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by Mac
Rated: E · Short Story · Fanfiction · #2247737
Vivi puts her new capture under and finds out more inforamation about Baroque Works.
Ms. All Sunday was hiding near a door on the boat princess Vivi and Ingram had arrived on Nanimonai Island on. Inside the room, she heard the princess talking to Mr. 9, a fellow member of Baroque Works. She had come only a few moments after Mr. 9 and did not want to bother the princess while she was busy with someone else.

While outside she listened and was able to figure out why she had come here and why she was so smitten with the princess. Listening to what the princess was doing though, she understood, she had been put under a spell, hypnotized, by the princess and had to come here. She closed her eyes and imagined the princess, princess Vivi, the princess of Alabaster. Whereas before the spell had been cast, she did not really care at all about her, now she wanted to help her no matter what the princess wanted. She shook her head, the hypnosis was frightening.

Eventually, the door opened and Mr. 9 walked out, looking blissful. Ms. All Sunday understood, the princess had that effect on people.

Ms. All Sunday waited a minute to ensure that the princess did not go to her retainer on the boat before intruding. Satisfied that enough time had passed, she walked up to the door and knocked on it. Vivi walked up to the door expecting to see Ingram or the captain but instead there was a beautiful woman with black hair.

"Who are you?" Vivi asked the mysterious woman.

"I am Ms. All Sunday, of Baroque Works", she explained, before bowing. "May I please come in", Ms. All Sunday paused before finishing the sentence, "princess."

Vivi's eyes widened, she had already been discovered, after only one day, she had to act fast, she had to put this woman under before she told anyone else, if she had not told anyone else, Vivi didn't want to think about that, but she could not help herself. Ms. All Sunday chuckled to herself quietly seeing the fear and worry in Vivi's eyes. She then followed Vivi into the cabin and smiled.

"It is good to see you princess", Ms. All Sunday started, "from your reaction you do not understand why I am here, so do you mind if I explain it to you, before you do anything, mesmerizing?" Ms. All Sunday's pause before saying the word mesmerizing scared Vivi even more.

"Go ahead", Vivi said, before motioning to the woman to explain herself.

"Well, princess, you see, Baroque Works has a system when they recruit new members. We have a lower numbered officer meet with them and see if they are on the, how do you say, up and up. You might be thinking this seems silly though, what if the person who was trying to join was a marine, or a spy, why we would have no way of stopping them? Well, honestly we really don't care about the lower numbers, but we do need to keep an eye out for trouble, so, we have someone else watch the interview, in this case it was me, and watch what happens." The color drained from Vivi's face, she had been discovered so fast. Ms. All Sunday then continued.

"Well, all I remembered from your interview with Mr. 9 was that you were great, and I wanted you to join Baroque Works." Vivi looked up, a small smile forming on her face. "This was strange, I did not understand at all, all I knew was that you should join our group. I even knew you were the princess, but I still thought that. Then about an hour ago, I realized I should come here and meet with you. Luckily, I came after my compatriot Mr. 9 and was able to listen in to what you were doing with him, and well now I understand." Ms. All Sunday then bowed to Vivi. "I am loyal to you, and there is nothing I can do about it princess. What do you wish for me to do?"

Vivi was shocked, she had not expected to bring in a different person from Baroque Works, so she was pleased with this turn of events. She had known that she was going to need to bring more people into her fold, so one less was a bit less work she would have to do later. Her eyes then went up and down this new woman, her thoughts switching from the fear of being discovered to what she should do with her. Vivi then started to speak to her new servant.

"Well, Ms. All Sunday, I will put you under again, and this time I will make you even more loyal to me. It is what I did with Mr. 9 after all. After that, well, I will ask you questions."

Vivi then proceeded to start dancing and put Ms. All Sunday back under, once again using the fact that Ms. All Sunday is a criminal as the starting fact, making Ms. All Sunday believe even deeper that she was one. Once under, Vivi made a few slight adjustments as well.

