much to be eaten now. It was quiet in their three bedroom apartment. They lived downtown in New York. It was a nice state to live in. They rode a boat to get back on the mainland. Rent didn’t matter now that everyone was a zombie. He liked sleeping on his nice bed. She had a couch and a bed to sleep on. He found them in a deserted house. They were a nice family. They killed a cow every now and again to kill the blood lust. She was growing up fast also. He was getting old fast too. He laid down to take a nap.

Chapter 15 Going Home

They were leaving Mars in a tiny ship bound for Earth. He was happy to be on his way home. Even if it was a zombie infested he could handle it. The bomb hit everyone really hard. To the humans and the zombies. The judge let him go on good terms. It was nice to breathe the fresh air coming out of the ship's vent. The glow of Earth was dark brown, almost black. The sun was going further away every 100 years. The stars were brighter. The satellites were drifting in orbit with the moon. It was quiet up here in the atmosphere. He was happy that he was going home back to Alabama. I watched Pluto's moon going around the dwarf planet. It used to be a planet and now it was just another asteroid. Charon was big and bright. I smiled at once and I was happy to be going back to Earth.
Chapter 16 Space Job

I woke up to a loud noise in the kitchen. My eyes focused on the nearby human . He was making me breakfast. I was happy I was living with him and not by myself. It had been a long and lonely road for us both. We took care of each other here. It was good to have an Uncle. He was a nice guy after all. He was taking care of me. I drank my bottle of blood. It tasted good on my tongue. It was hard to quit this. Being a zombie is what she was not the other way around. She tried her hardest to stay focused on the job at hand. She was going back into space to fix a satellite that had been damaged. It was a good paying job. One she liked to have. She left him a lot to go to work. It was a nice space job as long as she had her tank of air she could go anywhere. The blood was old, but it tasted fine. She was happy to be here with him. She would have to leave in the morning.

Chapter 17 Not to Steal from the Bank Again

I woke up to an alarm. It was time to go. It was going to be a long day. She was going on another mission to fix it this time. The moon was bigger than she thought. The rocket took her up. She was floating in space. It took awhile, but after an hour it was fixed. Her wrist hurt. She made the trip back to earth one light year later. She was happy to be home. She laid down to sleep.
He landed on Earth. He called a taxi and was happy to have a cell signal. Once he got home he laid down and watched some TV. His favorite show was on. It had been a long day. He remembered not to steal from that bank in the clouds ever again.
Chapter 18 Bad Dream

He took his hat off the shelf. He was going on a walk. He saw the newspaper and he brought it inside. “Honey you okay?” She asked. “Yes.” He said. He had a really bad dream about their wedding day being ruined by an atomic bomb. He smiled hoping it wouldn’t actually happen. He heard sirens in the background and an ambulance a couple blocks away was taking a pregnant lady to the hospital.

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