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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction
Cakes and Treats

“Who did this?” Mom yelled as they walked in.

“We thought you did,” Alex said.

“No! I thought it was you! Who would have done this?”

They all stared at the cake on the counter. The cake they’d all been smelling since morning as it baked and got frosted. Everybody was waiting until after dinner to have some. But a piece was missing, a large piece!

Finally, Mom said, “Somebody took some.”

“But who?” asked Dad. “If it wasn’t me, it wasn’t you, and it wasn’t Teddy, who took a piece? Friskers?”

“Friskers is a cat.” Mom said.

“Well," said Teddy, “maybe he just never had cake before and didn’t know he liked it till today.”

“Good point, except Friskers wouldn’t know how to cut the cake, he couldn’t hold a knife, who cut it for him?”

“I didn’t,” said Dad.

“I didn’t either,” said Mom.

“Well, me neither, so it wasn’t Friskers,” Teddy said.

“Maybe I did!” a voice came from the hall.

“Grampa!” Teddy yelled, running to meet him.

Later, after supper, as they all waited for the cake, Teddy asked Grampa why he gave Friskers a piece of cake.

“I didn’t,” he said, “I really ate one myself while I was waiting to surprise you all.”

Everybody laughed, except Friskers. Friskers cocked his head, and as Mom set down Grampa’s serving of cake, Friskers jumped up quickly, snatched it, and ran off down the hall.

“Hey!” Grampa yelled!

“It’s only fair, Grampa,” Teddy said, “You said you ate his cake, so he’s taking yours.”

“But he’s just a cat!” Grampa said.

Later in Teddy’s room: “Nice job Friskers!” Teddy said, “here’s the cat treats!”

“Next time we shape change,” Friskers said, grumpily,” I want to be the human and you be the cat. Cat treats are yukky!”
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