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Almost half the book to be finished in approx. two years. Yea, I know :)

Essayene , an inspired scriptum in the form of scriptorim, whereby 300 pages is somehow compressed into 64.
Replete with with wisdoms, synchronicities, complexities, musicalities,
higher purpose, destiny, alternate destinies, anomalies, paradox, and a sense of the historical
present. Further enhanced by an array of psychologa, transcendentals, zensations and contextual
overviews, it becomes a must read for those who live and think outside the box.
It is in short, an essay, not your typical essay, but one with a backdrop, one going back in time,
to a group of white-robed ascetics living along the dead sea. Anyone know this story? Lets try
for some truth this time. No more confusion........


Recalling the excursus
Lies were told, names were changed
Banquets were planned, Galas were authorized

Be advised, for better or worse
The rules are such
If for once to expose the underpinnings
To examine the subjective
All seats have been taken, all experiments are on hold
All expectations have been dispelled
After five,
Motives will elevate, egos will receed
Opinions will no longer matter,
All requirements will be dropped
Visions will be sent

Be that as it may, no negotiations are needed
All chronologies have been met
All reputations have been erased
After seven , each may encounter the flip side
Places may be traded, names may again change
Dinner will be delayed

Given the facts,
Taken to its proper extreme
All anomalies have been gathered
All discussions have been pacified
Let the record show, upon further review
All proofs have been exchanged
All riddles have been solved

After nine, nothing will matter
Alms may be offered, shame will turn to joy
Dinner will be delayed
Lemons will now be served



Great Pleasures awaits those who follow the path of the Earthstar,
who adhere to the laws of nature, to the real self,
who abide in the house of the harmonic mindwave
- the Lunar Buddha -

The wonders of being Jewish are highlighted by an awareness of the oceanic,
self, including a plethora of sui generis miracles. Shabbatza. Guided by the
messianic ideal, the buddhist convert assumes an attitude characterized by
a personalized passion for simple truth blended with a fascination with the sacred
nature of existence. Thus cleansed of a now external confusion, the self feels no
need to evangelize or proselytize. Halleluiah.

As the celebration of Candlemass nears, the more intellectually inclined initiate
and plan for the upcoming festivities. Being Jewish and therefore intrinsically drawn
to the aesthetic, scientific insight and revelation form an avenue for
personal and interpersonal transfiguration. Yogacara. Darshana. Shakuna Tantra.

The most religious perspective tells us of a divine energy or spark inherent in
all humans; of a natural propensity for discovery of underlying truth, for an
understanding of the Creator, the master builder of the cosmic scheme. Battacharyya.

Just as Jewish holy water runs from the springs of Hadassa, all things may flourish
in their diversity and inequality. Outside the subjective circumference of comprehension,
the naysayers gather and murmur among themselves, absorbed into doubt and
contempt for that which is filled with virtue and virtuosity, for that which feeds
and refuels the depths of the higher self. Bhavana.

Music tells us of an affinity with of the grace and powe rof the Celestial,
the Macrocosmic, punctuated by a fascination with the infinite and accompanied by a
sense of abiding gratitude; thereby energized by and canonized forever in clusters of
glimmering gematria and encomnia. Song, Starlight, Shibboleth.


Table for One

Striding adroitly through the garbled air
Never more dapper or debonair
Drawing the attentions of the curious
One impulse shy of normalcy

Again without accompaniment, as his own escort
Too honest, too eccentric to play the dating games
Oblivious to the stares and murmurs of the fickle crowd
Destined for another date with disaster

Onward into the din of the chattering herd
Aloof, detached, distinguished
Keeping a safe distance from himself
No time for amenities, no chance of flirtations or temptations
No corsage to assuage the embittered interiors

Wiser in resolve, from vows taken to never again feel
Impervious to the possibility of romance
Undaunted and indifferent,
Masterfully hiding the damage within
Knowing too well the ravages of love gone bad
Never again to experience the horrors of rejection

How many in your party, sir?
One, just one........
Very well, sir. This way..........
Table, table for one..........



Exhaling the zeitgeist, in precepts and potentials, reason attains euphoria
as every third hypothesis is given credence. Affirmed in whisper, touching all bases,
awareness alters its trajectory, giving thanks in march, foretelling the arrival of an new
iconography. Equidistant to its ethereal counterpart, explained in the wake of the Amsterdam
experiment, moving from cuneiform to cadenza, from hieroglyph to hologram, introspection
recenters, revealing the true influence of the highbrow emotions and filling negative space
with the hearth of the Tao.

