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A suicidal boy and nature.

         Amidst the interwoven paths of a cassava farm a dirty boy sat beneath the noon sun. He wore only a pair of knickers and his flesh. Marks of clay dust coloured his feet, palms and clothing.

          It was school day; these farms rarely had visitors, since they were far and lonely. It was women who dealt on cassava mostly too.

          His mother had scolded him; that's why he ran that far. He had failed to impress her with being brilliant at school and not being awkward in public. And he had nowhere to run to, nor whom to talk to. It seemed as if the earth was made for all but him. He desired to die. His name was Azuka.

          The whole world moved on as usual as the boy thought of what to do. His father might be somewhere drinking palm wine or playing checkers. His mother was probably at home making supper, since she did not go to one of her farmlands that day. Azuka also had no real friends. And he thought that all did not like him. He had cried many times in the past. He had cried himself empty of tears presently, and was placid.

          Time and time again the numerous palm trees amidst the farms danced and clapped from gusts of heavy winds. Few birds were around, each thing minding its own business.

         Out of nowhere, an inflated, red balloon touched his coarse, dusty leg. He was surprised and caught it before it continued its journey. He held it carefully in his two hands. Then the balloon blew into shreds. He did not cry. He knew he had held too tightly out of fear. He immediately realized that the same fear was why he always failed. He became happy. He even smiled.

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