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This is a part of a fictional story I am writing. All advice is truly appreciated!

Dear Diary
Hello! I’m Bellflower, or Bella! I’m 9 years old! I have so much to tell you about! But let’s start off with my friends and family!
First, there’s Banshee! She doesn’t really have any traits, because she’s always whispering and screaming. I get headaches a lot from her. Whenever I ask mommy about her, she just gives me a weird look and says that she’s not real. I can hear her just fine, so she has to be real! Even if mommy says she isn’t!
Then, there’s Maya! She likes to visit and talk to me about random things, like sissy and bubba! Instead of mommy, I tell big sissy about her. But she is just like mommy. She gives me a weird look and tells me that they’re not real. Sissy is so mean! She said it right in front of her too!
My last friend is Ayuna! She’s always telling me to do weird things, like give myself tiny cuts with one of mommy’s knives. I always feel like I have to listen, or else she’ll yell like bubba does when mommy and sissy aren’t home. Sometimes, she even wakes me up in the middle of the night to make me do weird things. When that happens, I end up falling asleep and waking up in my bed, but with more weird cuts. I don’t know why she does this, but it’s painful.

I almost like it.

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