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Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Women's · #2247463
Seventh part of the K-ON weight gain story
Special thanks to Dr-Black-Jack and Chet Rippo

Page 19

Panel 1: Azusa: “Everything okay, Ui-chan?” Ui: “I think I owe you an apology, Azusa-chan.” Azusa: “For what?” Panel 2: Ui: “You always looked so happy when you were full, and you do a lot for Nee-chan and the club, so...” Ui trails off and blushes. Azusa: “So you were feeding me?” Panel 3: Ui: “And myself, so you wouldn’t be that upset!” Azusa: “It’s okay, Ui, I’m not mad! But why go through all this?” *Panel 4: Ui anxiously shouts: “I HAVE A HUGE CRUSH ON YOU!!!” Azusa is shocked: “WHAAAT?” Panel 5: Jun rolls in, thinking someone’s in trouble: “What’s going on?” She bumps into Ui by accident and Ui falls onto Azusa face first.

Page 20

*Panel 1: Ui’s fall causes her to kiss Azusa by accident with Jun watching and putting her hands over her mouth. Panel 2: Ui’s face goes completely red and she frantically apologizes: “I’MSORRYI’MSORRYI’MSORRYI’MSOSORRYAZUSACHAN!” Jun: “Woah, what happened?” Azusa is dumbstruck for a moment. Panel 3: Ui gets up and tries to leave. Panel 4: Azusa grabs her arm to Ui’s surprise. Panel 5: Cut back to Azusa with an amorous look on her face: “Ui... you didn’t let me respond.”

Page 21

Full Page: The girls kiss again with Jun giddily watching.

Page 22

*Panel 1: The next day, the girls get ready for a day on the town, currently in their underwear. Ui: “Azusa-chan, you’ll be the only one left in the club next year, won’t you?” Azusa: “That’s true, I’m the only junior...” Panel 2: Ui: “How about I join you? I play Nee-chan’s guitar every so often. Keyboards, too!” Azusa: “You’d really do that, Ui-chan?” Panel 3: Jun: “I’ll join, too! Jazz club gave me lots of experience on the bass! I can take over for Mio-senpai!” Azusa: “You sure it’s not just for the sweets, Jun-chan?” *Panel 4: Azusa has a grateful look on her face: “Seriously, you guys, thank you.” Ui and Jun smile back.
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