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by Norman
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They have lots of class
It’s right there near the City.
It’s New York’s next-door mate.
It is a great place to grow up.
It’s called The Garden State.

It has a reputation,
mostly from TV shows.
Like any other place there is,
it has its highs and lows.

It’s not that big as states go.
In fact, it’s kind of small.
But I can tell you for a fact:
New Jersey has it all.

It has some crowded cities,
but yet it has much more.
Outsiders come from everywhere
to use the Jersey Shore.

The people here are friendly,
it’s not like on TV.
We don’t have gangsters all around,
you have to come and see.

While some folks have an accent,
it’s really kind of quaint.
It’s kind of like a Brooklyn sound,
but they will say it ain’t.

Our Jersey girls are quite nice,
no matter what you’ve heard.
You might think they’re the pushy types
but that is just absurd.

They’re simply more outgoing.
They have a little sass.
And you may not believe it’s true
but they have lots of class.


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