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Carole dreams of being an eating machine. Could some outer space goo make it a reality?
Chapter 1: The life changing find

"CAROLE!!!!!” Bellowed Melanie as she came storming into the small accounting office that Carole was working in.

“What’s the problem, boss”? Carole asked while trying to put on an innocent face.

“Don’t you give me the old sweet talk trick” Melanie snapped “My office NOW”.

Carole rolled her eyes and sauntered out of the room behind Melanie with her hands stuffed into her pockets. She didn’t like working for Melanie because of her draconian way of running the business. Melanie had once fired someone for repeatedly failing to wash their hands. However accounting was the only job Carole was any good at and Mel’s market was the only one that paid well so she put up with it. Carole lumbered her way past the other workers' offices and just followed Melanie in silence like some naughty schoolgirl getting a lecture for not doing her homework.

Melanie slammed the door after Carole entered her office and marched over to unlock her filing cupboard. Designed to hold 20 donuts, the tray held four. Melanie wheeled out a small TV connected to a video camera and put the tape on. It revealed footage of Carole taking half of the donuts out of the tray while everyone returned from lunch break. She'd made sure no one saw her, but forgot that Melanie's eyes and ears were all over this building.

“WELL”? Melanie demanded, “What do you have to say for this”?

Carole’s responded: “I love to eat and I’m trying to fulfil my dream of eating continuously.”

As usual Melanie scoffed at this reason, this wasn’t the first time Carole had used it and she’d had enough of it.

“This is the 3rd time this month I’ve had to pull you up for taking most lunch break supplies”. “I put up with the first 2 because of your excellent working skills but this just can’t go on, Carole, your fired”.

Carole felt her heart break in two. “F-F-Fired?” She spluttered meekly

“Yes you heard me, Your fired” Melanie boomed again. “Now get out before I physically kick you out” “Oh and by the way wanting to continuously eat isn’t a dream it’s just pure gluttony” “go and find a dream that’s actually worth something”

Carole was on the brink of tears but there was nothing she could do now. She decided to make a low-key exit and save herself from doing something to Melanie that landed her in more serious trouble.

Though happy she didn't have to work for that bossy cow, Melanie, anymore, Carole felt misunderstood. Nobody supported or respected her burning ambition to become an eating machine. This left her feeling isolated and depressed, sometimes. Every time she mentioned it to someone they'd reply with, "Who'd want to be an overweight blob?" Carole was thick skinned, though. That made it easier to combat these words and feelings. It fueled her ambition further to become an eating "blob.”

Melanie’s decision to fire Carole that proved the tipping point. As she got into her car to leave the young woman shook back her light brown hair and said to herself “I’ll prove to all of you I’ll achieve my dream in one way or another” then she set off for home and at this point she was just desperate to get in and relax. Such was her desperation that on this particular night she took a shortcut onto a singular road instead of taking the usual motorway. She was halfway down this road to her home when she looked up and see what appeared to be a shooting star. Carole thought to herself “I wish there was someway that I could just eat all the time” As the thought passed through her mind she noticed that it wasn’t a star at all, it was actually a meteorite and not only that she also saw that it was heading into the area close to her car. The meteorite flew into the big forest of trees and crashed into the woods right next to the road Carole was on.

Carole drove into the parking area at the woods entrance and investigated where it landed. Switching on her torch she waded her way through the thick mossy branches and patches of wet mud which got her hands and clothes quite muddy until at last she reached the crash site. The ground was venting smoke and the meteorite had appeared to burn up into a small rock crater, which was now a brownish red colour because of its fiery entrance. Carole was just about to touch it when suddenly it started cracking and then burst open into small pieces. Carole ducked behind a bigger rock to avoid any injuries.

When she regained her courage, she poked her head out to see what remained, and she was amazed. Revealed on top of the only remaining piece of the meteorite was a small glowing blob of light green goo, which seemed to be a little sentient as it was moving around on its own slightly. Deciding she needed to act quickly before the police arrived, Carole scooped up the blob using a stick and stuffed it into her coat pocket before running back to her car where she placed it in her lunch container. She vacated the area, intrigued with her find and what it might do...

