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by Izumi
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2247644
Izumi is a 15 year old girl who is yet to discover her fate.

After school Izumi went up the tallest building and sat down as it was a place that she would go when she needed to calm down. Then she heard a loud boom that shattered the fragile tranquility of the roof. Clouds of smoke covered the sky and in the distance plums of flames ominously flicked below the black vail. She felt like she should go and see if she could help so she ran as fast as she could as the building wasn't that far away. When she got there, emergency responders were already there. Izumi asked a police officer what had happened and he explained that a bomb had gone off. When the officer wasn't looking, she started to walk towards the building.
"Hey little girl you shouldn't get any closer you need to come back!" an officer said, but Izumi didn't listen.

"Hey there, you hear me!? " The officer yelled.

"Oh I heard you but I am choosing to ignore it." Izumi said and she had entered the building. Soon, the entrance collapsed along with the first floor. However, Izumi was already on the second floor when she heard crying, so she ran as fast as she could to the crying. When she finally found the source of the sound, she saw a little boy who looked to be six years old. Just as Izumi picked him up, he passed out from exhaustion. Izumi started to run to the closest window. She broke it and jumped out landing perfectly on her feet like a cat.
Izumi was limping and could barely stand but she was determined to get the young boy in her arms to safety. Izumi kept walking to paramedics and when she finally got to them and gave them the little boy. She passed out and she was immediately brought to a hospital. She needed stitches in her right arm as she had cut it pretty badly when she jumped out the window. She was in a coma for a while. The worst part was that everyone that knew her personally saw everything from the explosion to her shattering the window to her passing out. They were heartbroken as Izumi was the nicest person that they knew and she had helped several of her friends find love. Without her, things wouldn't be the same! So many people would die if she did. Everyone liked her and she was like their little sister. Izumi was the most important part of both of her families. After a whole month had passed, with no signs of waking up, the doctors were about to diagnose Izumi mentally brain dead. She jolted up and out of her month-long coma. Though Izumi's vision kept fading in and out she was definitely waking up.

"Hey, she is waking up!" a doctor said.

Though she was safe, Izumi didn't know what was happening and started panicking. She was scared.

"W-where am I-I? Who's there? W-what's h-happening?" Izumi said while trying to fight back the tears.

Not even a minute passed before Izumi broke down sobbing. She didn't know what was going on.

"My little girl it's alright you're safe" a voice familier to Izumi said.

"Mom?" Izumi asked.

"Yes baby" Inko said.

"Why am I here Mom?" Izumi said trying to calm down but it was really hard.

Then Inko left the room to make a call. "Hey Mitsuki." Inko said

"Oh hello, Inko" Mitsuki said

"So Izumi woke up today and she was really scared. Could you send Katsuki over here?"

"Oh of course"

Then Inko went back into Izumi's room and a few minutes later Katsuki got to the hospital. "Hello sir, what can I help you with today?" a nurse said.

"I am here to see Izumi Midoriya" Katsuki said.

"Oh ok, she is in room 201" the nurse said.

Then Katsuki went to Izumi's room. When he got there, just like he had been told, she was crying and looked very scared.

"Hey Izu" Katsuki said, in a calm voice.

"Kat!?" Izumi called out. "Yeah that's me babe" Katsuki said and then went to sit on Izumi's hospital bed to comfort his girlfriend.

"Hey Izumi? Do you want a hug?" Katsuki asked and without giving a reply Izumi hugged her boyfriend and cried into his shoulder

"Yeah, that's it! Just let it out. It's okay" Katsuki said.

"Kat, I'm scared." Izumi said.

"It's alright Izu, I'm here." Katsuki said.

"Kat I-I want to g-go home." Izumi mumbled. After hearing this Katsuki had an idea and he pulled out a plushie and gave it to Izumi. She squeezed it and she started to calm down.

"Thank you Kat," Izumi said. "So when do I go home?" Izumi asked.

"Soon Izu, very soon." Katsuki said. Izumi then yawned and her eyes started to get heavy as she was really tired from all her crying.Â

"You're tired, aren't you?" Katsuki said. Izumi yawned again.

