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FF Tunderstorm plus an haiku

         The Thunderstorm was the first of her class. She is a full battle caravel built specifically for the war.
         As her chief engineer Cy was immensely proud of her. Not so much of her armament, which was impressive. Two, four pie platforms sixteen guns each. Or for her armor witch is full composite and designed to keep them in the battle for at least ten minutes In close combat with a dreadnought. No the thing Cy took most pride in was that she was named after her engines. His engines.
         The engines themselves standard electric drive units. It is the power supply is the important thing. Not some mundane fusion unit, that can run out of fuel. No, the Thunderstorm drew her power from a room full of Kelvin thunderstorms, wired together in a Cockroft type voltage multiplier. Output four hundred Peta volts at virtually no current. This voltage is passed through a Uranium 238 beta voltaic current generator. She could run on full power for ten thousand years without any loss of acceleration.
         Battle stations alarm sounds.
         Cy ran to the generator section. As the captain's voice came over the intercom "we are closing on an enemy longship." Cy just reached the door when everything dissolved into a brilliant white light.
         The longship cursed through the debris and on towards victory.

Word count 228

supper cold water
lightenings plasma hot
it's a steam engine

word count now 240
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