Chapter 2: the big decision

As Carole reached her apartment building and parked her car, the blob in the lunch container was the only thing on her mind. She made her way straight up to her apartment, not stopping for anyone or anything. Once inside, she locked the door and sealed the windows. Firstly, she composed herself by having a relaxing shower. She took the blob of goo into the bathroom with her just in case it ran amok and caused havoc in one of her other rooms while unsupervised.

While she was showering Carole wondered if the wish she had made had influenced her discovery of this strange lump of goo in anyway. Once out of the shower she looked at the blob again and realised it was quite similar to the one she’d watched in a Simpson’s Halloween episode. Carole’s heart beat a little faster at this thought, and she was wondering if this goo could potentially do for her now what it had done to Homer there. Carole then put her Pajamas on, a plain red top with some white shorts and spent the next half an hour just studying the Blob’s behaviour. It hadn’t moved out of the container in that time but it was moving eagerly like it was trying to tell her something. Carole felt like it was trying to say “eat me”. The feeling was strong and she felt like they had food in common.

Carole put on a pair of black rubber gloves to protect her and then she picked the blob up out of the container. “This may be my last chance to achieve my dream, here goes nothing” she said to herself. She opened her mouth as wide as possible and shoved the blob inside with both hands. Surprisingly it tasted just like a normal jelly, Carole was expecting it to taste so bad that she would be sick everywhere. She could bite it easily and savoured every second of the taste and then came the moment where she took a big gulp of faith and swallowed. And with that, the blob was now inside Carole’s body.

Carole waited to see if her body would react in any way at all. 5 minutes passed after consumption, then 10 minutes, then 20 minutes. By the time half an hour passed, Carole felt a major sense of disappointment. “I went and got this blob out the woods for it to just taste like a normal jelly, I should have known it was only a fantasy” she said miserably. She was so miserable that she went into her bedroom and went straight to sleep, gutted that her chances of eating all the time were seemingly over.

However, what Carole didn’t know was that this blob was a slow burner. It needed time to spread its way throughout Carole’s system and settle itself in. As midnight approached, it got to work. It merged into Carole’s stomach and started to alter her DNA before spreading itself around the stomach and softening the flesh. Once it was settled the blob worked on the rest of her body. When it was finished it had given Carole some new abilities including:

A stomach made like Elastic/Rubber so she could eat and eat without feeling like she wanted to explode
A jaw and neck that could stretch wide enough for her to fit a whole watermelon inside her mouth and swallow it whole
Teeth that were indestructible so she could bite on anything without suffering damage
A mouth that could now suck up food from long distances
A bouncy bottom to get to higher levels she couldn’t normally reach

As the clock struck midnight, the blob was ready. It made Carole’s stomach rumble violently and her eyes shot open in a wide-eyed and hungry manner.

Chapter 3: Carole 2.0

Carole’s first thought to the noise in her stomach was “is it morning already”? But it was quickly replaced with “I’m absolutely starving”. She shot out of bed and made her way into the kitchen. She pulled up a chair towards her fridge as she was that hungry. Once settled, Carole proceeded to fill her face with the fridge’s content. All the yoghurts, grapes, jelly’s and sausage rolls were among those devoured in a matter of minutes and she didn’t stop until the fridge was completely empty.

When she’d finished Carole let out a contented belch but just as she was about to go back to bed her stomach grumbled loudly again. “Still hungry?” She talked to it softly. With no food left in the fridge she reached into the top left cupboard where she kept all her biscuits, crisps and sweets and once again everything was eaten within 5 minutes. But Carole’s stomach demanded more and rumbled again. “Must eat and grow, and eat some more and keep getting bigger” she replied as if she was being controlled by something.

And so the binge continued as Carole ate all the fruit in the fruit bowl and then she was tearing through her huge carton’s of ice cream from the freezer as well as all the smaller bars. After that she was opening no fewer than 8 tins of beans and piling them all up on one plate and she finished the whole thing in 3 minutes. It was a relentless speed she was going at but no matter how much she ate Carole’s hunger seemed to get more ravenous, not less as more and more food substance passed through her big red lips. Eventually she had devoured everything that didn’t need to be cooked, and that was the cue to take a minute. Carole massaged the monstrous blob of flesh that was now her stomach and got quite amused at how squishy it was and how much the sides tried to overhang on her legs.

