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by Ana B.
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2247172
Marriane Villepin meets a ghost who brings her in a quest to change the world.

“Who would’ve thought it would end like this ? Not me, for one.”

As the darkness crept over slowly, I felt a tingle in my feet. Looking back, I maybe should’ve jumped, or summoned yet another innocent spirit. If I had, it would have made my suffering less painful, but I was an absolute idiot. Instead, I grabbed the ring that fell onto the floor and looked at him. At what was once my only friend. His usual translucent body was jet-black, and his eyes had turned into two blazing fireplaces. Tears were streaming down his face, slightly glittering. He was still in there. Fighting that thing. I’d help him get out. But first, I had to stop the flood of despair from covering the world.

A long time ago, Artus said, I’ve got too much of a kind heart, and would rather suffer alone than hurt the world. He wasn’t wrong to be honest. Except now, I don’t feel it anymore. That kind heart. And he isn’t here to reassure me, he never will be.

This isn’t my story, really. It’s about a boy who changed the world. All I did was help around and watch him from afar. That boy isn’t here anymore, so I’ll explain what happened to all the people he saved. We saved. They saved. This boy was called Artus. I met him a year ago, when I moved. He had jumped from my roof, committing suicide, approximately a year ago…

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