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the true definition of beauty
She was beautiful, but she did not know it. Her hair was the color of wheat shimmering in a field. Her eyes were a deeper blue than the sky at dusk. Even her heart was beautiful. She had a kindness in her soul that was noticeable to everyone around her. Her husband was amazed by the beauty she possessed. Other women, her closest friends included, envied her. She went through her daily life without the conceit that many other beautiful people so often possessed. She was happy with who she was. She was not insecure. She simply valued more than looks. Life was a valuable gift, and she was not going to squander it on the superficial outlook the world often had on beauty, so she looked at those around her, her loved ones, her aquaintances, and even the strangers she met on the street, and she silently begged. "Please do not look at me." Do not look at the outward appearance. Do not judge me based on what my outer shell may tell you. Speak to me. Listen to my heart. Open me up and read the pages. Don't just scan the title. For if you do, you will never understand the true definition of beauty.
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