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About a step dad that didnt have to

“Didn’t Have To Daddy”

I wish I knew back then what I know now, But, I was just too young to understand.

Looking back to when I first met you and you I didn’t need to give you a chance because in my young mind you didn’t deserve it, just another thing I was too young to understand.

I would often act out being defiant and just a blatant heathen, you would often try to correct my behavior trying to tech me right from wrong.

I would curse and yell and cause a scene making sure you knew that you weren’t my Daddy and you would never be.

I didn’t make it easy for you, not in the slightest, and man did were sure have our fights.

But, time has passed now and I am a mother myself now, and I wanted to let you know so you know that I know now, even though it’s too late,

You didn’t have to teach me about football, or fishing, or quarter bounce, or how to push ol’ lady luck.

You didn’t have to show me the art of painting or how to make a dollar.

But, you did it anyway.

I wanna tell you now so you know that I know,

You didn’t have to help put food on the table or to try to raise me right.

You didn’t have to fight for me, Or with me at times.

But, yet you did it anyway,

I never called you Daddy and you were fine with that,

But, I see now that a Father is one thing but, a Daddy that didn’t have to is so much more.

(In memory to my very own “Didin’t Have To Daddy”

John Phillip Heck "Flipp"

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