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April takes down a gator.
Later, Gator

April’s cell phone played her favorite Cajun riff. She picked it up from the table and chose Answer.
“It’s too late,” the voice she’d once known and loved, said from behind her.
Leaving the line open, she turned to see Gilles ‘Gator’ Lenoir grinning as he held a pistol on her.
“To what do I owe this unexpected visit?”
“Oh, come on, chere! You know why I’m here!”
“Why would I still have it?” she said, surreptitiously turning up the volume of the phone she held at her side.
“It’s mine and you miss me?”
April snorted in a very unladylike way. Her ex-lover’s face darkened.
“If you want it, put that gun away!”
Inside she was hoping they were getting all this. He made a noise deep in his throat that reminded April of why he was nicknamed Gator. In one long stride, he stepped to her and grabbed her arm.
“I’ll help you get it, chere!”
Dragging her behind, him he strode toward the safe in the bookcase.
“You never did trust me with the combination,” he snarled, his Cajun accent gone.
“Open it,” he demanded, cocking the pistol and holding it to her temple.
With a swift move that surprised him, April disarmed Gilles and kicked the gun away. Her door was suddenly broken down with a mighty crash.
“NOLA Police!” said several voices as they overcame Gilles and dragged him off her.
“You okay, Avril?” said a female voice.
“Sure, never better!”
“How did it feel to be bait for the ‘Gator’?”
“Remind me never to do that again, Marie!”
“You got it, Avril!” the female detective said with a hard slap on her back. April winced.
Later, as April packed her last suitcase for the final move to a new place, she smiled.

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