Eventually managing to stand up, Carole went to study her new appearance in the mirror and was amazed at what she saw. Her hair and eyes were the same,, but that was it for similarities. Her face had taken on a much rounder shape with a clearly defined double chin with her cheeks all puffed up and her lips now plump and full. Her hands and arms had swollen up and were a lot beefier than before, and her fingers were now as thick as sausages. The same things could be said for her legs, feet and toes while her butt which had previously been barely visible was now one giant bubble. But the biggest difference was Carole’s belly, which was basically now a massive round dome complete with 2 rolls of flab.

Carole had been in some sort of trance throughout her spell of eating, but now her mind was thinking she suddenly had so many questions about her body because it didn’t feel the same. Why wasn’t her jaw aching from the relentless amount of food she’d eaten? Why did her stomach feel so stretchy and elastic and not like she wanted to pop? Carole’s mind soon forgot about all these questions though as her stomach let out a monstrous gurgling noise which she silenced by slapping her huge fingers on it. It was time to get back to business.

With the remaining food needing to be cooked, Carole decided to start with food that just needed a simple microwave, so she reached into another top cupboard to gather all her packets of rice. As she touched the first packet however, it started to shake and rattle before it suddenly transformed into a readymade bowl. The blob had just given Carole another ability: anything that needed cooking just needed a single touch from Carole’s fingers and it’d be cooked in a flash. After the initial shock at this supernatural movement it suddenly dawned on Carole what was happening and who was doing this to her, no not who it was more like “what”. A huge smile spread across Carole’s round face as she realised “The blob wasn’t a dud after all, it s helping me realise my dream, this is amazing!!!”, “I’m becoming Carole 2.0” she whooped with joy.

Carole soon discovered the other upgrades to her body that the blob had given her because of communication in her mind, and now she felt unstoppable. She quickly touched everything that needed cooking and before long she’d devoured all the pizza’s, chips, steak and noodles, among other things. From 125 pounds, Carole’s weight had doubled that size, and she was looking like the blob that she’d consumed. The bad news now though was that Carole was out of food and few places were open to get more, but her new ravenous hunger meant waiting was impossible. Luckily she’d bought a set of clothes specifically for a day like this and now was the time to use them. She squeezed into a black button down blouse and then her wide legged white trousers. She then tucked the blouse inside as she added a pair of red braces to keep the pants up. Finally, a pair of shiny back slip-on shoes and white blazer completed her new look. Carole wasn’t sure how long the clothes would last and she was quite amused at how her belly was already pushing against the braces, but for now it would do. Carole was now ready to go on the biggest eating binge of her life.

Chapter 4: to the food court

Despite the increased ballast slowing her down, Carole had made it out of her apartment building with little problem. Helped further by the fact that because it was 2 in the morning, no one was up to see her. It was only when she got out that she discovered that as well as her weight, the blob had also made her gain height in this initial surge. She was now well into the 6 foot range and it wouldn’t be long before she got into the 7’s. All of this continued to fuel Carole’s happiness,, and she was going to savour every second of eating and transforming while she could.

First though Carole needed to find a place where so much food was waiting and that’s when she remembered that there was a massive food court about 10 minutes away from where she lived. Now it was fused inside her, the blob could read what she was thinking and feeling so when it heard the words “food court” it needed no second invitation to make a charge. It made its host’s belly gurgle impatiently again and Carole replied almost robotically “Must find food court and consume everything” as if the blob had now become her new master which in a way it had as she was only listening to its noises and her own altered mind. Then Carole put her feet in motion and set off on her quest for food. She was more stomping rather than walking to the food court because her body had almost taken the shape of a bowling ball with limbs and she had her arms stretched out to keep balance and avoid toppling over. Also because her cheeks and lips were so full Carole felt that speech was impossible except for grunting noises but that was fine, she hadn’t consumed this blob to talk after all and it seemed to respond well to her thoughts.

