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I want to do it once, and do it RIGHT!!
When we hear the word PARTNER, we can think of a Business Partner, Life Partner or a Partner in Crime. All three of them are important in our lives. I am interested to talk about the "Life Partner" here, in this article. The reason for choosing this is because I am looking for a life partner now. I thought "Why not share my views with the world about what am looking for in my partner ??"

Relationships are never easy. If you want it you need to compromise, understand the other person in it and handle it carefully. If you say "Relationships are NOT for me", this article might not satisfy you *Laugh* *Laugh* because I strongly believe relationships are very important in everyone's life. Yes, it is not easy but, we need it. Though you have a great family and good friends they cannot replace the life partner/companion/spouse (whatever you wanna call them). I have a great supportive family and very good bunch of friends. But, I need someone who loves me, be there for me in my good and bad days, to share, to care, to fight and to Grow old together.

I am a working women with a great job and salary. When in school and college, I did not find any guy interesting (and no guy found me interesting may be *Laugh*...) who can be my boyfriend. I was very much into my studies and did not worry much about finding a boyfriend but, did have great days with my friends (male and female friends). I wanted to get a degree and a good job before getting into a relationship. I have no prior experiences in relationships but, of course I have had crushes *InLove*. I feel this is the right time in my life to find a good partner for myself as I do not have to worry about my career and am matured enough to know/decide what/who I want to be with. So, what is that I actually want? If I ask myself this question, I would say "someone who can understand me, respect me, listen to what I have to say, support me to grow, gives me freedom to choose, guide me whenever I need, does not force me to talk when I want to be quite, understand my mood-swings, who can make me smile, love me honestly and like me for what I am rather than someone who wants to change me, buy me a costly gift which I would not require, take me on a vacation when I do not want to go out, make me do things which I do not want to do, who wants me to follow him everywhere". Do you think this is too much to ask for? I do not think so because, these are the very basic things in life which will allow you to be yourself, enjoy your day and be HAPPY.

The important question here is, how will you know if a person you are talking to is the one with all the qualities you are looking for in him??? It is not easy to judge any person in 2 or 3 meetings. But, you can definitely know if that person can be the one with most of the qualities you ask for. When we were kids it was not cool to have a boyfriend/girlfriend. We were in fact thinking a lot before approaching a new/strange guy. But, now its not the same, we grew and things have changed. I have many male friends (good friends) whom I can talk to when I am having a bad day and they understand me. So, he should be a best and good friend too along with being a lover. This process of finding the one for me is still on. I did talk to few guys recently but, I did not feel that can be a potential relationship. Sometimes this process is tedious, stressful, makes you worry and think "will I ever meet him?". YES, I will but, I do not know when and how ?

Do not settle for less. It is okay to take your sweet time and find the right one rather than rushing to get married just because your are about 28, your friends are getting married (some have kids), your relatives/neighbors are bothering you asking "When are you getting married? This is the right time, in fact a bit late now but, you must this year..."*Angry*. Do not get married just because you have to. Do it only if you WANT to. So, I want to do it, I will take my time to find him and DO IT ONCE AND DO IT RIGHT !! *Smile**Smile*
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