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Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Women's · #2247465
Eighth and final part of the K-ON weight gain story
Special thank to Dr-Black-Jack and Chet Rippo

Page 23

Throughout the page: Azusa, Ui and Jun roll around town doing various activities. Numerous other fat girls may be in the background. Panel 1: Simple shot of the girls rolling, chatting and laughing. Panel 2: The trio is eating doughnuts, with Jun able to eat the most. Azusa and Ui have stomachaches, but Jun happily pats her belly. Ui: “Wow, Jun-chan, that was impressive.” Azusa: “Didn’t think you could eat so many.” Jun: “I always have room for doughnuts!” Panel 3: The girls are at a water park, laughing at how tight their swimsuits are now. Ui: “We still look like we’re in our panties!” Panel 4: A shot of a picture of the rest of HTT, Nodoka and Sawako, who sent it to the trio wishing them well. Panel 5: The girls are at Mugi’s restaurant. A huge Hitomi serves them food. Panel 6: The girls snack while playing video games back at Ui’s house. *Panel 7: The girls go to sleep in their underwear: Jun takes Ui’s bed, Azusa and Ui sleep together on the floor.

Page 24

*Panel 1: Girls roll into a packed but expanded auditorium for a special assembly. HTT is set to hold a concert celebrating the school’s fat with a banner reading “FAT IS THE FUTURE” above the stage. Sawako and Nodoka roll onto the stage: Panel 2: Sawako speaks: “Welcome to our special assembly, ladies! It’s been a strange but exciting time for us girls as we’ve grown in so many ways.” Panel 3: Sawako stops speaking as her belt pops off her dress and hits the floor. *Panel 4: Sawako laughs alongside the students as their bodies jiggle and buttons start popping off their uniforms. Panel 5: Nodoka continues: “So to celebrate this unusual change, we present the five girls who’ve become the fattest this school has to offer.” Yui, Mugi, Nobuyo, Himeko and Ichigo roll on stage.

Page 25

Panel 1: Sawako: “Fifth place, at 260 kilos, Ichigo Wakaōji!” Ichigo silently waves to the crowd with a small smile on her face. Panel 2: Nodoka: “Fourth place, at 262 kilos, Himeko Tachibana!” Himeko gently pats her belly with one hand and waves with the other. Panel 3: Sawako: “Third place, at 268 kilos, Yui Hirasawa!” Yui giggles and proudly pats her belly. *Panel 4: Nodoka: “And tied for first place at 272 kilos each, Tsumugi Kotobuki and Nobuyo Nakajima!” Nobuyo smiles proudly and waves, Tsumugi has an embarrassed smile but also waves as their skirts pop open. *Panel 5: Nobuyo, Ichigo and Himeko then roll to the side alongside Nodoka while Mio, Ritsu and Azusa roll on as Sawako introduces the band: “And now, everyone, please welcome Ho-kago Tea Time!” The audience cheers loudly for the band that helped them on their journey into fatness.

Page 26

*Panel 1: HTT performs for the school. Panel 2: Azusa winks and silently mouths to Ui: “Thank you, Ui-chan.” Panel 3: Ui winks and silently mouths back: “Anytime, Azusa-chan.” *Panel 4: Picture of the band smiling with Sawako, Nodoka, Ui and Jun.

Epilogue/Page 27

Panel 1: Next year: Nao and Sumire roll into the club room. Nao: “You excited for practice, Sumire?” Sumire smiles: “Mugi-senpai told me it’s going to be lots of fun!” Panel 2: Azusa, Ui and Jun: “Welcome to Wakaba Girls!” Nao and Sumire smile at the warm welcome. Panel 3: The girls practice for a short time before their bellies rumble. Panel 4: Ui brings in food: “Time for a snack break!” Nao and Sumire lick their lips and pat their bellies in anticipation. Panel 5: The girls pig out, satisfied their band will continue to thrive. END
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