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by Ziglet
Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #2247213
an adventure of a dog detective
Shiner stretched and yawned as the sun peeked through the blinds early Sunday morning. Shiner was curled up on his favorite green blanket and had his favorite stuffy, a cute little monkey named Sam. Sundays were Shiner's favorite day of the week because his family always made him the Super Spectacular Sunday Breakfast. It had bacon and eggs and his favorite of all time - CHEESE! Mounds of shredded cheese, oozing on top of bacon and eggs. It was so delicious!

Shiner quickly got up and shook his body from head to toe and headed downstairs for breakfast. About halfway down the stairs, Shiner noticed that it was really quiet. He stopped and sniffed the air - he didn't smell and bacon. sniff sniff. NO EGGS! sniff sniff sniff! And definitely no CHEESE! Shiner leaped down the stairs to the kitchen and saw that it was empty.

Shiner looked around the kitchen. The counters were sparkling clean. He nosed open the fridge and didn't see any missing eggs from the egg carton and he noticed the bag of shredded cheese was still full. He nosed open the trash and didn't smell any remnants of bacon. Shiner was very confused. His family ALWAYS had Sunday breakfast for him. Shiner padded over to his water bowl and had some water. He walked outside to the backyard and laid on the grass and sighed. "Where could they be?" he thought.

Shiner fell asleep in the warm morning sun and woke up a few hours later. His tummy was rumbling. He went inside and had some leftover bits of kibble in his dog bowl and managed to sniff out one of his treats he had hid under the couch. Shiner walked all around the house barking and whining looking for his family. He finally made it back to the kitchen and he noticed something on the counter! It was a small brown package with yellow ribbons. Shiner sniffed it and he knew exactly what it was - a clue! He knew exactly where to go!

Shiner sprinted out the door and headed to Whimsys. Whimsy's was the local bakery shop in town. They were dog-friendly, which is why his family loved to go there. While Shiner was walked, he thought about his family.There were 4 members in his family. Mom and Dad, who adopted him when he was six months old, and his favorite kids, Gavin and Olivia. Mom and Dad were his very best friends. They loved taking him on walks and buying him treats. Gavin and Olivia were always up to something, so he did his very best to keep an eye on them.

Shiner finally arrived at Whimsy's. He smelled so many delicious pastries - glazed donuts, muffins with chocolate chips, French toast, and his favorite - doggy donuts! They were donuts made just for dogs. Shiner started drooling thinking about those doggy donuts and then shook his head. "Ruff! Focus!" He yelled to himself! Shiner walked around the pastry shop and sniffed the ground. He could smell the faint hints of cinnamon and then there it was! He ran over to a table and smelled the chairs - His family HAD been there! On the floor he saw small, crumpled piece of notebook paper. He sniffed it. It smelled very familiar - it had a scent of thyme, basil and oregano. "ruff ruff! - They went to the community garden!"

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