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by Mac
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Fanfiction · #2247196
Vivi starts the process of joining Baroque Works using her powers and catches a surprise.
Vivi was looking ahead off the bow of the boat she and Ingram were traveling on. After bringing Ingram under her power with her dance, he was quite willing to help Vivi destroy Baroque Works. The pair soon came up with a plan. The plan was to infiltrate the group and discover its leader and inner workings from the inside, and if that succeeded, to destroy it from the inside as well. The only other person on the boat was its captain, a fisherman that Vivi had brought under her powers to take the pair to Nanimonai Island.

The pair of them had gotten intel on a recruitment center on the island and were hopeful to be allowed into the group. After quickly putting the man whom they had bribed to them about the recruitment center under, he was more than willing to explain how one could get recruited into Baroque Works. The pair found a member of Baroque Works and through the magic of Vivi's dance, the pair were able to get an invitation to the center. They each had disguises, Vivi dressed as her favorite dancing teacher from when she was young, with a pink veil covering her face and a pink coat over her undershirt. Ingram had dyed his hair black and shaved his mustache and beard, he also wore black clothes, something he complained about in the hot desert sun of his home island.

Vivi had hoped to bring along Karoo, the leader of the Super Spot-Billed Duck Troops, but he had proven immune to the Miawku no Meimai Dance. Vivi was glad to discover this though, it had led to her discovering that animals were immune to the dance. When it failed with Karoo she had tested on a camel and some Kung-Fu Dugongs. It was a piece of information that Vivi would have to keep in mind later if Baroque Works had any animals in their ranks.

As the boat approached the island, something that Vivi had feared quickly proved to be true. Nanimonai Island was an island that was formed from the poop of a giant goldfish after it had eaten a separate island, and due to this, Nanimonai Island stunk. This smell was a good way to keep away people so it was the perfect place near Alabaster for Baroque Works to have a recruitment base, Vivi had to admit to herself, while her face scrunched up due to the smell. The ship came to the island and Vivi and Ingram looked to see what was on it. On the island the pair saw a single building which was not big at all. They figured that must be where they were meant to go.

The boat docked by the island, the smell becoming less noticeable by the moment, luckily, and Vivi and Ingram headed towards the building. Vivi knocked on the door and from inside heard a male voice say "come on in".

Once inside the building, Vivi noticed how the building was a bit bigger than it looked from the outside. There was a main room, which she was in right now, and a few side rooms that she could not see into because the doors to them were closed. Suddenly, over the intercom in the ceiling a male voice rang out. "Freya", the fake name Vivi had used, "come to room number 2. Raven", Ingram's fake name, "your turn will come after her."

Vivi nodded to her partner and walked up to the door with the number 2 on it and entered. The walls of the room were white and there was a single chair in the middle of the room, and sitting in the chair was a man. "Ah, come on in", the man said and waved Vivi in.

The man was quite strange-looking to Vivi, he had orange hair, curly eye lashes, and the number nine written on his cheeks. He was also wearing a crown and had a red ascot on. Vivi stared at the man and stood in front of him. He was so distracting to Vivi that she did not even notice that in the wall above her was a pair of hands sticking out of the ceiling.

In the basement of the building was the second in command of Baroque Works, Miss All Sunday. While Mr. 9, the man in front of Vivi, would be the one giving the interview, Miss All Sunday would be the one to actually decide if she would join Baroque Works. This was all done to protect Baroque Works, if the person who came in was a spy, or a marine there to ambush the recruiter, Baroque Works would have no problem sacrificing one of their lower ranking commanders. The reason Miss All Sunday could do this was that her power, gained from the Flower-Flower Fruit, allowed her to sprout body parts within a certain range. Being in the basement of the relatively small building, the rooms within the building were easily within her range. She had an eye on each hand watching to see what Vivi would do.

She chuckled to herself, she knew the second that the woman who called herself Freya walked in that she was the princess of Alabaster, the land Miss All Sunday's boss was trying to take over. She chuckled again, and decided to see what the princess would do before she told her boss.

Mr. 9 took the initiative and explained the situation to Freya.

"So Freya", he began, "you and Raven contacted our mole. We are not used to that in Baroque Works, in fact, if you had not used our name, we would have had you put to death, but our leader was interested in you and wanted to see what you could do for us. Would you like to show me your powers, the million who suggested you said we would love it?

Vivi smiled behind her veil, the pair of her and Raven had found a member of Baroque Works and put him under to tell them how to join Baroque Works. He explained that he would tell the higher-ups that it was of the utmost importance to let Freya and Raven join the group. Now, she was ready to start stage two of their plan, getting the recruiter to make sure they joined.

"Okay", she said, "but you have to watch me closely, this is what I can do." Vivi explained before taking off the coat she had over her shirt, revealing the shirt with the spirals that she had grown so fond of lately. "I need you to pay attention to this." She explained, then she started to dance. Mr. 9 watched and in the basement, Miss All Sunday watched as well through the eyes on the hands in the ceiling.

Vivi started to move her hips from side to side, and started to rotate her chest to make the spirals all over her clothes seem to move. She then started the incantation.

"Watch the spirals", she said and Mr. 9 found himself watching them, in the basement, Miss All Sunday watched as well.