"Yeah" Izumi said. And then she fell asleep.

"Ok, good, she's asleep now." Inko said.

Chapter 2 - Change

Izumi was released from the hospital and is now at home getting ready for school. Right as she is about to leave the house, Izumi sees her boyfriend and then runs up to him.

"Hey Kat." Izumi said.

"Hey Izu." Katsuki said,

Izumi gave Katsuki a hug and then they started to walk to school together.
"Almost there Izu." Katsuki said.

"Ok Kat" Izumi said.

After Izumi said that Katsuki picked her up and put her on his shoulders, his actions caused Izumi to giggle. Katsuki continued to walk to school. Halfway there Izumi fell asleep. Once on school grounds, some of Katsuki's and Izumi's friends ran to them.

"Hey Katsuki we saw the news is Izumi alright?" Denki asked.

"Why not ask her yourself." Katsuki responded.

Katsuki bent down and woke Izumi up and she got off of Katsukis back.

"Denki has something to ask you." Katsuki said.

"Ok well, what do you need to ask me Denki?" Izumi asked.

"Oh well I just wanted to know if you were alright." Denki asked.

"Well, I'm fine Denki" Izumi said.

After all the questions the group of students went inside to their class. When they got to class the class representative walked up to Izumi.

"Izumi you're not hurt are you?" Ilda asked.

Izumi sighed "I'm fine." she said.

After even more questioning, Izumi went towards her desk but half way there her eyes started to change green to red to wight back to green. Izumi collapsed and fell to the ground and her body was very clearly shaking in pain. Then Katsuki ran to Izumi and lifted her head so he could try and see what was wrong with Izumi. When he did he saw that her eyes were changing colors.

"What's happening to her!?" Mina asked.

"I don't know..." Katsuki responded.

"What do you mean, you don't know." Ilda repeated Mina's question.

"I SAID I DON'T KNOW" Katsuki shouted.

Then Izumi's eyes went back to their natural green before changing to orange and for a while time seemed to stop. What felt like hours was really only one minute and after the period time stopped Izumi's eyes went back to green but something was off and her pupils were in the shape of a heart.

"What happened?" Izumi asked her boyfriend.

"I don't know?" Katsuki replied.

As Izumi started to get up purple mist or what Izumi referred to as the warp gate started to materialize and it is what Izumi called the warp gate. And Izumi was warped outside and not being used to the warp gates power she was temporarily blinded. When she finally managed to adjust she saw villains that she barely managed to take down, villains such overhaul, wolfram, and nine. But it was different then she had only one person that she needed to focus on then but now she had to focus on 3 of then. Then her eyes turned white and she pulled out a flaregun and pull off a 20 round rapid fire in to the sky and within minutes news chopper’s where swerming the sky around the hero in training and the three villains.

“Need some help” a voice asked.

“Who’s there” Izumi asked.

“You’ll know only if you say s specific phrase” the voice replied.

Being all too trusting Izumi nodded and then she raised her hand and called out

“V.D. MATERIALIZE” Izumi shouted.

A combo of red and green mist whirled and then a guy not that much taller then Izumi appeared.

“You’re wish is my command... Mistress” V.D

Back in the classroom the others are looking for Izumi when they noticed the flair and hear Izumi scream.

“What that...” Ilda questioned.

“ THAT WAS ONE OF IZUMI’S FLAIRS.” Katsuki shouted

“Cmon let’s go” Mina said before dashing out of the door with the others not far behind her. However it wasn’t long before Katsuki ran right past Mina, determined to protect his girlfriend at all costs.

Back down on the battlefield Izumi started to levitate a meter off the ground and only one thought had crossed her mind “I want katsuki”

“V.D do you have any information or a way we can defeat them?” Izumi asked

“Umm... no I do not but...” responded

“But what” Izumi asked

The two started to use a telepathic quirk to insure secrecy “But form the information I do have, there’s two traitors in the league of villains but I do not know exactly who they are.” V.D responded.

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