Again and always on the metaphysical prowl, lurking between possibility and probability,
watching a parade of anonymous faces, anticipating anomalies in the flow of events,
answering questions before they're asked, including for one moment all that was
supposed to happen. Apropos to the flow of momentum, buttressed by an hour's worth
of human nature, synchronicity crosses into phase transition, endearing love to
science, elevating the expanded self to boddhichitta while fulfilling the need to
be understood.

Three days into the fast, scents rise from the exotic undergrowth, premonitions
begin, as water in all forms becomes the primary magnet. Intrinsic to its
academic hue, carried to fruition amdist a carousel of subconscious orchestrations,
balanced on an array of proprioceptive truths, music assumes the role of
tathagata, aligning the astral and the autumnal, accruing a rare wisdom, and
extolling the merits of a more lucid edification.

Liberated from the malaise of the commonplace, objectified in contralto
and chorus, truth separates from reality, dispersing with a maze
of discordance and uniting activity with tranquility. Counter-balanced on an
array of intangibles, drawing power from random occurrence, divided
by all that never happened, meaning triumphs value as numbers turn to
colors, mimicking the mirthful ambiance of Calcutta, best expresses in the
joyful sights and sounds of Diwali.

Starboard to renaissance, behooved by random auspicions, boyant by the weight
of a metallic anthem, tradition implodes, releasing a shower of coefficients and
leaving a trail of recondite paradigms. Earmarked for concrescence, followed again
by the universal sign for paradox, owing again to the cacao motive, consciousness
expands and illuminates, wrapping destiny around free will, increasing its salience,
propinquity, and serendipity while sowing the seeds of an american edda.



A new standard of Excellence
Be Transformed. Know him......

Now and then, by sheer fate or chance, one as marvelous and gifted as He comes along.
Those with a taste for the exotic, for the spectacular will notice, take interest, and invite him
inside. They are the lucky ones.......

Informally: He is BlackTie, aka Romeo III, Progenitor of the Male Mystique. Essentially musical,
he exists for the enlightenment and pleasure of the more or most selective and epicurian.
Being remarkably different from the mediocrity surrounding, he is aware of alternatives,
i.e. possibilities, aka door number three and of course always open to the ideas of others.
Perfection has found its rightful owner. Desire him. Dream. Sing to him.

Known by a sense of humor that sometimes goes overboard, but he needs it to be himself.
Curious, deep, sensual and cerebral, independent yet interactive, daring yet polite, Scorpio,
minus the possessiveness, at times impatient, childlike, precise, aloof, given to the mystical,
the musical and the magical, with a need for solitude that annoys almost all he knows......

Preferences: Elegance, eloquence, spontaneity, depth. Anything that reminds us of the Night.
Aversions: Deception, egomania, arrogance, ignorance, hatred for him and everything he takes
interest in or rightly values.

In his first movie, the scene shifts to a remote beach where a solitary figure walks
alone in the night. What does he think, what images, impressions and visions parade through
his mind? What isit about him that distinguishes him so. What does he know?

The next scene fades to the interiors of an otherwise inconspicuous house on the edge of
the city. We find ourselves inside and soon notice the scent of blending vanilla and cinnamon.
Our ears hear Sitaar music coming from one of the back rooms. No one is here. Scanning,
we see a collection of plants, reading material and a coven of well-behaved cats. There is the
distinct feeling of something unusual, magical, even supernatural here and though uninvited,
we feel both energized and tranquilized. We do not want to leave. Our curiosity has been
piqued, we want to know more..........“



A. Stormsinger

Known as Shadowstar to the Ossions
As Hellfower to the Plaeides
His nature held within his afterimage

Because of a proximity to paradox
The star filled heavens become more familiar
Around him, melodies cavort and reform
Below, moonflowers sprout at his feetr

Amidst the cacaphony, one voices rises
To merge and harmonize with the oncoming storm
Extolling the dionysian virtues
Signifying the culmination of epiphanies

B. Almanac

Under the spell of the vermillion moon
Hovering above a cadre of edicts
Reflecting the ebb and tide of history

Manifesting out of order,
Leaving no record, no trail of chronology
An era lost within a century
x Capturing and Symbolizing the crux of a new zeitgeist

