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With the X-Men and Psylocke under Nanny's control, it's up to the New Mutants to save them
The next day found the New Mutants looking around for the X-Men and Psylocke. In the headmaster's study, "We've searched the mansion, Dani, an' the school grounds. Not a sign of 'em." Cannonball told Mirage, who was trying to use Cerebro to pinpoint the eight heroes. "Same with Cerebro. Even at full power, it hasn't picked up a trace of the X-Men." Dani sighed as she removed the helmet.

"Why should it?! Mutant powers generally manifest at puberty. If the X-Men've regressed to childhood, Cerebro wouldn't be able to find them! Heck, by now they could all be babies like Kitty probably is now! They'll be helpless against their attacker!" Cypher pointed out in concern and alarm.

"Blazes knows what'll happen to 'em." Sam agreed. "Whatever it is, Cannonball, it'll be nasty." Illyana pointed out. "Question is... what do we do about it?" She added. "We must save them, Magik-- if we can." Rahne said firmly. "That's a big 'if', Wolfsbane." Cypher warned as Dani approached a large trunk in the room.

"We have to try, Doug. But not as the New Mutants." Dani said as she opened the trunk. "Stakes are too high. We can't afford any screwups. If we're to take the X-Men's place, we can't act as kids anymore." She pointed out. Soon, the nine teenagers were dressed in much more individualized costumes.

Warlock resembled a muscular human male with his yellow and black body now like a costume with a red cape and a big capital 'W' on his chest, Cypher's costume was like Cyclops' costume, though it was white, with a grey vest, a pink visor and grey waistbands, Magik's costume consisted of a black one piece bodysuit, white gloves and boots, a matching hooded cape, pink mask and a white sleeveless top.

Cannonball, meanwhile, wore a purple costume with a silver airman's helmet, a white belt, plus matching white kneepads, gloves and boots, Sunspot's costume was all white, with white and yellow gloves and boots and a pink mask. Magma's costume was yellow-orange with yellow gloves and boots and a pink mask.

Mirage's costume was Native-American themed with light brown boots, black tights and a pink mask, Karma's with lime and dark green with a red and black yin and yang symbol and a pink mask. Wolfsbane's, meanwhile, was largely orange aside from the leggings, which were red in color. "These are our graduation costumes. For tonight-- and possibly forever-- we are the X-MEN!" Dani revealed bravely.

"It wasn't supposed to be like this. This moment's happening way too fast, too soon." She admitted after a moment. "We're not ready, but I guess, no one ever is. We'll start in Central Park, where they likely went last night." Dani then decided as Illyana used her teleportation to get them there.

However, when they reached their destination, they were surprised to find themselves in Delacorte Theatre. "What the--?! How the heck did we end up here?!?" Dani asked in shock. "It's not my fault. Something or someone must've grabbed us mid-jaunt!" Illyana explained in equal surprise as they began walking through the backstage.

"Alright. Everybody, stay alert. Act as if we belong." Dani decided as they did so. "Wolfsbane, once we're offstage, shift into wolf form and try to pick up a scent." She ordered Rahne, who nodded. "That won't be necessary, bossy boots." said a voice. The nine teens looked up to see an armored individual staring menacingly at them.

"Who're you?" asked Doug. "My name's Orphan Maker. I serve my beloved caretaker and savior Nanny. It was me who scrambled your wicked witch's spell... to bring you here to my stage." said the armored figure with an evil smirk behind his helmet. "And now that the cast is assembled-- now playtime can truly begin!" He added as eight familiar figures appeared beside him.

"THE X-MEN!" Cannonball shouted in shock. Sure enough, it was the X-Men and Psylocke. But they were different now. True, they were slowly returning to their proper ages, but now, most of them were dressed in different costumes. Magneto now resembled a Nazi solider, Storm wore a ballerina's costume with pink boots, matching scarves and a thick diaper bulging her costume out in her bottom.

