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a 5-tip on reality shifting for people who want to learn how to shift !! first post 🥳
for me, reality shifting is the easiest thing in the world. and it can be for everyone else too !! here's a brief guide to it, and it contains all the necessary things for successful reality shifting.

1. if you want to become a master shifter, remove all of your limiting beliefs.
2. (this is a big one !!) STOP listening to tiktok !! it only spreads misinformation and toxicity. instead, try to look for information/tips on youtube or amino.
3. you don't need methods to shift. you can use them, but the power of your mind is beyond infinity, so you can definitely work with your mind !!
4. be grateful to the Universe. whenever you see an angel number, thank the Universe for it. this will make your manifestations faster and even boost your chances of shifting (which are already 100% if you believe enough)
5. work with LOA. the law of attraction and its steps will help you shift to the max.
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