As she made her way further down the street, a bright light caught Carole’s eye. She realised it was a newsagent's shop that was still open and that contained all sorts of food. Carole decided to make a stop here before she ravaged the food court. Just about squeezing her monstrous girth through the tiny door, Carole saw that there was no one at the counter or indeed in the shop at all. She needed to strike now before she got caught, so she got to work. Tearing her way through the chocolate bars and sweets, Carole felt the same amount of pleasure and ecstasy as in her apartment, she genuinely couldn’t believe she was living her dream of becoming an eating machine. She remembered how her parents had always kept her on a strict diet to maintain “positive body image” and even when having a roast dinner, her proportions were always limited to a measly amount. Carole didn’t care about that now though, this was the real her and she loved it.

Suddenly she was snapped out of her pleasure by coming face to face with an elderly woman who’d suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Carole was worried that the woman would go mental at her and when she raised her hand, she was fearing a beating. Instead though, the woman was raising her hand to open the lock on the counter’s door and went inside. Carole was puzzled, even more so that she also hadn’t noticed the pile of wrappers littering the floor. She didn’t want to know, so she tried to pop herself out of the door. As she was doing this, the buttons on her blazer all burst free at once and pinged around the shop. With a bit more effort Carole finally squeezed out of the door and quickly moved on her way, but she was baffled why the woman hadn’t seen her.

The blob had worked its magic again. It knew that it needed to protect itself as well as its generous host from being seen as they were so it decided that anyone in Carole’s vicinity would have their perception temporarily altered so that they couldn’t see her or the damage caused until they’d gone. The mess could then be blamed elsewhere. Once they’d left the shop, the blob relayed this to Carole’s mind and it was like a pair of prison shackles had broken off for her. “I can eat destructively without being detected? That’s so cool” Carole thought. “Pinch me, is this really happening”?. She decided to discard her blazer into a nearby alley bin before continuing as it was getting a little tight.

Just as she was about to get back onto the Main Street Carole suddenly felt a tingling throughout her body. The blob had just finished processing the food she’d eaten in the corner shop and turned it into fat which meant only one thing. Carole started expanding in size and girth again. Her height pushed into the top end of 7 foot and was pushing 8 foot. Her belly continued to grow bigger and was getting softer thanks to the gelatinous life form inside her. Suddenly her expanding feet bust out of her shoes like a knife through butter revealing her shiny red toenails.

When the expansion stopped Carole looked at herself and felt less like a human and more like a waterbed because she was jiggling everywhere. She was big enough to walk on the road without taking damage from a car and she suspected it wouldn’t be the last change to her body either. Then she got back into the main road and easily reached the food court in less than 2 minutes. Once there she squeezed her monstrous weight through the doors and went inside.

Chapter 5: the cake shop

This food court was unusual in that the corridors were always open, even though the food shops were closed. Carole lumbered through the dimly lit hallways, her belly jiggling with each stomp of her feet she took while it grumbled for more food. Carole loved coming to the food court on her days off, and the only issue she was facing was which place to ravage first. She could try the sweet shop and eat her favourite jellybean flavours, there was another shop that sold pizza bases allowing you to make your own and with her new abilities Carole could just touch it and it’d be ready. There was also a massive shop of cheese at the far end, and Carole was certainly looking forward to going there. The thought of stuffing entire cheese wheels down her wider stretching mouth was making her drool. Wherever she started, there was plenty of opportunity.

Suddenly Carole caught a view of the most magical place she had seen in the building. It was a completely new shop that she’d never seen before. “This place must have opened only recently as I’ve not been here a while” Carole thought to herself. The shop was a big pink rectangle, and its title was simply called “Shake and Cake” and it contained some of the biggest and well designed cakes that Carole had ever seen. Her mind had been altered to make eating food the main priority, but this cake shop had melted her heart in delight so much it had now made eating food Carole’s ONLY priority. The blob had to work its magic to help Carole get inside, so it melted her down into a puddle of sludge and moved its way through the gap at the bottom of the entry door. Once inside, she regained her current physical form. Carole shivered and her whole body wobbled as she gazed around the cake shop. “I've died and gone to cake heaven”. )
Her feelings were so powerful that for the first time since consuming the blob, she went all in.

