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Both of these were prompts from my writing class; I combined both of them together.
The owl, the best day,
Very interesting, I would say.
The white owl lands here,
On the arm of this fine man.

The man was a sailor;
The owl went there to catch his eye;
It gave him much more hope
Then he possibly could imagine.

Somehow the owl knew,
What the sailor had been through; life brought
A new meaning; the spots
On the owl truly amazed him!

This beautiful creature;
Sent smiles for everyone to
See, a true story the
Peacefulness the outstretched wings had brought.

Majestic, proud, and free,
The owl chose its destiny, smooth
And peaceful was its flight,
The genuine pureness of delight.

The brevity of time;
The newness of its growth captivates
All its wounds; time will heal
The distance traveled on its course.

Reached by many, a dream
I will continue to fulfill;
To inspire stories
Read about their bravery.

Adventurous with wit,
The wise owl was fit with much strength,
Guiding the sailor by
Giving him a grip on his own life.

The power of movement;
The willingness to share gave him his
Courage; the valor he faced,
Was shown by doing things for others.

The owl, the best day;
This proves that a wise owl can choose
The arm of a sailor
To make a peaceful landing today.

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Thursday, April 1, 2021

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