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Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Women's · #2247287
Fifth part of the K-ON weight gain story
Special thanks to Dr-Black-Jack and Chet Rippo

Page 13

Panel 1: The girls have into the clubroom and Azusa surprises everyone: “Girls, I think maybe today we can do something a little different. Mugi-senpai, would you mind taking out the cake?” The others give her strange looks, except Mugi, who complies. “Oh, of course, Azusa-chan.” Panel 2: As Mugi prepares, Ritsu calls out: “Okay, Azusa, what gives? You never want to hold off on practice.” Mio agrees: “True, this isn’t really like you. Yui: “Do you really mean it, Azu-nyan?” Panel 3: Azusa smiles: “I’ve been thinking...Maybe it’s not such a bad thing to just let go for a little bit. But just for today, okay?” *Panel 4: The girls take the time to eat and relax. *Panel 5: They decide to get to practicing, though they’re a bit full and jiggle quite a bit as they play. Ui and Jun peek in and Ui looks on at Azusa.

Page 14

*Panel 1: The girls visit a bath, filled with fat girls, mostly from their school. Azusa: “Is it just me, or are we not the only ones who’ve put on weight?” Ritsu: “Hard not to notice. I saw Hideko pop her skirt off at lunch.” Yui: “Lucky, I still can’t do that!” Mio: “I don’t know if that’s something to be proud of, Yui.” Panel 2: Mugi: “I guess they all wanted to follow our lead. I kept noticing them look at us after we left practice.” Yui: “See, Mio-chan, as trendsetters, we have to set an example!” Mio has a skeptical look on her face. Panel 3: Himeko and Nodoka swim over. Nodoka: “You aren’t wrong, Yui. Mio’s fan club keeps track of how much she’s grown and try to match that. Mio’s face flushes: “Do we really have to discuss that here, Nodoka?” Panel 4: Himeko: “Yui, come by my store tomorrow. I have a few snack recommendations that made me grow.” Yui: “That’d be great, Himeko-chan! But why wait? Let’s go right now!” Panel 5: Ritsu: “How about after the bath, Yui? It’s way too soothing to leave now...” The others agree as they continue to relax for a bit longer.

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*Panel 1: After exiting the bath, the girls are relaxing and stretching in their underwear in the middle of changing into their clothes. Panel 2: Yui: “Okay, let’s get-Woah!” She gets too excited and trips. *Panel 3: Yui falls and starts rolling as the others look on, but Yui starts laughing. Panel 4: Yui comes to a stop, still giggling: “That was fun! Did you see that, Ichigo-chan?” *Panel 5: The other girls start to roll outside after they finish changing, surprisingly happy as they barrel along.
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