"You are loyal to me." Vivi ordered, and her servant repeated.

"You will not lie to me." Vivi said and Ms. All Sunday repeated.

"You wish to be my most loyal servant, any servant you see that seems to be more loyal to me, will make you even more loyal."

Vivi then brought Ms. All Sunday out of the trance, a small smile formed on Ms. All Sunday's face as she came out, being in front of her master.

"Ah, princess, thanks for that", Ms. All Sunday said.

Vivi then put her hand up, "with that done, I want to ask you about Baroque Works."

"I'll tell you whatever you want to know. I am the second in command", Ms. All Sunday answered back, chuckling.

"Second?!" Vivi shouted at her servant. Vivi then started to laugh, she didn't just get lucky bringing in a new follower, she had hit the jackpot, the only person who could have been better was getting the leader. Vivi's heart raced, she was so happy, she then took a moment and paused, calming down, she needed to get a few things out Ms All Sunday.

"Well, first, Ms. All Sunday takes too long to say every time I wish to talk to you", Vivi realized, "what is your real name?"

"My name is Nico Robin." Ms. All Sunday answered.

"Thank you Miss Robin", Vivi answered. "Well", Vivi just decided to get to the heart of the matter, hopeful since she was so high up she would have an answer to her main question, "do you know who the leader of Baroque Works is, who Mr. 0 is?"

Robin smiled and looked up, "Sir Crocodile."

Vivi froze, "the, the Warlord?" She asked Robin. Robin then nodded her head.

Vivi could not believe it, Crocodile was beloved by the people of Alabaster, he ran their favorite casino, Rain Dinners, how could he be evil? Her father was a friend of his. She had met him, he had made her laugh. This was hard to believe, but she knew deep in her heart that Robin was incapable of lying to her. Vivi looked up at Robin and frowned. "Why would he try to take over Alabaster, he is second only to my father in many people's eyes already?"

Robin's smile did not fade away, it stayed on her face when she answered. "He wants to be first."

"Is it really that simple?" Vivi asked Robin, shocked that Baroque Work's entire plan might just be to take control of Alabaster.

"Well", Robin began, "it is a bit more complicated. He is planning on pushing the rebels to kill the king and then fill in the vacuum of power with himself."

"Rebels?" Vivi asked, not familiar with their being a rebel force in Alabaster.

"Princess, you truly are sheltered it seems." Robin inhaled to explain. "I imagine you at least know Alabaster is experiencing a drought." Vivi nodded her head and Robin continued. "Well Sir Crocodile is causing it and his plan is working. The people outside of the main city of Alubarna are suffering. Crops are failing, livestock is dying, people are on the verge of losing everything they have and dying from thirst, starvation, or exposure."

Vivi sat down at hearing this, yes she had lived a sheltered life, she knew that, but she had not realized things were that bad outside of the palace. She knew people outside of Alubarna, does this mean they were suffering. What about Koza, was he okay? Things did not seem that bad when she had gone to get a boat, but again, she had only stayed in the capital. "What do I do now?" Vivi asked herself.

"What do you want to do?" Robin asked Vivi, not realizing that Vivi did not want an answer.

"I want to save my kingdom", Vivi paused for a second before continuing, "no matter what", Vivi said, sounding like she was in a trance a bit.

"No matter what?" Robin asked, "even killing?"

Vivi then looked over at Robin, raising her eyes for the first time since she heard the name Crocodile. "I don't want to kill." Vivi said to herself, she had said whatever it takes, but now that phrase almost felt hollow, she wanted to save her kingdom, but she, could she kill to do it? It distressed her, she started to look around the room looking for an answer when her eyes fell on a mirror. An idea then formed in Vivi's head, one she likely would have never thought of if she was not willing to do whatever it takes.

"Miss Robin", Vivi began, walking over to her desk and pulling out a sheet of paper, "I am going to put myself under with my dance, and I want you to read this script to me while I am under."

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