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Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Women's · #2247462
Sixth part of the K-ON weight gain story
Special Thanks to Dr-Black-Jack and Chet Rippo

Page 16

Throughout the page: Two months later: The girls are now fat and round enough that they most often roll around to move, though their gain has leveled off. Yui is especially happy to roll around after her incident at the bath. They’ve all not only accepted it, but have begun to embrace it. Shirts and blazers are constantly open to show off bras and bellies. Skirts can no longer cover panties that stretch over their rears. A few girls get stuck in doors every now and again: Any panel: Tsukasa and Keiko Sano laugh with embarrassment as this happens to them. Another panel: Hideko happily bursts out of her skirt and watches it fall to the floor: “Hee hee, popped another one!” Nobuyo and Haruko pat their bellies while their own skirts pop off as Kimiko watches with mild amusement.

Page 17

Panel 1: Azusa and Jun notice Ui is sad. Azusa: “Everything okay, Ui-chan?” Ui: “Nee-chan’s going on a trip soon...” Yui is also somewhat sad: “It’s okay, Ui, I’ll only be gone a few days!” Panel 2: Jun: “Right, the class trip.” Ui: “And it’s just me at the house...” Azusa: “It doesn’t have to be.” *Panel 3: The other girls look at Azusa, who says: “I’ll stay with you if you want.” Both sisters: “Really?” Azusa: “Of course, it’s the least I could do for all those dinners.” Panel 4: Jun: “I’ll come, too! More the merrier, right?” Ui perks up: “Oh my gosh, thank you!” Yui: “You girls are the best!” *Panel 5: The sisters envelop Azusa and Jun in a squishy hug. Azusa’s thoughts: “Forgot how soft our hugs are now.” Jun’s thoughts: “Feels like we all turned into marshmallows.”

Page 18

Panel 1: The three girls watch a movie and eat cake that Ui made. Jun is nearly asleep from fullness. Ui: “Jun-chan certainly enjoyed dinner.” Azusa: “I’d say we all did.” Panel 2: Ui: “Thanks again for coming, Azusa-chan. Having you over made me feel a lot better.” Azusa: “I should be thanking you for all these dinners.” Panel 3: Ui: “You really liked them all?” Azusa pats her belly: “I wasn’t sure about having so many, but they were all so delicious.” Panel 4: Azusa: “They helped me get used to getting so big, too.” Ui then gets embarrassed: “A-About that, Azusa-chan, can I talk to you about that?” *Panel 5: Ui and Azusa roll to Ui’s room to talk in private. Ui’s cheeks have turned pink while Azusa looks confused.
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