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Buchanan picks the wrong guy to harass.
Just Looking

Buchanan was nervous. He kept walking around the block trying to decide. There was a bench on the edge of a park facing the sidewalk which he passed during his circuits. A man sat on it and every time he walked by, his sunglass shaded eyes followed Buchanan.
Buchanan was getting irked. Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore.
He stopped right in front of the bench. The man was small and slight, but he looked right at him.
“Stop looking at me.”
“Pardon? I can look where I want, it’s still the free country I fought for.”
“I’m none of your business. Stop or be sorry!”
The man stood. He only reached Buchanan’s shoulder. This made the taller, muscular man laugh.
“What’re you going to do?”
“This,” the man said as he whipped a cane from under his overcoat.
He inserted the cane between the other man’s legs and tripped him. Buchanan fell but was up quickly.
“That’s it! First you look at me every time I pass, now you think you can take me!”
“What’s your problem? We don’t know each other. At least, I don’t know you!”
As the would-be bank robber and ex-con reached for him, he heard the sound of a blade being pulled out. The point of cane sword at his throat made him wince.
“Buchanan is it? I wouldn’t move because there’s a cop behind you.”
“You okay, Cap’n?” said a voice as a cop snapped the cuffs on Buchanan.
“I’m fine, who’s this guy?”
The cop turned his prisoner and whistled.
“It’s Chuck Buchanan! He likes to rob banks like the one down the street. We’ve been looking for him.”
“Always glad to help,” the man replied, as he took off his dark glasses to show scarred eyes that were blind.

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