On the stage, centered around a bluish levitating altar
Three reenact the magic of xanadu
Replaying in countertime, all the camera eye hears and sees
Expressing the hopes and dreams of a whole subculture

C. Thunderseed

Thunderseed has awakened, for the good of all
Born of Jewish and Buddhist paths
His emerald hue is unmistakable

Like almost all other Avatars, He will be be ignored
More inconspicuous than thought possible
Others will know him as Estarius, Ravenlord, Dominoxos

He is in essence, like the Heyoka
He will not be available for slander or denigration
The night makes its first calling
An Altar appears, Thunderseed has arrived



The tall, elegant black woman is a thing of wonder, an object of affection,
admiration, and appreciation via adoration. She is to be honored and
celebrated on a daily basis. There is nothing like her in all of nature.
Magic emanates from her hands, her movements, her thoughts. She
has no equal. She is pure Deva, unsullied by the clamor and corruption
of an out of control, mass media conditioned, wayward society.

The tall, elegant, brazenly mature black woman is a marvel, a
testimonial to the beauty and power of self actualization, to a
sense of individuality and purpose. She is Deva Extraordinaire,
goddess, beacon of excellence in a world best suited for mediocrity.

Watch her hands, her expressions, listen to her words, witness the
graceful coordination of her compelling and fluid walk. Follow her ideas,
endow her with the proper respect, provide for her dreams and elevate
her to throne, for she is but an illusion, the projection of a much shorter,
equally cerebral and statuesque black woman who is on her way to
visit her anglo lover. Right turn ahead............


Starflowers II

Led gracefully to aquadream, on the trail of a new ephemeris
There to witness and adore the azure petals of the incarnate starflowers

To glow in the dark as one of their own
Amidst the earthen motif and stellar gardenchords
Supernature works her unannounced miracles
All receive, all praise. The garden has reached bloom

By wand and trance, uniting the celestial and the organic
Decorated with skydrops, guiding our best intuitions
Into the wonderland of the exotic flora
Born in silence, in solitude, in understanding of the whole
Under the eerie myst of the midnight octaves
The call was given, the flowers signaled the stars

Symbolizing in their earthen beauty and brilliance,
As humanity's one remote cache of secret, sacred knowledge
Uniting the ethereal with the real, as the ambivalent, hallowed link
between the earth and the stars.
Filtering from an ancient future,
Forgiven to an astronomized estarius
Complicated by a levitating, mettalic montage of spiritual passions
They grow in silence, unobserved, into and from cone, lattice,
spiral and web



Roaming the octaves,
Balanced on superlatives, exponentials
Happiest when thinking
Hellflower, antecedent of Philomath, permutation of Estarius

Reflecting forward,
Sunset to sunset,
Surrounded by visions
Ravenlord, coefficient of Medallion, matriculant to Stratavarius

Ripe for rebellion
Foregoing the conventional
Off at the next illusion,
Stormsinger, projection of Transaurius, consiglori to ZenRaven



Amidst and above the, a rumor of love, we reconsider..........
Who knows what fate hold for us. Lest we not betray destiny.
The stars tonight will tell us - they know more.

Guided by an elevated passion,
If to find the other, the one who maketh me complete.
In the vision, the reality was You,
You who have sought what only Beauty can give -
Who now request to be at one with yourself.

To the chapel........

I take your hand, no rings, no words
We simply soak in IT
Apart and together,
Touching and never touching
Ordained by the empyrean timeless
For the consecration of that which
is in within you, now within me
Within us, to sanctify a union
occurring naturally, as if already there
That no malice can taint or tarnish
Nor run asunder
Two life forces, two minds
Wanting nothing nor
expecting anything from the other.
Both touched and transformed
by a magical and glorious presence
Radiant in their knowledge
of the Source, of the infinite and divine
Blessed be this union
Blessed be his Hallowed Name.


Romeo on the Balcony

A. Lecturn

Lest she who adores him the most not be overlooked on this night, as Romeo,
lover of truth, beauty, wisdom, and all things magical and musical approaches
the lecturn. How many have disqualified themselves from a night with the anointed
one. How many have come from how far just to witness in person his inspired
excellency. Twilight, He arrives...........

Lest we save one moment for impossibilty, for the exceptional to be noticed,
chronicled and given their just fill of insatiate cerebral and sensual pleasures....
Thereuopon, as it is written, one amongst us would emerge as the pinnacle, the beacon,
the final proof of Perfection in human form........