Psylocke, meanwhile, wore a light mint green sleeveless dress with a thick diaper of her own, Wolverine wore a pair of maroon pants and a strange new mask, Rogue had been given a feral-like makeover as her hair was now tensed and wild looking and she wore both a very revealing sleeveless/legless costume and a thick diaper under it.

At the same time, Kurt wore his normal costume, but now had an earring, a gold chest plate, matching arm and ankle bands and a red cape, Kitty wore a white dress and a thick diaper with silver bracelets and white scarves attached to the former while Colossus looked like a strange robot in his new costume.

"You betcha, butt-brain! Lemme at 'em! I wanna gut 'em, slice 'em, dice 'em, bust 'em, hurt 'em! I'm tired o' waiting! Wolverine wants to KILL!" roared Logan as he popped his claws out while Kitty and the others grinned in equal wickedness and malicious delight at the thought. "No one moves, nobody leaves-- until the curtain drops on your worthless, meanie and misbegotten lives!" Orphan Maker told the audience and actors as they watched in concern.

"Obeservation: at current ages, selfoe X-Men lack enhanced mutant abilities. Self-friends subdue them with comparative ease." Warlock offered. "Oh yeah, Warlock?! Tell them that!" Doug retorted as he was floored by Colossus' suck punch to his gut. "Cretinous clods! We're getting older by the second!" Magneto shouted in evil delight.

"And more wicked as well!" Storm cackled in equal wickedness. "Already, we oldest have regained our powers!" She added, nodding to herself, Logan and Magneto, her diaper already sagging due to a recent pooping she'd done in it. "Jus' wait 'till we all do! You inferior brats'll be dead meat!" Logan snarled in equal delight as Storm used her powers to start a rainstorm while Magneto quickly put Warlock out of commission with his.

"Of them all, Mirage's skill as the leader makes her the most dangerous. A psycho-bolt should deal with her, at least briefly." Betsy said as she hit Mirage with said power before heavily wetting her diaper. Nearby, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat and Colossus-- all comin' fer me! Man-- how c'n I fight 'em... without hurtin' 'em?!? Rahne wondered in concern as, in her werewolf form, she struggled against the trio, all three jeering and cackling in malice, Kitty also starting to soil and wet her diaper as she kept it up.

Not too far away, "Great, we don't wanna hurt the X-Men, but they have no qualms about hurting or killing us!" Magik remarked to Karma as they fought against the brainwashed Psylocke, who was trying to attack the actors behind the two girls. "I can't teleport. Orphan Maker's probably still jamming my powers. Possess Psylocke, Xian! Maybe that'll free her!" She added.

At the same time, "If the X-Men are this much trouble now, image what they'll be like when they're all grown up!" Roberto remarked to Magma. "Merciful Minerva! Sunspot, just suppose-- when they reach their true ages- this enchantment becomes permanent?!?! They'll be locked in these evil and cruel patterns for good!" Amara cried in alarm.

Then, "And is that so bad?" asked a new voice. Out of the shadows came what seemed to be a humanoid egg with arms and legs and goggle-like eyes, wearing a utility belt, gloves and boots. "To be molded into the image of the savior of all mutant children: NANNY!" She cackled in delight.

At that, the audience began muttering angerly. "She can't do that!" "This isn't right!" "Yeah, the X-Men're heroes!" At that, Nanny became furious. "WHO SAID THAT?!?!" She snarled. "How dare you refuse me! My pets, bring the fool's children to me- each and every one!" She added with an evil smile.

She really means it! Sam thought in alarm as he looked up at Nanny's perch on the stage. Nanny wants the X-Men to kidnap all the kids in the audience an' kill their parents-- and as enthralled as they are, they'll do it! Then, Cannonball made a decision. Robo-Egg's the key-- she's callin' the shots-- Ah take her out... An' maybe the game's-- He began as he started to fly for Nanny.

