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Allie remembers her childhood with her kids.
Old Tyme Fun

Allie was refereeing the fourth squabble between her four kids in as many hours.
“I have got to get these kids outside!” she muttered.
Then a thought struck her.
“All right, everybody get sunscreen and hats! We’re going outside to play the way I played when I was your ages.
“Tiddley Winks?”
“Hobby Horses?”
“Kick the Can?”
Each child named one and giggled.
“Not quite, although we did play Freeze Tag,” she said as she herded the protesting group out into the back yard.
“I want to play that!” piped up her eldest.
“Okay. The rules are: The person who is it, chases everyone. When they catch them, that person must freeze in a funny position. When everyone is caught and frozen, the person who’s it, get to pick the best one and that person is then it. We’ll do it until everyone has a turn. No person may be it twice.”
Allie was it first, and quickly got them all. She picked her eldest to be it next. Standing back, she watched the fun and managed to eventually catch her breath.
“This is fun!”
Allie smiled at their joy.
That was just the beginning, we’ll play Red Light, Green Light,” she said. After she explained the rules, she joined the three kids on the field while the youngest called the lights. They did four turns and each child took a turn to call the lights.
“Don’t forget to try and sneak up before the light color is called,” Allie said.
By the time they’d played four different games, everyone was flopped on the grass and breathing hard.
“Can we do this again sometime?” her youngest asked.
“Sure, but not tomorrow. Mom has to recover,” Allie laughed. The kids joined in.
“Let’s go out for supper!”

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