How many will falter, how many are or will be worthy of his stellar presence,
his magic, his charm and charisma, his understanding of the inner and outer worlds.
Come forth, and be counted. ............

" That I am here is proof that the world is good. I am here to engage, enlighten,
empower and inspire. May those among you who are most curious, adoring and
worthy have the opportunity to spend a few thrilling hours with the one they call
Romeo, the living embodiment of the eternal romeo. Come forth, let the pleasure -
fest, the giggling competition begin. Celebrate together the art of lovescience.

B. Romeo Backstage

Away from the hustle and bustle of an after performance audience, his mind wanders to
the intrapersonal, the ethereal, the mystical, the incomprehensible. He exists to bring out
the best in, to activate the spiritual center via physical and spiritual rapture, to inspire others
to their very best. The horizons are many...........

After yet another performance, the bespangled virtuoso offers/ shares
a few of his most privy thoughts. He speaks, " Be my consort, my valentine
for a moment or a day. May the weeks turn into hours. Through me, many wonders
are attainable. Tease and tempt, then listen. And yet, A special parting gift awaits those
who reject his majesty, i.e the divinity within. For those so worthy, may you someday
see me as a part of you via your own transformations. Behold the wonder, the unity
hidden from our eyes. Expand your horizons. Live the dream. Take from me what you need "

Perceived correctly, he speaks for the misfits, the outcasts, the dreamers
Existing, manifesting, projecting as hexagram and hologram of the future consort of
the alluring and sagacious Ravenflower, he takes a break from the chaos and confusion
of the concert tour. We await his next utterance, epiphany, phantasm..........

As the counterbalance, the living antithesis to all mister wrongs, romeo is neither possessive
nor manipulative, as he engages and entertains the parade of vixens that will soon promenade
through his elaborate dungeon, Wearing the code of cauldrons, he salutes the crowd with well
wishings, bounteous and beneficent.

C. Romeo the Philosopher

Peering into the wild night, into the skies on the south balcony, the inspired
and often insightful romeo sees far into the cosmic wherewithall. Make no mistake,
He is like no other. Living by the rules of aesthetics, he projects a tranquil energy, bearing
a contagious enthusiasm, optimism and inspiration. Moonflowers bloom below him.
He is not for all.

Because of music, he understands the primary reality, the often inscrutable ways of higher
purpose, the ever present and omnipresent grand potentate, the paradox of the world we
live in. Blessed with an awareness of all things relevant and possible, he peers further into
the mystagogic, into the infinity alive and present in the awesome spectacle of the spellbinding
night sky above. His thoughts turn to ...........yin yang, darshana, esoterica in the key of mythos,
eros, logos.

D. Scorpio, in the role of Romeo

Emerging from the lush green undergrowth, the immaterial and clairvoyant romeo,
now enhanced by the charms of Scorpio, becomes visible and knowable. As eccentric and
aristocrat, he exudes precision, erudite emotion, depth, variance. Luminosities define him.

By chance divine, by love's evanesant sign, the silhouette of one charismatic figure
emerges from the enchanted stargarden to either address the waiting throngs or a modest
gathering of curious fans, to hear yet another cluster of insights and proverbs otherwise
never heard, aphorisms in the vein of Emerson at his best. Be advised, he exists for the
enlightenment and entertainment of all the attentive.

He speaks: At phase transition I become the focal point, the confluence of all
things wise, wonderful, and willing. Witness as I don the 6 sometimes 7 stringed axe and
assume position one. Magic befalls me. I am transformed, quantum and replete in paradox;
in the role of affector, I may speak on the subject of love. Knowing more than one should,
I defer to the wisdom above and within, on the cusp of the third ring of power ego a higher
purpose, the surrounding spiritual reality. Eyesuponme, as Scorpio,

Thus, from tree to tree limb, from balcony to balcony, I leap, born for
for adventure and blessed with a rarefied sense of the the interactive, the spectacular.
Who will be next to savor the hedonistic offerings that only a select few can imagine.
Come forward, timid Princess. Read to me, sing to me, inspire me.......




In the days before the advent of Civilization, one prophet foresaw the coming of the
Beautiful One, the Oracle, to carry on, to spread the good word. He was to be called
Hellflower, the blending of all opposites, the unfigurable one.

