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Tale about family & growing up in a poor working class family In America in the 1960's

“Daddy I’m scared, and I’m cold. I want to go home.”
“it’s ok Little buddy as soon as I get this fire started it will warm us right up and will keep us warm all night. We’ll be home soon safe and sound with mommy and Racheal before you know it. Let’s just have some fun and enjoy our adventure”
“I don’t want to stay here all night, I don’t want to be here, I’m cold and I’m hungry. I want to go home” Jack said with a trembling voice. I’m afraid of the wild animals. What if a bear or wolf attacks us while we’re sleeping?”
“No need to worry about that my little man, they are afraid of fire and will not dear come near us as long as there is a fire going, and I’m going to sit up all night long just to make sure you are safe. And if they do, I’ve got my rifle here and we’ll be having them for breakfast” Adelard stood and turned to face his ten-year-old son jack then reached out and gave jack a hug and kiss on the forehead, then stood and removed his insulated flannel shirt and wrapped it around little Jack.

Then turned and again began working on a fire. Within minutes he had the kindling burning and began slowly adding bigger twigs and dead tree branches he had gathered. The daylight was beginning to fade. From the hilltop he could see the horizon was no longer a glowing blazing fiery RED and had begun turning to a dark gray. He added more timber to the fire. Adelard had hiked the Appalachian trail many times as a younger man before settling down and getting married.

He wondered and questioned himself, did he made a mistake taking Jack along. Was his little man jack too young for this type of outdoor adventure? It had been nearly fifteen years sense his last hike with a couple of his college buddies after graduation. It had taken them nearly eight months for the full hike along the nearly twenty-two-hundred-mile Trail through the mountains, forests and wilderness that stretched from Maine to Georgia.

His only comfort was knowing this was only going to be a three-day hiking and camping trip. He wanted so desperately to spend time with jack hiking and camping and introduce jack to the quiet serene wonders of nature. His wife Jo Jo did not want to go on a hiking and camping trip and adamantly refused and rejected the idea. Not even for a couple of days.

She was a city girl and wanted no part of hiking and camping in the middle of a forest no part of spending any time living with creepy crawly bugs and insects and god only knows what kind of critters and wild animals out in the middle of some wilderness in the middle of nowhere. The closest she ever come to being in the wilderness was sitting out in the back yard under the huge oak trees that were wrapped with climbing wisteria and or the lattice on the front porch that her morning glories grew on. She would often sit out on the front porch or in the back yard adding more ink to the novel she was working on.

Instead, she chose to visit her mom and dad in the northern suburbs of Boston with their twelve-year-old daughter Racheal. Both children had been given the option of going with mom to visit Nana and Gramp’s or with dad hiking and camping. Racheal was much like her mother Jo Jo who was a busy body and Susie home maker type. Racheal loved helping her mom around the house and in the kitchen baking goodies and Pickling and brining, she was a natural and took to it like a fish to water.

Early in the marriage Jo Jo and Adelard would often have mini spats and feuds when Adelard would use Jo Jo’s brine to prevent the walkway and driveway from icing up in the winter months. Adelard would always just argue it was cheaper than buying rock salt at the local hardware store. Until one day when Jo Jo became so mad, she banished Adelard from the big bed and Adelard was forced to sleep on the couch for a weekend. It was then Adelard realized who the real boss of the house was and finally surrendered and began buying rock salt at the hardware store.

The occasional separate mother, daughter, Father, son mini vacations became a tradition for the family after that year in addition to the weeklong family vacations the family would take. Sometimes local and sometimes to places like Disney or some other place like family visits to nana and gramp’s in the northern suburbs of Boston where we would spend the week visiting local historic places in town or the museum of science or take long sightseeing rides to places like Bensons wild animal farm in New Hampshire, Visit Revere Beach amusement park for the day, or apple and berry picking at the local farms in the area.

That was a half century fifty years ago when Racheal and I were still young. I loved my dad and son mini vacations but more so the visits to nana and gramp’s when we would go to the local farms. Then Gramp’s, dad and I would do things like fish at a local pond or take a charter boat out on the ocean deep-sea fishing. We had no choice really. The women would kick us out of the house for the day the following day while the women would go to town in the kitchen baking all sorts of pies muffins and fruit and nut breads.

Memories like these are why I love America It was the best place in the world to grow up live and work. This was the America I knew growing up before democrats and rich liberals destroyed my beautiful country.

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