"They guide you", Vivi commanded. The pair found themselves following the spirals more, at this Vivi started to speed up her movements.

"The spirals are all that exist." Vivi explained, and Mr. 9's eyes crossed and started to stare deeper. In the basement, Miss All Sunday's real eyes crossed like the ones on her hands did.

"You have to watch the spirals", Vivi proclaimed, with extra emphasis being put on the word have.

"They are your everything", Vivi led Mr. 9, and her unknown second victim.

"I am leading you, by leading the spirals." Both Mr. 9 and Miss All Sunday nodded, neither had any reason to doubt the voice, they were both well under the power of the spirals.

"You love the spirals, thus you love me." Within Miss All Sunday's and Mr. 9's hearts a new feeling emerged, one of love of this person. Mr. 9 loved Freya, and Miss All Sunday loved Vivi.

"Your love of me means you will obey me." Mr. 9 and Miss All Sunday loved the woman in front of them, and they would obey.

"Now if you understand all that, nod your head and say you agree with me." In front of Vivi Mr. 9 nodded his head and agreed in the basement Miss All Sunday nodded her head and agreed as well.

With the man in front of her under, Vivi took a moment to finish her dance and walk around him looking at him from all sides. He was not that horrible looking besides the obnoxious 9s on his cheeks and the gaudy crown on his head.

"You will repeat after me", Vivi said.

"I will repeat after you." Mr. 9 and Miss All Sunday repeated back.

"Anything you say is true", the voice said.

"Anything I say is true", Mr. 9 and Miss All Sunday repeated.

Now, when you put someone under with the intention of changing them, Vivi had learned from her teacher to always start with something that is the truth, it makes the rest of the facts she would then say come easily to the victim. For herself she had said she wanted to stop Baroque Works, for Ingram she had claimed he was loyal to her, and for the member of Baroque Works she and Ingram had found thus far she said...

"You are a criminal." Vivi said.

"I am a criminal." Mr. 9 repeated. Miss All Sunday froze for a second, while she was part of Baroque Works, she wondered for a second if she really was one, then she decided she was, after all, Vivi had said she was, and she obeyed Vivi.

"However, even though you are a criminal, you are loyal to me." Vivi ordered.

"However even though I am a criminal, I am loyal to you." Mr. 9 repeated, as did Miss All Sunday, that she was a criminal was no longer a stumbling block for her, she had said it, thus it was the truth.

"You are so loyal, you will make sure that I and Raven are allowed into Baroque Works." Vivi said next.

"I am so loyal, I will make sure that you and Raven are allowed into Baroque Works", the pair repeated.

"You will meet me later tonight for further instructions, until then, you will forget I put you under." Vivi finished her orders.

"I will meet you later tonight for further instructions, until then, I will forget you put me under." Mr. 9 and Miss All Sunday repeated.

"You no longer need to repeat me." Vivi ordered. When Mr. 9 did not repeat her Vivi blew out some air, it was exciting to do this, she was doing this to save her kingdom, and she knew that it was the right thing to do, but the excitement she felt when doing it was almost intoxicating.

"I am now going to bring you out of the trance slowly, you will wake up, and all you will know is that I was the best interview you have ever had, and you will not even need to interview Raven, that we are a pair is enough to make you want him too. Now when I count to 5 you will wake up."

Vivi smiled and started the count.

"1, starting to wake.

2, becoming more awake.

3, opening you eyes.

4, almost wide awake.

5, awake."

Mr. 9 blinked a few times, then a big grin grew on his face, "wow, we have never had that type of interview before. I have to say, it is not all up to me, but if it was, I would put you in the group right now, hell, I want to be your partner. Listen, you don't even need to have Raven come in, just know, I am definitely going to make sure you get a place in this group."

Vivi thanked him and after telling Ingram to follow her, left the building, she then headed to her ship and decided to rest there, ready for that night.

Meanwhile, in the basement, Miss All Sunday had also come out of her trance and sat there. She knew that it was the princess of Alabaster, but she was blown away, she knew Vivi would make the perfect operative for Baroque Works and was trying to decide how to tell her boss that she wanted the princess to join.

That night Mr. 9 as requested of Vivi came to the cabin Vivi was staying in on the boat, Vivi quickly put him under with her dance then paused. She had no idea what to implant in his mind now, she had made him want Vivi to join the group and she had made him loyal, the two most important things she needed to do. She settled on having him explain how the Baroque Works worked.

Unfortunately, her first question came up empty.

"Who is the leader of the Baroque Works?" She asked him.

"I do not know his name, we just call him Mr. 0." Mr. 9 answered back.

Vivi cursed her luck then asked him to explain the layout of the group. Vivi learned about the numbers, and their female partners named after days, and she learned of the million and billions, the filler in the group, members not strong enough to be a number. To Vivi's annoyance as well, Mr. 0's main plan had not be revealed to Mr. 9, but he knew that it involved taking over Alabaster.

Vivi satisfied, made Mr. 9 not just want to, but need to be her partner when she was added to the group and sent him on his way. She was about to leave the cabin and tell Ingram that they would set sail in the morning, to go back home when she heard a knock on her cabin door. She walked up to the door expecting to see Ingram or the captain but instead there was a beautiful woman with black hair.

"Who are you?" Vivi asked the mysterious woman.


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