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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Animal · #2247419
BB and I have a chat.
Different, Perhaps

The wind sighed and so did I. Then I began to rock in my front porch rocking chair. I took several deep breaths. The air was fresh and the sun shone brightly.
I sighed again. In spite of the beauty around me I was glum.
“Why so glum, chum?” a throaty voice asked.
I looked down to find my favorite cat, Brigit on my lap looking up at me.
“Things are different now,” I muttered.
“Of course they are! Things should never stagnate. Look at Nature, she is ever changing in big and small ways. Like for instance, I can talk to you now and you understand me.”
I stared.
“So you can, when did that start?”
“When you and the wind sighed together at exactly the same moment, the Universe gave us a short window when we can understand each other and really know what the other is thinking, especially you! As for me, I’ve always known what you were thinking. You’re very transparent you know!”
I gave Brigit an indignant look which she ignored.
“Well, what do you want to know, other than my real name isn’t Brigit!” the cat said.
“It isn’t? What is?”
“Bill, short for Barbara Irene Lucinda Love,” she replied.
I thought about that for a moment.
“That may take some getting used to,” I ventured.
“Life and you should never be stagnant! Get up, enjoy this beautiful day! When we get back from our walk, I’ll let you feed me, but none of that store-bought kibble supposedly made for cats. Salmon or tuna would be nice…”
I got up, grabbed my cane. Getting off the porch was never easy, but Bill/Brigit’s babbling lent speed to my steps. Walking semi-briskly, I set out.
The cat soon caught up with me and we continued on companionably. Bill/Brigit or BB, as I decided to call her decided when we went back, by simply turning and starting home. It seemed the magic interval of talking to each other was over and to be honest I was glad.

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