“Time for me to show what you’ve given me master” Carole told the blob in her mind. She picked up a cake the size of a balloon and stretched her mouth as big as she could. Then she shoved the whole thing inside, chewing it with ease and swallowed it. Carole let out an excited laugh, and from there she was relentless. Whatever the size of the cake, she ate them at a frightening pace. Her face increasingly getting covered with sticky icing, crumbs and chocolate. The shop also had iced buns and muffins, which stood no resistance to Carole’s ravenous appetite. She chose to eat these in between the big cakes so she could savour them more. Then she had even more fun by using the powerful motor in her mouth to suck the cakes and muffins into her ever expanding gullet. To say she was enjoying herself was describing it very kindly.

About halfway through Carole’s binge, the expansion in her body was coming to the fore. The braces on her pants which had looked stretched ever since she’d put her new clothes on finally had to give way. Rather than see them get snapped off, Carole decided to unclip them and she could only watch as they flew across the other side of the room. She was disappointed at that but realised that she might not be needing trousers soon. Seconds later the top button on her blouse popped off, Carole was mightily relieved at this because it was getting stuck under her swelling chin which had now long doubled and was tripling so it’s popping had given her neck some much needed breathing space. Carole continued to eat and eventually all the buttons had flown off.

By the time Carole reached the final couple of cakes, she looked unrecognisable from the woman who’d woken up at midnight. Her body was now a big blob of flesh with a round head and face, cheeks and lips that looked like they were full of cotton, a chin that was nearly trebled and merging with her neck, arms that looked like she’d swallowed a pair of armbands, sausage fingers, bubble butt and tree trunk legs. This was the most fun Carole had had for years, but now the blob had been fed so much food it was ready to perform its grand finale.

Chapter 6: the blobwoman is born

Carole was just about to reach the last couple of cakes that were on the highest shelf when she suddenly felt a strange and slightly painful sensation from her stomach downwards. It was like her organs were dissipating inside of her and her lower physical structure was collapsing. Before she knew it Carole suddenly felt like she was shrinking because the top shelf seemed to be getting bigger and bigger. She looked down and saw that her feet and legs were melting away into a pool of sludge and her lovely bubble butt was deflating too. “Aww I quite liked that massive behind I’d developed” Carole groaned, but her disappointment would soon subside. She’d been quite calm in this process because in her mind she’d long gone past the point of being a human. This was just official confirmation to her she was no longer human.

Carole then noticed that the melting had stopped to the point just below her stomach, which was still a massive round dome that had developed more rolls during her cake binge. Suddenly it rumbled as loudly as it’d ever had before, and Carole was braced for the change. She suddenly felt herself stretching higher and wider until she bumped her head on the ceiling. She then felt the same sharp pain in her torso like her rib cage, heart and spine were all just melting away. Her skin was now close to breaking point, and Carole knew it wasn’t long before her old human life would be more.

“I think I know what’s going to happen to me now, but this night was so worth it “Thank you master for everything that you’ve given me” she said to the blob in an almost tearful like manner. Then 2 seconds later there was a mighty POP and Carole Williams was no more. Not in the flesh anyway...

Carole realised she was still alive, and she was still feeling hungry. When she opened her eyes, she was absolutely overjoyed to see what she had become. She was now a 10 foot tall, 800 pound blob of light green jelly. Having consumed the blob Carole had eaten and merged with it so well that she had now become the blob and therefore she was the master now. The stretching she had felt was her gaining her size and width while her organs and skeleton had been dissolved to make her living tissue out of jelly. The bursting of her skin finally created the mould.

“This feels so incredible, I can do whatever I want like this” Carole finally said as her face had deflated slightly, enabling better speech. Then she noticed an incredible sight developing next to her. The main office desk of the cake shop was pressing against her new blob like form before it was then sucked into the gelatinous mass and assimilated. Another huge grin spread over Carole’s face at the possibilities ahead. And then she proclaimed: “It’s time for me to show this world that there’s a new girl in town....

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