However, he was intercepted by Orphan Maker who leapt onto Sam's back, throwing him off course as they began their battle. Seeing this, Magma tried to use her powers to take Nanny down, only for Storm, her diaper sagging and bulging, to use her powers and stop Magma's blaze. "Storm's summoned a monsoon to douse my flames!" Amara shouted.

"Amara, don't! There's too much of a risk of harming the audience!" Karma shouted as Amara began to try again. "I only want to stop Nanny, Xian-- if only someone would tell me how!" Magma replied reluctantly. Nearby, Colossus, toppling that pillar! Roberto thought as Colossus did so, clearly going to try and use it on the audience.

My own strength derives from sunlight. And I can only store a limited amount. If I run out, I'm finished. And so are these people behind me. I suppose then... I'd better not! He added as he managed to catch the pillar and then rammed it into the brainwashed Colossus, knocking said X-Man out.

"The bigger they are... the harder they..." Sunspot began when suddenly, "Surprise!" Rogue cackled as she planted a big kiss on Roberto's lips, absorbing his memories, powers and knocking him out. "Your thoughts, li'l Bobby-- your memories, your skills, your power-- Now an' forever, they all belong ta m--" Rogue began as she started glowing like Roberto.

"UNGH!" She groaned as Dani knocked her back with a round kick to her jaw. "No way, Rogue!" Dani said bravely as she pulled Roberto away from their brainwashed, messy diapered and enthralled friend. "Fer that, sugah, Ah'll tear... Ah'll... Ah'll..." Rogue began as she stopped, her eyes widening in shock.

"What's goin' on?! In Sunspot's memories-- images of me-- but not the real person Ah is! How could Ah be so different?!" She asked. Then, with a yelp, she crumpled onto her knee as evidently, Nanny's corruptive influence and brainwashing was shattering completely. "Rogue?" Dani asked after a moment.

"Ah-Ah'm fine now, Dani." Rogue smiled, panting slightly as she stood up, her diaper sagging. "Man, guess mah poor bowel an' bladder's really done a number on this here diaper." She remarked upon seeing said messy undergarment. "But how'd-" Dani began. "'Berto's memories probably helped me break free." Rogue explained with a smile as she helped move Sunspot aside.

Nearby, Wolfsbane was being forced to teleport across the stage by the still mind controlled Nightcrawler as Magik fought Wolverine using the Soulsword. It was then she noticed something as she landed a good blow to Logan. My Soulsword staggered Wolvie! But it usually only majorly affects magic-- disrupt spells and/or arcane beings! Whatever Nanny did to the X-Men, then... it could be some form of sorcery, however little! Illyana realized in shock as she turned to Nanny, watching the battle gleefully.

Great! Let's see how the egg lady likes it... when I use my blade on her! Illyana decided as she used a portal to teleport above Nanny, only for her to grab Illyana's wrists and haul her in front of her. "How nice of you to drop in, Witchling. How foolish and naughty of you to think you could catch me unawares." Nanny jeered in amusement.

Down below on the stage, Time's not on our side. The longer this battle takes... the more complete Nanny's hold on the other X-Men becomes! We have Rogue back on our side, but Kitty and the others are still in danger of being permanently corrupt! Karma thought in concern as she turned to Logan.

Perhaps by possessing Wolverine... I can help him break it! She decided before hitting Logan with her powers. But, Sacre Mere-- he resists! Karma gasped mentally as Wolverine turned, snarling, towards her. "Can't hold me, girl! Nothin' can hold me!" Logan snarled evilly as he started to advance on her, both sets of claws popping out as he did.

"I won't be stopped!" He added. "Fight the evil power that embraces you, Wolverine! See yourself as you truly are!" Karma encouraged. "Golden skin-- soon it'll be stripped an' streaked... in scarlet?!?" Logan snarled as he froze. Then, "NANNY! WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!" He roared, tearing his new mask off in fury, Nanny's brainwashing and corruption over him shattering completely in the process.