Fused from the organic and the exotic, as an incarnation of the seventh starseed, as an
experiment which would signal the coming of the psychoacoustical age. Four houses rule
his behavior and shape his karma: Aquarius, Pisces, Gemini and Scorpio. He needs earth,
sun and water. The stars twinkle above. Water........

Elevated to Parallax by the angelic voices that bespoke his arrival, Anointed as the recipient
of the tonal epistles, here to transduce and translate the whispers of the Ellysian Oracle. Given
unto the bespangled elite, as the overseer of the aural stargarden, the final apparition in the
legacy of the enigmatic Medallion. He is the metallic one, the bearer of gifts, the incisor,
savant recherchez. He is Hellflower .......


Meditations II: Shadowstar whispers in the mist of the enchanted and inspired night:

Because myths feed off curvatures in thought, existing in a myriad of forms, dispersing at
lunar intervals,first perceived in a maze of nebulous abstractions, All signs point to the
anointed one, the excalibrated one who roams the crystalline darkness as many.

Call him Estarius, Medallion, Hellflower, Shadowlord by night, ruler of the empyrean
Earthchoir. Watch as he transitions into Flower form proper. Attention above and within.
Praise the oracle, as he then departs into the forbidden nocturnes as an agent, a perfect
symbol and personification of the glorious night. Arriving in a myriad of forms, dispersed
for the twilight audition, intuitionfinds him in a maze of nebulous abstractions. Who goes
forth? Ask the nightwind..................

He is the one who roams the ephemera and etheria, known once as Estarius. Observe as he
transmutes into first one, then two, then three to later appear in and in and as the nova biblia.
As the night progesses, he becomes more active, more multifarious and multiplicitous. We
are in awe............


A.Convocation of Forces

Further into the human mirror, into the nocturnal wellspring, one finds a mystagogic array of
clarivoyance, obsidian tantra, cyrstalline subdominance and etheric, ellysian ouija. Signals are
sent, transmissions begin. Mind encounters itself in a whirlwind of joyful zensations. Shunyatta.


Come now, seeker of darkness, come closer and feel the chilling interpersonal ambiance of the
master's aura. Therefore, think no more, submit to the natural desire to know more, to become
more, to transform in his nebulous, enigmatic presence. Christen him, the Priestly one, the
Philomath, Medallion, Ravenlord.

He speaks, “Come to me as a flower, a waterfall a sunset, a thunderstorm, aspark of the divine.
“Feel the power, embrace the paradox, beauty, majesty, and mystery of the cosmological all.
Manifest as truth. Alayananjiva....”

C. Circle of Thesis

Moving in and out of form, through the pale bluelight. A compelling cascade of symbolic
irridescence appears befor eour eyes, drawing us into its magnetic appeal, its metaphysical
pull, where inside the transdimensional interphase, one celestial logo will appear,
captivating our attentions and leaving us in trance. At the point of vector, when the energies
of Scorpio meet those of the visionary Aquarius, the emeraldine emanations of the celestial
symphony shall begin, striking the universal chord within and invoking the telepathic sciences,
the call of Dominoxos, the darksome, inscrutable forces of ZenVoodoo.



All three manuscripts are characterized by an uncanny insight into the depth
and complexity of the subconscious theater, distinguished furthermore by an
almost otherwordly eloquence seen perhaps once a lifetime. The late 20th
and early 21st centuries had their Shakespeare. They simply didn't know it.

Quoting Isoseles, "Music leads us away from both the either/or to the both
paradigm, thereby fostering and facilitating a proper understanding of the true
nature of reality"

Almost nothing is known about the author, with the possible exception of smattering
of random rumors regarding an affinity for water, outer space, cats, and exquisite music.
Though the details are sketchy at best, a picture of a withdrawn, hermetic, almost
anonymous figure emerges. Speculations abound concerning his true motives
for composing such arduously original, pathbreaking art.

Chiavenna speaks, "A second, more peering and exacting look into the philosophical
crystal ball reveals an innate, intrinsic desire for the good and goodwill of all,
disproving once and for all the fallacy that mankind was and/or
is either a joke, a mistake, or an accident."

The Oyster is awarded every other year to the work of music or literature that best
expresses the mystery and depths of the subconscious universe as it surreptitiously
predicts its own subsequent fame.

