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Identity and intelligence for a comp "I have a machine's intelligence."
         "I'm a machine. I have a machine's intelligence."
Ted said looking at the nurse in front of him. Most human men would not look beyond the sexless tabard and trousers of her nurses uniform, despite this fact, thanks to the artist Snelson half the men on board the MSF Fuller had seen hand-drawn holograms of her almost perfect naked body.
         "I'm not one of those of those high falutin artificial intelligence that tries to mimic human intelligence only better, but without any genuine self-awareness."
         Ted flexed his gun arm, "I have two barrels with six minutes of ammo each, a main neural net that responds directly to the environment, making my every action reflex fast. And my second higher neural net takes all of its inputs from the output from the main brain. And with this neural net, I am aware of myself. My actions. And their consequences. Its output is half of the input to the main neural net, it helps me to focus on the main threat."
         Snelson chipped in from the front seat "you mechs always denigrate the pure AI, just because they think like us. But then you do what it tells you."
         "it doesn't think! It just comes up with the answers that you would if you could be bothered to think for yourself, it just gets there faster." Ted retorted. Turning to look at nurse smith, "She is here too because the AI said that an ophthalmic nurse is needed to bring this particular patient in for surgery. I'm here to protect her." turning to Snelson he said, "and we all know why your here."
         "I'm a Ted. We threat elimination drones act fast and then use our self-awareness to make those actions the best that they can be. The AI knows this and uses it to bounce us into doing its bidding. Ted turned back Betty. I'm here to protect you. You're here as bait to get him out in the open. And He is here to boots the value of his art by getting himself killed."
         Betty spun around to speak to Snelson who was already saying. "No, you Teds see threats everywhere. No one would ever want to kill me."
         Betty was saying "I've been very careful to keep my two identities completely separate. Nurse B Smith, never wears make-up, just a simple tabard, and trouser set and she has no sex life whatsoever. Psy is the sexy girl with the perfect body who comes alive when she is being tied down by her nawa sensai. No, no one could possibly link Psy to sweet innocent little Betty Smith. And they certainly won't connect nurse Smith to Snelson's new muse for the debauched Emmanuel."
         "It's obvious to any non-human. Have you any idea how many humans are as symmetrical as you are."
          Snelson was trying to say that no one would want him dead. Ted continued "I'd kill him myself if I thought it would save you."
         "You can't kill me the laws of robotics prevent you."
         "The laws of robotics were invented by a teller of fairy tales and they are only used to stop children from doing stupid things, with expensive equipment. Think about it the first fully autonomous vehicles were self-guided missiles, that found their own way to the target and blow themself up. Those laws only apply to an AI and then only when they are programmed into it."
         "I am a Ted."
         "I have a machine's intelligence."
         "I could kill you if I wanted."
         "But with the Fuller taking off it is clear that she is not expected to survive either."
         Snelson slammed on the brakes bringing the vehicle to a very rough stop and spun round to look at the MSF Fuller. Its kilometer-wide spherical dome sat on top of the kilometer high cylinder. At this distance, they can not see its base, but it looks to be on the ground.
         Ted jumped down onto the rough dirt road, and extended his loading arm up, to help nurse Smith down. "We will walk from here." Ted said as an order to both of them. Then to Snelson he added "over this next rise the track turns right then 400 meters down the road you will reach the compound we are heading for. If you want to drive."
         Snelson sped off. almost as soon as he was out of sight they heard the hollow thud of a large mortar being fired.
         "what do we do now?" Psy asked suddenly feeling the need to be protected.
         "we walk."

I write to spread ideas. And the idea I want people to take from this is to have a self-conscious machine, it needs to have two brains.
One like the so-called reptilian mid-brain, which handles all of the inputs from and outputs to the body.
The other like the mammalian neocortex which takes all of its input from the outputs of the mid-brain, and all of its outputs are back to the mid-brain.

Word count. 852

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