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Contest entry for 'The Whatever Contest'.
Open Prompt: Write a poem over 30 lines, Structured or Free Verse, on the topic of your choosing.
Written for "The Whatever Contest." *Right* "The Whatever Contest

Word/Line Count:

I am not a native speaker. English is not my first language.

Lines: 74
Word count: 548
Format: Rhyme scheme 'aabb'

Being in a seminar, I rose to address the audience;
Due to my high echelon, there accompanied silence;
I waved my hand to impress them;
Amongst them, there was one real gem.

He was trying to take entry at the door;
Saying I was frazzled, hearing him no more;
I stood up to see what the matter was,
I was ebullient to know the cause.

I offered him seat;
And asked him to proceed;
"It is a balmy day I mention";
Contradictory, he was full of tension.

He was becoming timid in front of my escort;
"Go out and don't come till I ask not";
Hardly did I say the words when they came into action;
But the visitor was frazzled on my reaction.

There started my conversation with him;
It was the first question I asked;
"Did you change your idiosyncrasy?
Did you change your identity?

You do not show the rectitude;
I hope you aren't showing your gratitude"
He did speak nothing, he was prosaic;
Only his head could shake.

He asked me just one line;
"Do you remember who I am?";
The most hurting line;
Which raised qualms.

"Who are you;
No one except being a lamp showing me light;
Except the sun shining bright;
Except a lance in my fight.

But yes I met you in the friary named as 'school';
In that young life, you were that excellent tool;
Oh! I remember I don't know you;
But then who taught me zero, one, two?

Absolutely you must not be that, is it?
Because he was confident, sassy, and idyllic;
You are the potter of my life;
You were not of this type.

You are polymath;
But you must not be that;
I was svelte and shy;
But now I sigh.

Remember that time;
When I wished you hundreds of time;
You complimented me when I vied with others;
And now to you, it does not matters?!

You were the wind beneath my feathers;
And now courage is what you gather;
Your acrid comments spruced me;
You were the sugar to my tea.

But who are you?
No one except the pearls in my sea;
Was your guise an ostensible thing;
Was it just for befooling.

I thought you were quintessence of it;
But now I doubt, I have to rethink over it;
Don't I remember you;
In this quicksilver life can anyone remember one?

Did this happen (I became a famous personality) because I was acquiescent?
Or you being my true friend;
I may malign because you are not muzzling me";
Then he quibbled but not fully.

"Who are you?
No one except being a sailor to my ship;
Except the ink to my nib;
Except the role model of my life;
Except a teacher in my life."

He cried and cried being hysterical;
The moment was magical;
He made his jazzy comment after a while;
"Hear me at once and stop being juvenile".

A student may become whatsoever;
But for a teacher remains a student forever.
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