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An analogy comparing doing the laundry and stopping the abuse of drugs.
Giving up using drugs is a bit like doing your laundry....it's a process.

Gather together your dirty clothes (face and acknowledge that you have a problem).

Work out what needs to be cleaned...and what needs to be thrown out (assess your friendships and relationships).

Do smaller loads rather than larger ones (one day at a time).

Don't use too much detergent...it won't get your clothes any cleaner (small steps rather than looking too far ahead).

Select the correct cycle (use your support system and ask for help when you are struggling).

Remove clothes that are covered in shit and soak separately (remove from your life anybody who continues to use until they are clean).

Hang out your clean clothes...but watch for storm clouds on the horizon (it is good you have gotten this far...but it's an ongoing process).

Bring in your clean and dry clothes, fold and put away (done). Well, not quite. Sobriety (for lack of a better word) is a work in progress. The minute you think you have it licked, is a sure sign you are headed for a fall.
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