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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Family · #2247506
What you get when you ask your kids an open question.
Who Dun It

“Who did this?” Mom asked her four children when she had them lined up in front of her. Around her, the playroom was in chaos with toys everywhere.
“Nobody, it just suddenly got messy. I think it was a horror-cane,” Sharon said with wide eyes.
“Not me, I told them to clean up, but nobody listened,” said Hank.
“Must have been somebody else. Maybe a stranger kid dropped by when we weren’t looking and did it!” Max said.
“I don’t know, I musta been watching cartoons when it happened.
“Since you four live here and this is your room for play, no matter who did it, you’re all responsible!” Mom said sternly. She began to direct the cleanup amid groans and protests.
When they were finally done, Mom sent them to watch Animal Planet’s Baby Animals while she greeted Dad as he was coming in the door. Handing him a cold beer, she asked rhetorically:
“Do you remember us having four more kids at any time?”
He stopped with his beer halfway to his mouth.
“What?” he said dazedly.
“All I know is we seem to have picked up four more kids along the way.”
“Maybe they belong to the neighbors?”
“I don’t think so, I hear about them all the time.
“Do they have names?” her husband asked.
“Sure; Nobody, NotMe, Somebody Else, and IDon’tKnow. Sound familiar,” his wife replied tiredly.
Her husband stared, then began to laugh.
“I agree those names do sound familiar. How about I take all eight of them out for dinner while you relax with some wine and a good book. We’ll bring you back something,” he suggested.

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