In the ascendance to the Oyster, much was lost in the transformations from human
being to scribe, medium, to instrument for the elucidation of the cosmic, celestial oracle,
as all the conventional boundaries of musically inspired literature were absolved,
creating out of nothing, without prior announcement, the sensation of aesthetic
and spiritual renewal. Renaissance.

Quoting Celceius, "A second, much more open minded and probing look into reality
reveals a labyrinth of distinct, yet somehow connected actualities emerges,
captured in crypt, in the complexities of the cosmic self and realized only in the
presence of Avatar. "

Plausibility / Delerium

Reasoning from the many to one,
whereupon meaning is derived from value
Focusing on that which is independent of fallacy underlying
Granting to the elusive overview that which is only true under certain conditions,
for certain people, at certain times.

The spaces indicate a cadre of obtuse explanations,
a cache of hypothetical motives/ theories explanations
a cadre of erudite variables hidden within a repository of
of translineal portals

Knowing now that the world is round, the inquiry shift its emphasis
altering the ratio of feasibility to plausibility
Granting validity to the flow of assumption
Merging the psychological with the philosophical
Bearing an anticipated surfeit of new paradigms

The intervals indicate a propensity for exactitude
A musicality inherent to and encoded in a circle of shibboleth
A bevy of formulas for an otherwise illusory happiness

Therefore the objective is to examine and explore the other side of conventional
nonsense, knowing moreover, that love, above all, is vastly overrated, having no power
whatsoever to generate any reciprocity.


By grace begiven, stilled in the solemn quiet,
Content in resolve, numbing in the calm of completion
In perfect silence and solitude, we sit
Feeling nothing, knowing nothing
Gazing upward for one last, long look
On this, the culmination of our purpose
The first night of forever
Empy, aloof, inhuman, silent
On this, our last night on earth


Modus Vivendi

Curving from a thousand reveries
Six clocks on the wall
Representing both the simplicity and complexity of the known universe
Shaped by the confluence of four cosmic forces
Gemini orbits Scorpio, adding charisma and panache
Borrowing from the mystique of Pisces, aligning to the charm of Aquarius
All for the benefit of the orchestral self

Circumventing classical analysis,
Objectified in song, sutra, and sonnet
Manifesting in another level of intuitive virtuosity

Turning the ephemeris one third to the right
Patterns form at right angles
Creating a triaxial nexus, engaging the Aquarian logarithm
Increasing the subconscious synergies of the quantum Mind

Distilled from future scriptures
Six Yantras dot the opposing wall
Corresponding to the 6 primary emotion and 18 houses of the neozodiac
Earth in Pisces, moon in Abraxas
Scorpio re-engages Aquarius
Embellishing the acumen and insight of Gemini
Enhancing by the theatrical afterglow of Scorpio
All for the benefit of the transdimensonal Self
Breaking from the conventional
Waiting for contrast amidst a wonderland of subtypes
Disappearing into anomaly and antithesis
Determined by mass, motion, velocity and spin
Multiplied by exponential, obeying the gestalt
Bearing amperage, voltage, volume and euphony
Expressed in flute, sitaar, oboe and harpsichord
Expanding the horizons of the symphonic mind


Introspections II

Looking inward, mind sees a carousel of nomadic impressions,
compartmentalized for optimal apperception. facilitating comprehension of the
big picture and reflecting both the puzzle and nexus of the master chord.

As each enigma unfolds, actualizing in unveiling ruminations,
thus poised in the cool night air, in amidst a swarm of voodoo,
there to choose destiny, equidistant to challenge with eyes upon the void,
serene in the comfort of stark contrast, elevating to shrine,
the musicality of the transcendent altar .

Given the chance to soar and sing, to fly in and out of alternate destinies,
In the sleeping grandeur, they are known by their affections for music,
In retreat, time's alternate essential mystery is revealed.

Zen begins with imagination
Zen is the immersion into the hallowed, powerful sounds of real music
Zen is the moment silence overwhelms and transforms
Zen creates, unknowingly, a robust cadre of new and beneficent paradigms.

Below the intrapersonal horizon are tenets of the grand
episteme, pathways to another less fickle and capricious
existential purview, windows so the extraverted interiors,
the portal to another stage based on the universal need for expression
and understanding.

Zen is the countermelody hiding within the exquisite, upbeat, inspiring sonata
Zen is the spark, the flicker found at the epicenter of the invisible and elusive
premise, the a fortiori arrival and assimilation of spiritual truths.