"M-sieu, Wolverine--??" Karma asked gently. "No more need... ta be scared, Karma. I'm... myself again." Logan smirked as he caught his breath. "She tried ta make me an animal... tried ta make me back to where I was... Almost got away with it." He added, re-popping his claws out while he charged back into the fray, now on the NMs side like Rogue.

"But in my trade, 'almost' ain't good enough." He finished. Sunspot's recovered from Rogue's zap. Looks like the kid could use a hand. He thought as he tackled the also recovered, but still mind controlled Colossus from behind. Nearby, Cypher was moving to help the still recovering Warlock when Betsy hit him from behind with a psych bolt.

Betsy-- moving in for the kill. Even like this... and her full diaper... she's so beautiful! How can I fight her-- she'll know my every thought?!? Unless-- that's the key! Doug thought to himself as an idea came to him just as Logan, noticing Betsy advancing on Doug, turned to help.

Let her in. Free access to my whole mind. Every thought-- every memory-- every emotion. Doug told himself as he did so to Betsy's telepathy. Sure enough, Betsy, relieving herself in her diaper again, froze mid-step, face filled in shock and puzzlement.

He should be afraid-- that's why I hurt him-- Why isn't he? All I perceive is trust... and love! Something is wrong. It's my nature-- my duty-- to slay, help Nanny save mutant children from their unworthy parents and to fill my nappies. Yet, Douglas cares for me... more than for his own life. And I, for him. Betsy realized, Nanny's hold and influence breaking away from her completely too.

"Wolverine-- NO!" Doug nearly shrieked, seeing Logan running for Psylocke, claws still extended. At the last second, however, Logan sheathed his claws and harmlessly tackled Betsy, causing them to land on Cypher. "You broke the egg's hold too, Betsy?!" He asked in surprise.

"Good. Tide's turnin'-- but this scrape's far from over. We could still loose." He remarked as he got back up, popping his claws out again. In the audience, "That girl--" "She's a ghost!" "Yuck! That diaper she's wearin' reeks!" Three members of the audience said as Kitty phased through them when she saw something that shattered Nanny's hold and influence over her as well. "Illyana?!" She shouted in concern.

Without wasting a word or breath, Kitty charged for Nanny and Illyana by running on the air using her powers. Though it wasn't very easy. Nanny's got her! She's in trouble! Man, my diaper's so full and wet! What's this sicko done to me, Rogue, Ororo an' Psylocke that's made us this dependent on 'em right now?! Though I gotta admit, it does feel nice to be in a diaper again. Especially one this poopy and wet... Nope! Can't think on that now! My best bud needs help! Kitty remarked mentally as she kept moving for Nanny and Illyana.

"Pretty child. Should I make you as I made Orphan Maker? Or should I simply use your shining spirit blade to peel the flesh... from your foolish, abyssal soul?!" Nanny was jeering as she rose the sword. Then, "GOTCHA!" Kitty shouted as she phased through Nanny's armor and body, grabbing and pulling Magik away as she did.

"YAIOW!!" Nanny shrieked in agony as Kitty's powers short circuited Nanny's armor. Down below, Magneto, Colossus and Nightcrawler all doubled over in even more agony than Nanny as this caused her influence and hold on them shatter while, up above, Storm suffered the same thing.

As she took deep breaths to calm down after being freed, Storm looked at her costume and diaper, now just as messy and stuffed as Kitty, Rogue and Betsy's. Her will had been the first to be battered and knocked down by Nanny the night before. After that, the other X-Men had fallen easily.

This is very wrong. While I do love being worshipped by these stupid grownups, and being in a yucky, poopy diaper like my current one, I am not a goddess, nor a poopy baby anymore! I am Storm, leader of the X-Men! Storm told herself as she aimed her powers at Nanny a second later, only for her former master to deflect it with an energy shield.
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