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by Natty
Rated: E · Letter/Memo · Fantasy · #2247513
Human vampire love letter.
My eternal addiction.
Smitten I lay here, Forever entrapped by your lust, A slave to my own devotion. Your beauty is my weakness, Your eyes are my heaven. The brightest green with the glow of a castle of emeralds. I gave you my soul, my heart, my very will. Laying with you on sheets of red satin under moonlight the stars seem to dance and play within it's embrace. My love not even the moon can compare with the glow of your own radiance, Tracing my finger tips lightly over your skin, It is softer than silk and flawless. A pale complexion for life left you long ago, but the marks on my neck a symbol of my ever lasting craving for you. My blood sustains you and I give it to you willingly for you are worth so much more than a mere mortal like myself. My love, The sun will soon rise and I will begin a new day. Each day with you has more value than a life time on earth without you and I will never stop believing it.
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