Concordant to all the variables found within the grand episteme, each
seeker of truth finds a wealth of resplendent correlations, all
in agreement with the laws of change and balance, each
comcomitant to the progressions of Yin.

Zen is the immersion into hallowed, powerful, soniferous sounds.
Zen is the thought, the apercu, the eureka most easily left to the subconscious.
Because of Zen, we evolve, either incrementally or by momentum. Wu Wei.

Looking further within, mind discovers itself,
Finding a propensity toward truth in all forms
Discovering a connection between the power of individuality
and the remedy of unwanted deviations, thus enhancing both an already
exalted awareness of the spiritual side of perception,
the scope and sanctity of the musical and philosophical Mind.

Those who live within the freedom of the Tao experience an unboundned
joy and serenity, leading to a significant degree of contentment, thereby
adhering to a more natural and or universal set of principles,
all the while unknowingly developing and exhibiting a propensity
propensity toward essence, not appearance, substance not facade
or illusion, discovering an ineffable, highly personalized pathway to
genuine Enlightenment. Tathagata.



Misunderstood at every turn
Misconstrued by almost everything
Coy and demure, blending into the background
Effortlessly deflecting every woebegone misperception

Undaunted by their misbegotten, wayward aspersions
Unassuming at first glance,
Unshaken by their grotesque inaccuracies
Playing along to foster more grandiose misconceptions

Out here, in the remote reaches of interpersonal space
There is quietude, sanity, musicality, and clarity
One may revel in freedom, take on the most ambitious of projects

Unaware of the breadth of of my own Dhamma
The range of my brilliance or the preponderance of my insight
Unawakened to the possiblity of the authentic me
I watch their impairments, their aversion to simple truth

One step ahead, often two
Watching you and your defective or missing intelligence
Never suspecting me to be anything but another you
Pretending to be as dumb as you think I am
Shielding that which his truly worthwhile
Masterfully diverting every attempt to further misperceive me
Artfully decoying the real me
To hide and protect that which is sacred from the scurrilous masses

Exhibit no flair, no panache or pedigree
Show no talent, no signs of intelligence or scintillation
Reveal no autonomy, no awareness. Remain as stupid as they think I am

Out here in this remote ashram
Way out here, away from the clamorous hideom of the mislead masses
One may think, compose, divine, and become

By your disdain, I am revivified
By your disgust, I am restored
By your hatred, I am made whole, I exist



Called to Witness
Ordained by twilight
Thine grace and mercy be among us
Thou art the end and beginning, the reason for everything

Lead us to natural altars
To a more organic relation to and reverence for Thee
Show us how to be and become our very best
Guide us to a higher ethic, to a unifying morality

That we may draw strength and inspiration from the uncontaminated beauty
of the universe, Renewing, without effort, our dedication to purity and perfection.
That we may both lessen our miseries and overcome our frailties via the ever present majesty
of the Almighty and it time jettison all distractions, deceptions, and misconceptions of the past.

With heads bowed,
In honor of that which is more than we are
Abundant and flowing, abounding and infinite
Behooved by a passion for truth
Discovering a higher purpose within the holy spirit
Awakening to the reality of the divine spark within each
Praise be given

Rapt in the awareness of a transcendent, omniscient Supreme Being
Regal and resplendent,
Holy is that which arises within thee
Dispersed among all of nature
Returning to be all things
Rejoice, all the riches are on the inside
Celebrate, you have eternity for free
Sing unto the heavens
God is with us
Our cup runneth over

Lead us back to the original blessing
Grant to us the wisdom of a higher dimension
Guide us to a more lucid perspective on Thee

That we may be reborn in the awesome wonder and grandeur of Nature.
That we may better understand and appreciate the mystery and marvels of the
Universe, finding a lasting tranquility in the ineffable beauty, power, and glory of Creation.


