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My favorite time of the year and why.
Without fail, summer is my all-time favorite season of all. I live in deep East Texas and yes, things get hot and dry. Well, to be more accurate, things get hot and humid. Very humid. But, due to medical conditions, I am very cold natured and there is nothing quite like letting the hot Texas sun warm your bones when the house is chilled by the overworked air conditioning. My husband is hot-natured and likes to run the A/C on full throttle. SO, like a turtle, I escape the cold of the house and bask in the warm morning sun before it gets too hot. I can not do this very often in the winter months.

By summer, all the beautiful wildflowers have sprung forth and the pollen from the trees and flowers has settled down somewhat. I have fewer allergies. Summer is the time when the trees flower, and I love magnolia trees! I used to have a gardenia plant that put out the most wonderfully scented blooms as well.

Summer is also my birthday. I am a June baby. So it was always a time I looked forward to as a kid growing up because not only was school out, but I got to celebrate my birthday. It also meant long, hot days spent outside playing.

I have fond memories of camping with my brothers, floating down the river in black inner tubes, getting to go on motorcycle rides with them, family BBQs in the yard. 4th of July was always something special as well. Mama always got us not one but TWO huge watermelons she'd put in the freezer for a few hours. My brother always put a brisket on the grill with lots of onions, peppers, pineapple, and let it slow grill ALL day. Then, we lived on the direct path the parade would always follow. So, we never ever missed it. In fact, starting bright and early people would start congregating on our front lawn. Friends, family, neighbors all wanted to come to Mama's yard to watch the parade and I would remember my brother waking me up before it even got daylight to help start putting out chairs, filling ice coolers with beverages, and getting ready for the people to come!

Once the sunset, nearly the whole town went to the only golf course in the town which was at the local park. We'd take sheets, and lawn chairs and load the car down with snacks. I remember running barefoot, playing with a dozen or more kids on the soft, perfectly kept grass...you didn't even have to worry about sticker burs! We'd race around while the adults talked. Then, worn out, when the first boom sounded, we would lay down on the sheets and watch the fireworks. Mama would give us ice-cold watermelon and popcorn.

I was married in July, so now, on top of celebrating 4th of July, we also celebrate our wedding anniversary! The first year we were married, we made homemade ice cream from an old-fashioned hand-crank ice cream maker. We laughed and complained in equal amounts at the hard work but we took turns and it was fun. Now, it is sort of a tradition. On our anniversary, we drag out the ice cream maker and get cranking lol. Bluebell would be impressed.

Summer is when the days are so much longer! The sun wakes you bright and early and it is still daylight after 7pm. I hated that as a child, but love it now as an adult. I feel I have more time in my day to get everything done. Then, summer is when the air is filled with fresh-cut grass and clover. I love the smell of fresh-cut grass. Oh, and being barefoot in a garden, with the warm dirt under your feet. Some people love the feel of sand but I love the feel of dirt. Is there anything better than going out to your garden and picking your breakfast? I learned this from my Grandpa. He would take me out into his garden and ask what I wanted for breakfast. Have you ever just picked tomato or pulled a carrot and ate it...right there...still warm from the sun? My Grandpa always kept the garden hose close, so whatever we picked, we just rinsed with the garden hose.

Those are just some of the reasons why summer is so special and why I choose it as my all-time favorite time of the year.

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