In Absentia

Alienated by the norms of society
Further ostracized by the soap opera crowd
No less the better, objectivity takes the floor

So fascinated with mistruth
Projecting your worst onto me
Creating yet the illusion of another me

Being nothing as you think I am
Riddled by an excess of misperception
The extremes of your depravity know no limits
the stench is overwhelming
The shame is all yours

Unaware of the depth and scope of my mind
Oblivious to the ecumenical reach of my thoughts
Allow me to introduce my self
To address the unbelievable
And properly correct the unforgivable

With all friendships on hold
Remaining true to the principles of the higher self
Reflecting back every misbegotten, unthuthful aspersion
Thy rotten mouth be washed with the coarsest of brown soaps

Unassuming and aloof, resilient to all specious criteria
Avoiding the the worst of the masses
Keeping a distance from tht urinal that is your mind

So despised and slandered that even both my shadow and silhouette
no longer obey the laws of metaphysics
So egregiously misperceived that for all practical purposes.........
I am


Spurned by the spoils of society
Shunned and reviled by worst of the wayward herd
I arrive undaunted, unscathed, laughing

For thou hast wronged me
And in so doing, insulted a much higher authority
Setting into motion a series of most inauspicious events

Above me, crystals rotate, in compelling, almost bizarre patterns
Within me, lights flicker and dance about around my spiritual axis
peaking near and about my ethereal, rainbow uplink
About me, melodies cavort and coalesce, turning into yet another
show of lights. Visions abound, telepaths await..............

A hell is being created for those who dare to malign and vilify
the bespangled one; whose misshapen words and thoughts attempt to
degrade and denigrate his excellency with hideously misguided,
unforgivable mistruths.

You will hear bells, you will feel the raw, unsettling energy of the untamed
universe. You will feel for one moment the wild and capricious power of the
cosmic wherewithall. You will experience the unnerving convergence
of all synchronicities, allowing you to know in one moment, one horrifying,
sustained instant, the true abhorrent ignominy of your dishonest, deceitful ways.

Woe to thee who conspires to harm the his unassuming excellency,
Who conspire to defame and defile the illustrious one with such wretched lies
and egregious blasphemies. The overseers are not pleased. All is not
well. An exorcism awaits............

Neither unjust or unkind
Originating in the depths of my mind
Thy path be pure. Thy fate be sure
Thine wrath be mine !

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In silence we become whole
We re-gather and re-energize ourselves
In solitude we re-unite with the universe
In in the spirit of peace, piety, and tranquility
We pledge our devotion to Thee
- The Lunar Buddha

That we may draw both energy and serenity from the incomprehensible
beauty of creation all about us, renewing out dedication to the celestial
and the ethical via our fascination and connection to and withthe inner galaxy,
the divinity within, the grand potentate.

Under the spell of the night sky
Inspired by the magic of real music
Behooved by an understanding of the universal
Surrounded by the miraculous and the magnificent
Awakened to the reality of a higher power
Regal and resplendent, beneficent and bountiful
Jubilant in the gleam and glee of a new awareness
The blessings are too many. Praise be given.

In Silence, there is coherence, excellence, exuberance
In Solitude, there is virtue, veneration, elevation

That we may know and dream of the true intricacies and complexities
of your vast dominion, leading us to a greater understanding and appreciation
of the vast and infinite cosmic wherewithall.

Immersed in all the wonder and mystery
Awakened to the glory of the infinite
Reminding us of our spiritual center
Leading us to a new appreciation for the grandeur and majesty of nature
Bestowing us with an enhanced sense of the omniscient, ever present Deity
Abundant and flowing, munificent and shining
All our passions we give to thee. Halleluhiah.

That we, the curious, the thoughtful, resolve to reach out and into the
unattainable, reveling in the unfathomable, while individualizing and
personalizing the excellence of pure transcendental knowledge.

In Solitude there is veneration, vitality, and sanity
In Silence there is synchronicity, serenity, spirituality
In solitude there is beauty, beatitude, and benevolence
In Silence there is purity, perfection, purpose


Nourished by a barbed indifference
Further shaped by real music
Having separated personality from reality
Pawn captures Knight

Versed in the esoteric sciences
Blessed with an uncanny sense of touch
Those who would deny themselves his magic are made less
Becoming in time, deprived, depraved, deplorable

Alienated from the gullible herd
Ostracized for being too truthful
Hear what I hear
Know what I know
Feel what I feel

Existing at odds to society’s idiocy
Rejecting as I am rejected
Gradually displaying the unspoken underside of evolution
Hate me, please hate me
Hate me more

Through the eerie fog and mist, the faint, unsettling silhouette
of a solitary, shadowy figure moves slowly through the under
and overgrowth, evoking feelings of both curiosity and aversion.
We want to know. We don’t want to know……………..


Forthcoming: Eudora Nocturnes, Mantradhamma, Encomium


- Aquarius Zen, Eric Sebring, i.e, Andromeda Earth,
Sri Emeritus, aka ZenRaven

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